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I usually only lurk this sub but I thought this story was worth sharing. I agreed and we headed to a bar not far from where we were. This story mature women happened last week with my boyfriend, Jason. As we were sitting there enjoying our drinks, I got really turned on out of no where.

I couldn't sexy middle aged women stop staring at Jason and he noticed right away I was horny. He started giving me his signature smolder that attracted me to him in the first place. He started rubbing my thigh naked mature women ladies and mouthing things to me like, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard later".

Finally I had enough and told him I was ready to go home. Then he thought it would be fun to tease me. I was starting to get really wet and realized I was clenching my legs mature women together. I climb out of the car and turn to see he was climbing in the backseat.

At first I was hesitant, the first thought of 'what if someone sees? He told me he wanted me to suck his dick in the backseat. But by this time it was past midnight so I wasn't too worried plus I was really horny. ' popped into my head. So I climb in the backseat where my boyfriend is slowly stroking his dick waiting for me to start sucking on him.

He pulled his cock out and was already rock hard. He's waiting for me when I get there and asks if I want to go to a bar first before heading home. He made the sexiest sound which just made me want to take him in deeper and harder. So we go upstairs and we're standing in the hallway where my apartment is, and jason pulls his pants and boxers down and signals for me nude older ladies to come over. I'm really wet and lost in the moment with him when I hear a car driving behind us.

Last thursday night at around 11PM, Jason texted me to come get him from work (He works as a chef at a fancy smancy restaraunt). I look around once more just to be sure no one's there, then I grab his dick and slowly put it in my mouth. I kinda freaked out and asked him if we could finish inside, he agreed.

He smiled and said, "you said inside, we're inside. Once we pulled into the parking garage of our apartment complex, I had a nice buzz going and Jason knew it so I guess he thought he'd use that to his advantage. After sucking his dick for about 10 minutes he lifts me up and leans me over the railing in the hallway, yanks my pants down, and sinks into me in a matter of seconds.

It got to the point where I think I was making a little too much noise because Jason pulled me by the hair and covered my mouth and told me, "If you want me to keep fucking you, you need to be a good girl and be quiet. He just kept fucking me and I kept cumming until I felt like I was gonna collapse.

" Him saying that only turned me on more, and I could feel myself getting ready cum. I moaned pretty loud, it just felt too good. " was the first thing I said, but I already had an idea. I was more comfortable with this because only one other person lived on my floor and I knew she nude mature women ladies wasn't gonna be awake. we did fuck one more time that night though submitted by throwawaygirl8925 [link] [comment]

And then we went inside and that was that. " I just smiled at him a walked over and got down on my knees and started sucking his cock some more. Not too long after, Jason told me he was cumming and I could start to feel his hot cum fill up my pussy. I was practically screaming in his hand when I started to come. He pulled out of me and pulled my pants back up, my panties instantly filling up with his cum.

After we were finished, we stood there for a minute trying to catch our breath.

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I grew up in a very religious household, so I was kind of a late bloomer. But since then I’ve been doing my best to catch up. There was this high school girl that attended every club, as nude mature women well as our weekly bible studies. Her name was Rosie, and she had the greatest pair of tits I have ever seen. It took me until college to have my first kiss, and I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty-one.

mature women photosTo this day they’re still my favorite. In college, I was a member of a Christian outreach group for high school students called Young Life. So, like any good Christian I did the right thing and masturbated to thoughts of her constantly. But she was in high school and I was in college, and there was a very strict policy against doing anything romantic with the Young Life attendees.

It was always a lot of fun and while I don’t currently consider myself a Christian, it was a big part of my college life. This is the story of the second woman I ever slept with. Until the night of my twenty-first birthday. These dudes got me irrepressibly drunk. I’m sure that plenty of people are aware of it, but essentially it’s a weekly club event where high schoolers come and play games, watch skits, sing songs, and hear nude middle aged mature women a brief message about Jesus from one of the college-aged leaders.

That meant that on my birthday I went out with some of my friends who were seniors. While watching a show, I thought it was the height of brilliance to get on Facebook and see what the people were doing. One of the first pictures that popped up was of Rosie going through her freshman orientation at college. Rosie graduated high school and went to college far away from my school, so I never saw her much.

I came into my dorm room stumbling and decided to watch TV for a while so I didn’t get the spins. My birthday falls close to the beginning of the school year, so I was one of the first guys in my class to turn twenty-one.

Rosie responded almost immediately. Even at eighteen, this woman had more class than I will likely ever possess. She was very polite, assumed I was drunk, and told me that she was talking to this guy and didn’t want to mess it up. I grabbed my phone and shot Rosie a very apologetic text, asking her to forgive me and saying that I was so drunk I didn’t even know what was going on.

This set my drunken brain into motion, and I decided that the only logical course of action was to text Rosie apropos of nothing and ask if I could see her boobs. Y’know, like gentlemen do. It seemed so out-of-character for you so I assumed you were just having fun on your birthday. Rosie: Well, did you think that would work? We would occasionally chat on Facebook or something, but that was the extent of it.

I do have one question though? In the morning, I was overcome with that guilt Christians are famous for getting whenever we do something fun. Andy: Now that I’m sober it’s obvious that was a stupid idea. does Sober Andy want to see them? My heart dropped into my stomach.

I guess Drunk Andy just badly wanted to see your boobs. Andy: Yeah what is it? I beautiful mature women nudes have a ton of respect for you and I know you’re not the kind of woman who would do something like that. I probably spent twenty minutes trying to think of the best way to respond.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve had a crush on you since I first started leading Young Life. Like… what kind of girl do you think I am? It took so much effort for me to press ‘Send’ on that message. Sober Andy also wants to see your boobs.

So, to answer your question: yes. I was beginning to lose hope that she’d write back at all when my phone buzzed. Rosie: nude older ladies In that case, want to hang out while I’m home on Christmas Break? I obviously couldn’t do anything about it while you were in high school, but now that you’re in college I guess I figured I’d put it out there. Rosie and I spent the next few days talking about how we’d both been into the other for a while, what we thought was a smart way to handle being so far apart, and of course what we wanted to do to each other.

In that time, I lost my virginity (a story for another day), and Rosie started dating that guy she had mature women been talking to. She said she did want to see me, but since she had a boyfriend she thought it would be best for us to just grab coffee and hang out. I was crestfallen, but responded with something optimistic, encouraging, and full of shit.

I waited for a long time, desperate for her response. Below is a rough recollection of the way the conversation flowed from there: Rosie: Hey! We both agreed that having sex was something we both wanted to do, and we tried to talk ourselves into thinking that it wasn’t a big deal for a Christian to do that stuff.

Around Thanksgiving Break I shot Rosie a text asking if she was still interested in getting together over her extended Christmas Break. Christmas Break rolled around and with it my coffee with Rosie. "So, are you sure you just want coffee? Rosie was wearing a sweater with plenty of cleavage, chinos that seemed to be painted onto her ample hips, and a nice pair of leather boots.

There were more than a few pregnant pauses where we just stared into each other’s eyes. I met her at a local shop and we hugged awkwardly, both knowing very clearly what the other would rather be doing. We started talking and catching up, discussing her first semester in college, my current classes, and reminiscing about old Young Life times.

" I ask quietly, afraid to broach the subject. She then shut her mouth and looked away. Rosie stared at me, then opened her mouth to speak. I had hoped she would respond this way. But what I’d love to have happen is to come back and see the key to your car on the table. " I flashed Rosie what I hoped was a confident smile and stood, making my way to the bathroom.

I didn’t need to go, but I did need to splash water on my face and mentally prepare for either option. "You know I want more," she whispered, averting her gaze. "Okay, well the ball is in your court," I said soothingly. I quickly grabbed the key, resisted the temptation of holding it aloft like it was Excalibur, and bolted for the parking lot.

I saw Rosie standing outside her car door looking so adorably nervous. When I reached her, I pulled her into a kiss before any words were spoken. My hands went to her cheeks while one of hers went around my neck and the other to my back. Since it was towards the beginning of the semester, Rosie and I kind of fell off in terms of texting and talking for a couple of months.

When I exited the bathroom, Rosie was gone. I pulled away and smiled, then used the key to open the back seat of her SUV. "After you," I said with a wry smile. We climbed into empty trunk of Rosie’s SUV and I noticed there was a blanket laid out. "I… was kind of hoping this would happen…" Rosie said meekly before kissing me lightly on the lips.

I looked quizzically at her. If I come back and you’re totally gone, I’ll understand. We stayed locked in that embrace, making out for what felt like forever. " Rosie nodded, then proceeded to reach down and pull the sweater off, exposing her enormous tits in a very nice purple bra. "I assume that’s why you wore that sweater too? Sitting on the table next to my empty mug was her key, shining like the sun.

"I’m going to go to the bathroom. The making out became more passionate. Rosie and I began biting each other’s lips, sucking on each other’s tongues, and moaning deeply into each other’s mouths. Our hands began to roam and soon my shirt was off. "I’m not complaining," I laughed.

They were big, oddly perky for their size, with large areolae. I licked, sucked, and kissed one nipple while using my hand to roll her other between my thumb and forefinger. I found out later that she was an E cup, and that one cup of her bra fit completely over her face. She fished my hard cock out and began to gently stroke it while I gorged myself on her magnificent tits.

Rosie’s moans filled the car as she began unbuttoning my pants. I pulled her in for another kiss and laid her down on the blanket. " Rosie asked after a few minutes of stroking me. I reached behind Rosie and unclasped her bra, then slowly pulled it off to reveal what would become my favorite pair of boobs ever.

I stared in awe of Rosie for a few moments before taking one of her breasts into my mouth. Fortunately, I was a man with at least some college education so I could unlock the secrets of rolling the latex tube down onto my shaft. I reached into my pants pocket and pulled one out, then proceeded to put it on. I did not use a condom when I lost my virginity, so this was my first experience trying to figure out how it worked.

But we managed to get naked. I took Rosie into my arms and kissed her slowly, trying to force as much of my passion and desire for her into the kiss as possible. They sat so perfectly before me I felt like truly God was real and that he loved me. I laid her on her back and looked deep into her eyes as I entered her.

Rosie and I had each slept with only one other person before this, and in retrospect it showed. We were two horny, repressed Christian kids trying to figure out how sex worked in the back of her milf mom with boy’s Suburban. Rosie gasped and I felt her fingernails dig sharply into my back as I began to fill her. Slowly we developed a rhythm.

Rosie started rocking her body against mine, creating her own force that drove us closer and closer to orgasm. This task was not easy as we were both tall (she is roughly 6’ while I’m 6’4"). My thrusts became more pronounced as I tried to fill Rosie slowly but completely. " She panted back to me. We came at the same time, our bodies erupting in pleasure and filling the car with the sounds of our passion.

I came so powerfully that I almost collapsed on top of Rosie, whose body was shaking uncontrollably. My thrusts we irregular and her ability to match me wasn’t all there. I tried to catch my breath while watching her amazing breasts bounce as she came all over my cock. When we were finished, I rolled off Rosie and brought her into another kiss. We kissed each other’s necks and ears, made out, and even just stared at one another as our climaxes continued to build.

"I’m about to cum," I moaned into Rosie’s soft neck. Rosie then grabbed another condom from my jeans, put it on me, and climbed on top. Rosie ended up breaking things off with her boyfriend the next day, and we ‘got coffee’ a couple more times over her break.

We lay together for a long time, talking and tracing the other’s body with our fingertips. I continued to lead Young Life, and Rosie joined her college’s team of leaders as well. We laughed at how fogged up the windows of her SUV had become. I quickly pulled my pants the rest of the way off as Rosie did the same.

We hooked up a few times after that too, but when I graduated and entered the Army we decided to break things off. She rode me until we both came again, my hands massaging her tits the entire time. She moaned when I had fully penetrated her and bucked her hips up against me, trying to feel every part of me inside her.

I suppose it goes to show that even the ‘good kids’ enjoy a good fuck from time to time.

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The doors open and the three walk down the hall to their room, arm in arm, John in the middle of these two luscious ladies. He kisses each of them and guides them to the bed, kicking off their shoes as they go. Laying back on the bed, the ladies start kissing over top of John, running their hands up and down his chest, as his hands drift down their backs, feeling the material of their tight dresses.

While Chrissy makes out with John, Jane sits up and pulls her dress over her head, leaving her naked except for her tiny thong. Inside the room, both reach up to John’s face. Having made their way through all the guys on the dance floor, they had started dancing with each other, becoming increasingly heated and grinding against each other as the night went on.

John just leans back against the mirrored wall, enjoying their pleasure. In the hotel elevator, Chrissy and Jane are wrapped in each other, continuing their dancing and kissing from the club, even to crappy hotel music. Working down their backs, each of his hands ends up on a gorgeous ass cheek, which he caresses before running his hands up and down their backs again, then back to those fine mounds.

Turning their attention to John, still fully clothed, Jane works on his shirt buttons while Chrissy quickly undoes his belt and fly, pulling his pants and boxers off and tossing them to the floor. Jenny kisses down his chest, to his navel, and groin.

Pressing their bodies against him, the ladies start kissing each side of his face and neck, as they each reach down and start stroking his quickly hardening cock together. Kissing up her leg, John sinks his teeth into the soft flesh on the bottom of Chrissy’s right ass cheek, making her gasp, before flicking his tongue over her pussy lips. Jenny lifts her head off his mature women thick cock, quickly replaced by Chrissy’s eager mouth.

Where Jenny was working him slowly, Chrissy quickly bobs up and down, taking him to the back of her mouth with every stroke. She starts wiggling Chrissy’s dress from under her, before pulling her up from John and taking it the rest of the way, finding that she has nothing under the dress.

Enjoying the sight, John leans up and kisses each on the cheek before they turn to kissing him. As it crashes over her, she pulls off his cock and cries out, a death grip on the base of his shaft. Now laying between his legs, she gently kisses his inner things, lightly grazing his balls as she passes over to the other leg, then working her way inward to the base of his shaft.

As he feverishly kisses and licks her, she slowly strokes his cock with one hand, while supporting herself with the other. Recovered, Chrissy climbs on top of him, Jenny holding his cock straight up as Chrissy eases her wet pussy down onto it, taking a few strokes to take him all the way in.

Jenny sits mature women up on his face and the two mature women free porn lean in to kiss each other as they take their pleasure from John. Chrissy massages Jenny’s breasts, pinching her nipples as she kisses down her neck. She sits there for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of having him buried in her, then slowly lifts up and slides back down, over and over.

As she comes down, she rolls off onto the soft bed, relishing in the after effects of her orgasm, while Jenny slides off her thong and takes Chrissy’s place, her ass in John’s face. The sudden change of speed and the force of his thrusts quickly bring another orgasm crashing over her and she slumps forward onto him.

Moaning into Chrissy’s mouth as Jenny licks from base to tip, he interlaces his fingers in her hair and gently guides her head as she takes the tip of his cock in her mouth. Moaning into Chrissy’s pussy, he smacks her ass and quickly flicks her sensitive little clit, causing her to grind her pussy on his face, her orgasm quickly approaching.

Quickly building speed, he leans over her and kisses her deeply as he pistons into her, her legs wrapping around his waist. Her spasms push him over the edge and he cums old mature women hard inside of her, his body quaking. The sensations, mixed with John’s ministrations to her clit push her over the edge, her hips bucking as she throws her arms around Chrissy for support, as Chrissy’s ass continues to bounce on his hard cock.

Collapsed together, Chrissy slides over to join them and kisses each of them tenderly. Gently laying Chrissy on the bed and standing up, John rolls Jenny onto her back and pulls her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and sliding into her soaking pussy. Pulling the blankets over themselves, they settle in for a peaceful sleep in each other’s arms.

As Jenny begins to bob up and down, gradually taking in more and more of his hard shaft, Chrissy sits up and swings he leg over him, presenting her tight pussy and beautiful ass to him as she leans forward to kiss Jenny’s bulging cheek. While Jenny’s curls up next to them, John grabs Chrissy’s hips and starts mature women free porn pounding up into her.

/u/johnjanesmithington Feeling the pressure building in his balls, he looks deep into her eyes, seeing her pure lust, then pulls her head back and firmly sinks his teeth into her neck, causing her to cry out and her hips to buck up against him as her pleasure crescendos.

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The small creature canted its beaked head curiously at the naked human soaking in the steamy water, unsure of what to make of the stranger. Its small, sleek feathers ranged in color from brownish black on its dorsal side to tan to nearly white on its stomach.

Two dark eyes peered out from the top of the rocky outcropping. Its forelimbs functioned like legs, but supported a folding membrane that stretched back along its sinuous body. Tobias of Winterbourne had never seen the cat-sized creature’s like. Some nobleman’s pet, apparently.

" The beast squawked guardedly. "Hello there, fellow," he said with an affable smile. As the animal crawled cautiously into view, Tobias could see that it possessed an angular avian head with piercing eyes. "Im not invading your territory, am I? " The human reached behind him for a handful of butter biscuits from his small pack. Any remnant of its earlier shyness completely evaporated as it bounded fearlessly over to the human, anxious for more treats.

He broke off a sizable piece and tossed it to his visitor. His feathered guest pounced on the morsel and swallowed it down in a single gulp. Tobias let the small creature enjoy its feast, glad for at least one acquaintance in this foreign land who was honest about what he wanted. "Or are you after some of this? The creature didnt appear hostile, and Tobias was put more at ease upon seeing a finely-wrought silver collar about its neck.

It buried its head in the sack of biscuits, its long, whip-like tail swaying back and forth in delight. The countries he had visited so far had mostly been indifferent, as they were already familiar with his homeland and were content with the trading status quo between them.

Tobias was the official advanced trade Envoy of the human kingdom of Raelen, over a thousand miles to the east. He was on an extended, years-long tour of many kingdoms and realms to prepare the way diplomatically for more extensive trade delegations to be sent in future years. He had even been invited to attend the prestigious, once-in-a-decade Conclave of the Northern Houses, a meeting of all the major political players in the region.

Lord Anzon, host of the Conclave and head of the prosperous House of the Crimson Hearth, had been intrigued by the prospect of increasing trade with a human nation like Raelen, whose influence had been on the rise for decades. It climbed over Tobias shoulders and chest above the waterline, sniffing at everything including the human’s half-empty carafe of wine.

But in the midst of the elven enclaves that occupied the northwest region of the continent, attitudes proved different. So Tobias found himself soaking naked in a secluded mountain hot spring known only to a few of Anzon’s friends, enjoying the peace of having the spot all to himself at this late hour.

It nestled down beside Tobias. Lord Anzon had not only invited Tobias to the Conclave, something humans rarely attended, but had also lavished Tobias with a number of perks to make a good impression. The animal churred contentedly. Except for his little visitor.

The Envoy very tentatively scritched it behind the horny crown on the back of its head. Financial ties between Raelen and the elven enclaves had always been limited, so Tobias was grateful for the chance to establish what could be a greater economic foothold in their territory for his king. " Two figures stirred in the shadows of the far side of the spring, immersed to their thighs in the water.

"Pokra, where are you? They were designed so a bather could shift from one pool to the other without ever leaving warm water. " A female voice called from nearby. Tobias’ new friend lifted its head. The pale hair was surprising. Only the ruling lords of an elven House and their immediate family were allowed to wear silver hair, a readily-recognizable mark of their station.

A convenient feature for an often chilly climate. Tobias realized that they must have come from one of the other nearby pools, as the heated bodies of water of the hot spring were all networked by open channels that had been carved into the towering mountain rock centuries ago. She possessed a tight, athletic physique and an almost boyish figure with a modest chest but large raspberry red nipples.

The others hair flowed down to the small of her back. One styled her hair short and curled inward at the shoulder. The feathery creature poked its head out of the sack, having eaten its fill. It was apparent from their similarly angled cheek bones, expressive lips, and intelligent violet eyes that they were related. She was much curvier than the other, with wide-sweeping hips and soft-looking breasts the size of plump apples.

With elves and their unaging bodies it could be very difficult to tell. But were they siblings, cousins, mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter? "I hope Pokra isnt bothering you. Both women bore sleek, smooth-skinned bodies that for a human would seem no sexy older women gallery than nineteen or twenty.

" Tobias made to stand to greet the two women, then thought better of it when he remembered his naked body. He sank back down to be safe and nodded to them politely. Not at all, we were just relaxing together. "Greetings," the long-haired one said brightly.

Tobias found himself more than a little jealous of the creature. Two nude elf women, bearing light tan skin and silver-white hair, emerged into the moonlight and waded casually toward him. He wasn’t sure how they would take that. "You mean this little guy? " The long-haired one picked up Pokra, nestled her pet to her bosom, and scratched him gently behind his head.

We are Ladies of the House of the Azure Heavens. "My name is Vevina, and old mature women this is my younger sister, Duana. I am…" "Tobias of Winterbourne, Royal Envoy of the human kingdom of Raelen," Vevina finished for him with a cool voice. "I am honored, and hope you are both enjoying the evening. " Tobias affected a polite, diplomatic smile.

" "Not so different from us humans, then. The skinnier one frowned slightly as she looked over the human male. We elves tend to be a gossipy lot. So what kind of animal is Pokra there? "It would be difficult for us not to know the only human at the Conclave. " The noble woman shook her silver head.

I don’t think I’ve seen his kind before. "Not the domesticated ones. A few Houses specialize in breeding them. " "Pokra is a cockatrice," Duana said. " "I didn’t know they could be tamed," Tobias admitted. " The bridge of Duana’s small nose crinkled when her smile broadened.

Tobias raised his brows in surprise. "Is it true that their gaze can turn men to stone? "Aren’t those dangerous? " "A handy skill for a small little predator. They are able to channel magical energy naturally, but their so-called gaze attack only locks up the muscles of their target for a short while. Duana contemplated Tobias for a moment with slitted eyes, then waded up and boldly sat down right next to him.

" She nuzzled the small animal on the beak playfully, and Pokra nuzzled back. Her hips bumped his under the water. Pokra is so small that his paralyzation would last barely a dozen heartbeats on a human as big as yourself. But my sweet little cockatrice would never do such a thing. Pokra settled down around her slim shoulders like a long-tailed feathery stole.

"Our House and Lord Anzon’s are close allies. "Our House is also very interested in trade with Raelen. " The short-haired Vevina sighed, leaning back against the rocks on the other side of the human a few feet away. Tobias blinked hard, trying not to openly stare at the wispy white triangle of her pubic hair.

"A new prosperous human trading power only comes along about once a century or so. We might want to take advantage of such an opportunity. Wild cockatrices can get as big as nude older mature women dogs and are known to paralyze larger animals just so they can tear out the eyes for a meal.

" "Thats good to hear. He had been a diplomat long enough to know that these two sisters were interested in something other than trade talk. He has told us much about you," she said. " Tobias tried to keep his voice even as he was acutely aware of Duana’s naked skin against his. "We are a relatively small House," Duana said.

His whole body stiffened milfs over 40 as he felt her hand settle on his muscular thigh under the water. "The fortunes of human kingdoms tend to ebb and flow like the tide," she said. "Only a few hundred reside in our enclave not too far north of here. But we are highly valued for our magic-users’ unique skills. I hope we can work something out with your people. Her hand slid up and down his thigh enticingly.

"I would like to show you," she whispered. "You know I have to make sure," Duana said to her in a sweet voice. " Duana pressed her soft body against his side, nibbling at his earlobe. Duana’s fingers caressed over the confused human’s chest. Vevina just harrumphed and crossed her arms tightly. "I wish this wasn’t necessary," Vevina grumbled.

nude mature women The older elf clucked in disapproval and looked away as her sibling explored the humans body with her hands. At first he’d thought their casual nudity might just be a custom of their House, but now it definitely seemed that at least Duana was deliberately displaying her charms to entice him. "Dont look so surprised, Tobias of Winterbourne. "I am 220 turns of the Seasons old. " "Just how old are you two?

My sister is 97 years older than me. The cockatrice chittered in irritation but settled down to nap some more. We may look young by human standards but we both have centuries of experience. "Oh, he feels so strong," she told her sister with delight.

Duana went back to exploring the humans muscular body. "Especially this part. He was completely uninterested in what his mistress may be doing with the naked human stranger. Both her hands suddenly slipped down to Tobias crotch, where one gently cradled his heavy sack and the other worked over his quickly-hardening shaft. " Duana unwrapped her pet from her shoulders and set him down on the rocks.

"I’ll, um, I’ll be on the look out so you two aren’t disturbed. The only direction in which she did not turn her head was back toward her sister and the human. "Ooohhh…" she moaned sensually. Our days of feeling shy around men are long behind us. " Vevina watched the proceedings for a moment, fascinated despite herself, before she scowled and tore her gaze away.

" She retreated to the far end of the pool, staying in the water, but making a show of peering about into the surrounding shadows. The younger siblings eyes grew big as she rubbed Tobias aching member gently with both hands, giving it an expert stroking. I have never been with a human. "Look, not that I’m complaining, but this is all rather sudden…" "Call it curiosity. This stout little fellow seems to like the idea.

" Every syllable of her cooing voice coincided with her fingers rubbing over the fat crown of his erection. You have a wonderful cock, Tobias. The elf smiled with a girlish giggle. May I indulge myself with you? " "I-I don’t see why not," he said between breaths heavy with pleasure. "That he does," Tobias conceded. She sucked in as much as she could until the spongy head hit the back of her throat, making Tobias cry out at the intense sensation.

Her eyes drank in every detail of his aroused form as it writhed in pleasure. Tobias leaned back and braced mature women sexy ladies his hands on the rocks behind him. She moved herself fully in front of him, sinking to her knees under the water. She plunged down an inch below the surface, immediately engulfing the bud of his shaft in her mouth. The elf never stopped deep-throating him the entire time, her silver-haired head surging above the surface along with the males hips and upper thighs.

He slowly pushed his groin up above the water line to make sure Duana could breathe. He gently called her name in encouragement. She repeated the motion every few seconds, causing Tobias much larger body to shudder in ecstasy. She moaned loudly around his fleshy rod and picked up the pace even more. She poked her naked tan rump up out of the water behind her, waving it wantonly in the air for him like a bitch in heat.

Tobias glanced up, and caught Vevina looking back over her shoulder at the couple. I can call you Tobias, cant I? She hastily looked away, acting outraged that he dared to look at her while she was spying on him. Duana drew back until he was almost out of her mouth, then plunging him back in fully until his cocktip knocked at the entrance of her throat once again.

Tobias was imminently distracted a moment later as Duana spared a hand to tickle at his balls as they lapped just above the surface of the water. His hips began bucking on their own, ramming harder into Duanas mouth a few times before his entire body went rigid.

" he gasped out in warning as his seed surged rapidly up his shaft. One of his hands settled gently onto the elfs silver hair. Suddenly she pulled him out of her mouth, and angled the tip of his purpling cock to her wet chest. Her arm working shallowly up and down at an angle that would line it up with her own silvery pubic mound.

Her eyes suddenly caught his own, and even in the pale moonlight it was plain to see that her face suddenly flushed bright red. Tobias growled in the height of his rapture, a long rope of his whitish semen splashing onto her right breast. He blasted his first load onto her tongue, then another great gob jetted forcefully down into her eager throat.

She crossed her arms haughtily again as if they had never left that position. Tobias was astonished as bright blue tattoos flashed to life visibly on Duanas chest, glowing most brightly where his cum lay on her skin.

He also noticed the same effect on her lips, with stray droplets of seed smeared over them. A fourth and fifth explosion covered over the rest of her glistening wet bosom before his torrent dwindled away to a mere trickle. They formed an intricate, interwoven pattern of lines the like he had never seen before. Tobias realized that she was having a long, intense orgasm as she swallowed down his cum.

Yet she hadnt even touched her sex. Duanas entire body suddenly went taut as she loosed a deep, strangled cry. When she began calming down, Duanas eyes sought his own. She conspicuously swiped her lips dry of his salty cum with her tongue and swallowed, making sure the human could see her sucking down every last drop as if it were the sweetest honey.

Was that from whatever magic she had used to make her chest and lips glow for those few seconds? Vevina slowly waded back to her sister and the human. He instinctively snaked his thick arms around her to cuddle her closer. "So what do you think? Her hand, still clutching the base of his softening cock, tightened slightly as her hips began convulsing back and forth before going rigidly still.

Her cry became shrill and broken. "From the sparks of life force in his seed I can tell that he has a good soul " she enthused, running her thin fingers playfully through the back of the human’s dark brown hair. "Do you want to have more sex with my sister, Tobias of Winterbourne?

The younger elf swished the human’s taste about in her mouth. Duana surged up out of the water and hugged her smaller body tightly against Tobias. " Tobias blinked, very confused again. "We definitely wont be able to find anyone better. Her pleading violet eyes and her very naked body pressed against him were making her words very persuasive. " She kissed him ardently before he could utter the inevitable "but.

"Well, um, of course Id love to have more sex with you. Something definitely did not seem quite right here. " Duana brought his right hand up between their chests and wove her fingers between his. "Well I… um…" "Please say yes! The words had a vague but definitive rhythm to them.

The older elf grasped both their shoulders, closed her eyes, and uttered a number of cryptic sentences in an ancient dialect of elvish Tobias didnt recognize. Before he could act, a warm yellow glow suffused both his body and Duanas. Tobias hesitated, not sure how to answer. "Then take her hand, human. " "Very well," Vevina said in cold resignation when her sister pulled back from the kiss.

He felt a strange electric warmth flush through him before the glow abruptly died away again. Duana snuggled into him tightly. "That was an enchantment called the Spell of Two Hearts Binding. "Done," Vevina announced. This time, he summoned enough self control to gently push her away.

Almost like a poem or chant. Welcome to the House of the Azure Heavens, Tobias! Vevina just married us both. " Duana giggled happily. You are now my husband and consort.

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We would facebook each other from time to time and I saw her occasionally when I did go to church to see friends or appease my family. mature women I always had to some degree fantasized about her she was the girl I had a crush on throughout puberty but we never really got to see each other. Back ground (ctrl-f "Erotic" to skip) : This incident was a few months ago.

Most of 2014 I spent away from home however towards the end of the year I came home to mature women gallery visit. I knew Kate was going to be at church this Sunday I had texted her earlier in the week. My mom was sick so I ended up just going by myself saying that I just wanted to catch up with some childhood friends, really I just wanted to see Kate.

We dated, in name only, briefly during my 9th grade year but literally nothing happened, I dont even think I ever kissed her. In my head I thought maybe I could ask her out, but I knew it wasn't really a possibility since I was going back to college in January and would be over an hour away from her.

I mentioned how I had been up late the night before and could use a coffee and if she would want to skip the last hour or so of church and grab coffee and a cig (we both smoke to the disapproval of our parents or in her case would-be disapproval if they knew). I stopped going to church and basically lost contact old naked ladies with her. I met "Kate" when I was 14, we both went to the same church.

She then returned the question and I answered no. I changed the topic slightly to values how we'd both been raised and how we saw things differently now. She seemed genuinely surprised, then I said "I was wondering if you'd be my first".

After getting the coffee we just sat in the car in talked, I had fantasized earlier this morning of doing something like this and me somehow losing mature erotica my virginity to her but I was clueless, I asked her if she was dating mature women anyone and her response was no. I was shocked that I said it, I he said had somehow let horny teenager id out. Skipping some boring details, including the beginning of church, Kate and I met up and starting chatting.

After an eternity of silence I began to apologize, sort of stuttering like an idiot and began to start the car. I brought up chastity and how I had been waiting until marriage until I was about 17 at which I decided I didnt care anymore but had still not slept with anyone.

She had a sort of confused contemplative look on her face. She looked at me and said "Do you have a condom? Then I think we were both a little surprised. The guy in front of me was so slow and I stood there trying not to hyperventilate.

While waiting I start to panic, what if she thought if she just wanted to leave but didn't know how to say it etc etc. Then I saw her walking up one of the aisles towards me. Luckily my mom was sick so I didnt have to get the keys I just had them and so we left church and went to a drive through coffee place nearby.

We got back in the car and she started massaging my crotch. I had up until that point never been that turned on in my life. I start the car and drive the nearest drug store, she goes to the bathroom and I grab the first box of condoms I see and head to the check out. She took her panties off and hopped into the back and sat on the seat.

I got back there as fast as I could and we started making out and feeling each other up. The guy in front of me finally finished I threw a 10 at the cashier and booked it out of the store. God she was beautiful Long brown hair, ~5'5" and the most beautiful blue eyes, an ass I had admired for naked old ladies almost 6 years, and as I later found out some amazing (c-ish?

Erotic: I drove to an empty parking lot of a store that was closed on Sunday. We really didn't have much time, maybe 30 minutes before church ended and our absence would be noticed. She took control then, told me to let her be on top. I slid the condom on then got on top, she hiked up her skirt and I tried, and failed, to find where to put it.

The combination of the awkward positioning of the back seat and my lack of experience was making it impossible. She then tried but we couldnt get it in. She sat there on my with me inside her while we made out for another 3 or 4 minutes before realizing we really had to get back to church. I will never forget that feeling, and up until that point in my life it was the best physical feeling that I had experienced.

" I have never felt my heart beat so fast in my life, but I didnt have one. I have several other stories I could post if there is any interest but I honestly just wrote this one so I would some record of it for myself. She rode me for around 2 minutes before I came, and continued for another 10 or 15 during which I came another 2 times, the third time finally making some noise and owning up to it ( I was too embarrassed about the speed of the first 2).

In the end we made it back without anyone noticing. Her and I continued to hook up and eventually date up until about a month ago. I sat down on the back seat and she got on top grabbed my dick and slowly impaled herself onto it.

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Senioritis was kicking in, and I was ready to leave this hellhole called high school. I laid on my bed, listening to music in my room as my sister and her friends chilled in the basement. It was mature women in porn a Friday night, and my twin sister was having a "slumber party". "Hey prune," she said distastefully. "Hi Ben," said her two friends. "Fine, but I don't know if I'll actually be able to fix it," I said as I followed her to the basement.

I don't know of any 17/18 year olds who call it that, but whatever. I was ready for a relaxed evening by myself when my sister barged in. "you forgot to plug it in, dumbass," I said. "Hey slut," I retorted, putting my ear buds back in. I could hear giggling behind me as I plugged it in. Holly and Josephine were my sister's best friends.

"Hold up, I need your help with something. I walked over to the Tv and noticed the plug laying 2 feet away from the socket. I didn't know them well, since I went to a sports school. Holly and Josephine were both wearing nothing but their bras and panties. " As I agreed, I noticed how scantily clad her and her friends were. "Okay so what's this game?

"Well," she said, looking at one of the overnight bags. " I followed her gaze. The two girls giggled, as my sister turned a little red. They had more on when I came down here, I thought. "Hey, as long as youre here, why don't you play a game with us? "Wow sorry I'm not a genius like you," my sister said with some sass.

"it's kind of an odd game. I felt myself getting hard. "I just thought that maybe. it would be more fun with the real thing," she said, blushing. All 3 girls gasped as they pulled my cock out. "Well, what are we waiting for? "Thanks brother," my sister said affectionately. " they all exclaimed at once.

She started to stroke my cock. Things that I didn't know the name for, but could probably shove up your cunt and have a good time. She started to lick the head of my cock. Josephine took the cue and started to lick my balls.

They all stared for a moment, before Holly went for it. Josephine and Holly started to lick and kiss my shaft. Before I knew it the bras and panties were all off and they were on their knees, unzipping my jeans. I could hear the satisfaction from all three girls as they worshipped my cock. Inside the bag were various sex toys.

My sister was still staring in shock. "Oh Allie," Holly exclaimed. Wait a minute, was it? If it was then by God, they were doing a fantastic job. I guided them over to the bed and sat down. Holly switched to kissing the area around my cock. "Your brother’s cock is so huge that we could all blow him at the same time! It was as if it was the first real cock they’ve ever tasted.

Holly and Josephine sat on either side of me, kissing me and guiding my hands across their supple tits. My cock tensed everytime she did that. My sister was in between my legs, sucking my cock. "Cmon Allie, you know you want it," I said. I felt my sister’s lips wrap around my cock head.

They both turned around and tilted their asses towards my face. They moaned loudly as my fingers pleasured their warm, wet pussies. I began to finger both of them at the same time. Holly went and started to rub Allie’s pussy, while Josephine fingered her ass.

She deepthroated it, choking on my cock. She bit lightly on my cock. "Wow, sis, didn’t know you were such an anal slut," I said to her. "I don’t believe you," I challenged. It was covered with the three girls’ saliva.

" They giggled as all 3 slobbered over my cock. I’ll show you," She said, getting up from her position between my legs. Holly and Josephine reached over and started to play with my sister too. Immediately, her back arched and she fell forward onto me. "You don’t think I can cum from mature women being fucked in the ass? I could feel her hard nipples in my chest as she pumped her hips.

The other girls moaned with joy as Allie straddled me. "It’s the only way I can cum, actually. "I fucking love proving you wrong. She started to moan my name. "Oh Benny," she said, out of breath. " She said, very matter of factly.

I could feel her whole body shake as I went faster. But you know what I love more? " Josephine straddled my face, forcing her pussy on my lips. The feeling of your rock hard cock as it slides in and out of my tight asshole. My sister grabbed her ass and started to lick Holly’s cunt, while still riding me. Watch this," she said as the pushed my cock into her ass.

"I want more," Josephine said, sucked the remaining cum off my cock. "Show me that pussy," I said to Holly and Josephine. I sucked on her clit and loved her with my tongue. I got up and roughly grabbed Josephine’s waist. "Why does your sister get special treatment?

Holly and Josephine eagerly licked up my cum that came out of my sister’s ass. I positioned Holly and Allie the same way, beside Josephine. Everyone’s moans became louder and louder. "I think you should cum for us too. " I got up and grabbed 3 butt plugs from the overnight bag in the corner. "Good girls," I cooed.

Cum came spurting out of Allie’s ass as she dismounted. I could hear her yip with joy as I pushed her face down to the sheets. I shoved them into each of their assholes. She propped her ass up like a good girl. All 3 girls were side by side, with their faces down and their asses up. Their pussy juices were making dark stains on the bedsheets. I came back over and gave each plug a lick, lubricating them.

I teased each girl’s clit. "Please Ben, my pussy needs your cock," Holly moaned. "Just to keep you occupied," I said. My pussy is tighter than hers. " Josephine said bubbly. I could hear all three moan as I forced them in.

I could hear them shouting my name as we all climaxed together. "Just give it to me, dummy" Allie moaned. I could hear her scream. And it can be all yours, just please please please, fuck me first. "In my mouth, sweetie. I smiled as I pushed my cock into Josephine’s pussy. She swallowed with joy and fell asleep from the orgasm shock.

" I could hear all 3 of them moan my name. Pussy was dripping by the time her turn came. She moaned and moaned until I got myself to the edge. " I grabbed her face as I pulled out and shot my cum into her mouth. I played with her pussy as I fucked her. I want to feel that hot mature women porn pics (click the next website page) cum.

"Where do you want it? Her moans turned to animalistic growls as we climaxed together. "Where do you want my sweet cum? I teased her pussy lips with my cock. She was out cold before I finished recovering. " I pushed her head down and filled her pussy with my cum. "You’ve made me cum already, now let me please you with my pussy. "Look, I can’t cum down there anyways.

" I pushed her head down as I went to town on her pussy. She fell forward after and cuddled sleepily with Josephine. I did the same with Holly. I yanked on her nipples as she rode me. " She lay on top of me, riding me until I came. "Sweet nude older mature women dreams, brother" she said as she fell asleep, cock still in her pussy.

"Oh Benny," she said with a sigh. I felt my eyelids droop as well. "You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this. " She said, sassy tone still in her voice. This is gonna be the best weekend of my life, I thought to myself as I passed out. " She pushed me onto the bed, in between the two sleeping girls. Holly and Josephine rolled over, cuddling with me.

"Who’s gonna be first? She pushed my cock into her wet pussy. I fell asleep, with three naked girls sleeping beside me.

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This is a story of the hottest night of sex I’ve ever had. I think we all understand the appeal of one night stands. Or maybe you’re actually god’s gift to women. You meet someone out, probably at a bar, maybe have an awkward conversation before you realize that there’s some chemistry, or maybe your drunken state gives you that endless confidence to interact with her like you’re god’s gift to women.

mature women in pornAnd maybe she’s drunk enough, or gullible enough, to believe you. But before I reach the story, allow me to frame the situation a mature women bit. It’s my first time writing and posting here, so feedback is appreciated! That’s the thing about great sex - especially carnal, animalistic sex - when you’re in it, the rest of the world is on mute. Suffice it to say you wade through the formalities, the chase, the first awkward makeout, and then you get her home and the two of you fuck each other’s brains out like it is the only thing that has ever mattered.

It’s a perfect storm of circumstances that (for me at least) converges very rarely. I’ve had a few one night stands, and one of them was even good, but none of them actually ever end that way, with her and I relentlessly going at it, fucking each other for hours, covered in sweat and fluids and moaning and screaming until we literally can’t take it.

At least not without a very good reason. Part of the unicorn nature is that it takes a special type of chemistry, and a special type of girl, to accomplish such a feat and reach that level of erotic nirvana. That special type of chemistry, the connection, the pheromones, whatever creates that feeling inside of you where you just absolutely need to tear that person’s clothes off and fuck them into oblivion, for me this chemistry is most commonly found with mature women I spend a lot of time around and form a (first) platonic relationship with.

Let me take this moment to say that if you consistently have this type of sex with your SO, never (ever) let him or her go. And for that night, it truly is. And this leads to the ultimate irony and torture, that most women I feel this way about I never get the confidence (or the appropriate circumstances) to make a move.

Partially this is because I’m not that confident with women, and am so afraid of being creepy or pushy, that I probably miss a lot of opportunities. Thank the god I didn’t miss this one. Seattle was the first place I lived after college, and I worked a variety of odd jobs while racking my soul to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

I live in California now, but moved here from Seattle. This is the type of sexual encounter that I find frustratingly elusive. I actually loved the job - it’s shockingly uplifting to spend your days with 3 and 4 year olds that are endlessly optimistic, honest, and love you unconditionally.

Most of the teachers were younger middle aged women, but there was one assistant teach, Kailey, who was around my age at the time (22ish). She’s from Louisiana, and really carried the southern kindness through to her interactions with all of her coworkers, which was a refreshing change from the Pacific Northwest too-cool-for-school attitude that most people my age adopted (they called it the Seattle Freeze when I was there).

One of these odd jobs was an assistant teaching position in a preschool. Unsurprisingly, I was one of the only men that worked in the preschool. And then DM me with your secrets for how you found that person. Kailey was sweet but standoffish for the first couple of weeks that I knew her. She was on the short side, probably 5’3", a brunette with long, straight hair, and an adorable southern round face (but beautiful still).

Now I’m a kill em with kindness type of guy, so eventually she loosened up and got more comfortable around me. We frequently worked together in the same classroom, and she seemed to legitimately love working with the kids. She somehow thought it appropriate to wear yoga pants to work at a preschool most days, and god damn am I glad that invention exists.

I mean, she had a massive, tight, shapely ass. I was attracted to her immediately. I often found myself staring and couldn’t help it. The thing was, she had a boyfriend, so it seemed like a no-fly zone. But it took a while for us to become something beyond co workers.

But dear god the ass on that girl. She caught me a few times, but we laughed it off. Nevertheless, the more we time we spent teaching together, the closer we became. It wasn’t a skinny girl ass, even though she was pretty slim. She was picture-perfect nice at the preschool, but when we went to happy hour she let her hair down a bit and bitched about some of our coworkers and her boyfriend.

I didn’t mind it - I like who I am, and could tell that she never meant it offensively. I learned that she had a bit of an evil streak. We even hung out a few times after work together, but it was always just friendly.

Then, one day, everything changed. I don’t like being a homewrecker, and we’ve already established that I’m not great at making moves, so I just let it lie and admired her from afar. After a few months though, I realized that nothing would ever happen between us, and tried to friend-zone her. I still couldn’t help but check her out, and she was frequently in my thoughts when I jerked off, but I thought it would never be a reality.

" "Oh god, I’m so sorry. She walked in the door of our classroom all puffy eyed, and it was clear something was wrong. After we greeted the kids and sat them down for reading time with the lead teacher, she pulled me aside. "Jeremy and I broke up. She began to tease me about things, biking everywhere, going hiking all the time (it’s kind of my thing), being a man working in a preschool, and generally not being the sort of macho man that she was used to in the south.

Probably not the best response from me, I always struggle with how to console someone in a tough situation. " I went on with a lot of generic and unoriginal supportive words. "Oh man, I’m sorry, that’s so hard… is there anything I can do? I also couldn’t make beautiful nude mature women myself be sad about them being finished, for obvious reasons.

"I don’t know, I just couldn’t take it anymore. It isn’t that I didn’t feel bad for her, I just couldn’t think of better ways to build her up. We’re going to have drinks and then dance. " while trying to force a sad face. "It’s my friend’s birthday on Saturday, why don’t you come out with us?

He stopped putting in any energy, and I just decided he wasn’t worth it. All I wanted to do was grab it and press my cock up against her crack and bend her over the desk and fuck her until she passed out. She turned around to set up snack time and I noticed that she was wearing grey yoga pants today, tight as can be, perfectly outlining her incredible ass and upper legs.

I was realistic that it probably wouldn’t happen, but the way she flirted with me, shot sidelong glances my way, and stared when she thought I wasn’t looking, made me think that she felt the same way. Saturday rolled around and I was nervous-excited in the way you get when you’re going out with a girl you might have a chance with. I really can’t even express how nice this girl’s ass was.

" "Let me think about it" she said. "Hey, so yeah I’m in for tonight lol. The roommate thing was a little disappointing, but I didn’t blame her for wanting to bring someone when she hadn’t met any of my friends. Can I bring my roomie?

Around 2PM I got a text. I waited for her to reach out about Saturday since I had made the first play, and I wasn’t disappointed. She had on tight, black jeans, sleek black leather boots, a dark skintight top and leather jacket. It’s a fantastic spot. The drinks were flowing liberally.

Her and her roommate show up at Montana Bar to join us and damn, she was looking so fine. And they’re fiercely strong. It’s a small bar, so we were crowded into a corner table, and Kailey’s thigh pressed against mine harder and harder over the course of the night. The bar serves a whole bunch of mixed drinks on tap, and they come in pint glasses.

I told her to meet us at Montana Bar, a hipster bar on Capitol Hill that serves Moscow Mules on tap. At one point my hand was on her shoulder, and then her hand was on my thigh. At this point it seemed pretty clear where things were going. Either this was regular behavior for Kailey (which I doubted considering she just gotten out of a relationship), or they had discussed me at some point.

And now that I think about it, I just have a fetish for leather. The time came to go dance and Kailey turned to me with a smile "I think we’re going home". Her roommate didn’t seem fazed at all. "I was counting on it. " I had no witty response to that, but my cock got immediately hard and a shit eating grin appeared on my face. It was clear she was talking about her roommate, but the flush in her cheeks and the mischief in her eyes made the message all too clear.

Her hand slid my back and went up my shirt. Cake has a fetish for short hair and long jackets, I have a fetish for brunettes in leather jackets. We shared a cab home, and her roommate dominated the airspace from the front seat by complaining about one of her obnoxious friends. I would’ve been annoyed except that it meant I didn’t have to make up conversation to sound clever, and Kailey and I could enjoy each other in the back seat.

Her legs were across mine, and she kept biting her lip and looking into my eyes. We got to her apartment and went inside. My mind, and body, were on fire. My friends were disappointed when I told them I was calling it a night, but I just couldn’t make myself care. I have a soft spot for cockatiels because I had one growing up. I had never wanted anyone in my life as bad as I wanted Kailey in that moment.

As soon as the door closed I spun her around and kissed her fiercely. I’m very tall, about 6’5", so I had to bend down to meet her lips and put my arms around her back. "I’m going to bed" she said, grabbed my hand, and led me into her room. My hand was on her thigh and I was squeezing it while resisting the temptation to move it up higher.

She yelped as I picked her up and pressed her back against the wall, hands under her thighs and then grabbing her ass. She had a small yappy dog that met us at the door, and a cockatiel in a cage in the living room. I carried her to the bed and threw her roughly down onto it. "Oh god…" she gasped.

She grinned up at me, and I could tell she loved the aggression. She pulled her head back and moaned, and I took the opportunity kiss and gently bite her neck. Her roommate poured a glass of water and sat on the couch with an expectant look, but Kailey was having none of it. We hadn’t bothered with the lights when we came in, so we were both visible in all our splendor. She moaned against me as our tongues explored each other and our hands grasped desperately.

I personally like hooking up with the lights on because I like to appreciate what the girl I’m with, and that seemed just fine with Kailey. My cock was rock hard and standing straight up at attention. I’m about average in every way - 6" long and maybe a little thicker than average. Her hands went to my belt, and mine to her shirt.

She immediately reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me toward her. Oh god, I was in trouble. "I need you naked" as I stripped off her pants and underwear. Her pussy was shaved perfectly, with a single short strip down the middle, and her breasts were medium sized but firm and attentive.

"Not so fast", I said. I crawled on top of her and was instantly met with that satiny and sensual warmth of rubbing your naked body on someone else’s. I turned around to finish undressing myself, and when my gaze found her again she was splayed out across the four corners of her bed, gazing at me intently.

I couldn’t get enough of this girl. My tongue was halfway down her throat, my hands covered her breasts, my legs were forcing hers apart, and all I wanted to do was bore into her, dominate her, take her completely and use her. Her breath was short and raspy, her hair was splayed out underneath her, and she had a pleading look in her eyes.

"I’m so turned on" she said, biting her lip. Without a word, I took her and flipped her over, and got my first glance at her magnificent ass. We made out heavily, my hands on her breasts, her hands on my butt, then on my back, then back to butt and upper thigh. "Your ass is indescribable" I said.

And I could tell she was on the same page. " I said incredulously. "Well, you check it out enough" she said. " she said, exasperated. Before my alcohol riddled brain knew what was happening, I was standing naked from the waist down and her from the waist up. I stopped "You’ve seen that?

"How in the hell could I not notice? "Well, can you blame me? In the classroom, in the janitor’s closet, in my car, I’ve literally fantasized about it so many times. "I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. I slid up her body, rubbing mine against hers, sure to let her feel my cock against her thigh, and then her butt, and then in the small space between her lower cheeks, just below her pussy, and I let the length of my shift slide into her pussy lips.

Painfully hard, actually. " And then she started giggling uncontrollably, her face against the pillow, her ass pointed slightly upward as I explored its every contour. " My hands went immediately to it, and I lowered my head and began to kiss it, lick it, and knead it with my hands. " "Well" she said breathlessly, "It’s no longer a fantasy.

And without preamble, I slid into her. Every nerve ending in my body was telling me to fuck this girl like an animal, but I wanted her to enjoy it too. I slid my knees up next to her butt, lowered my hips, and lined up the mushroom of my cock with the entrance to her pussy. But at that moment, neither of us could hold back. Usually I would take the necessary precaution, use a condom, talk first about STDs, etc.

Although she was soaking wet, she was tight, and it seemed like it was edging on uncomfortable for her, so I took it slow. " My cock was the hardest it’s ever been. She grunted as I pushed, inch after inch, until I was all the way in. I pulled out a few times, granting myself the pleasure of sliding my cock all the way back into her. I say slid, but it really took quite a bit of pushing.

"Ahhh goooodddddddd…. I sat up a bit further and grabbed her ass with both hands as I slid in and out of her. You own them, own their pussy, own their ass, and there’s nothing they can do about it (that sounds rapey, but it’s only fun for me when it’s fun for the woman, and I could tell Kailey loved being submissive). I decided to take a liberty, and smacked her ass.

"AHH" she screamed "Oh god, I love that. This seemed to push her a bit farther, as each time I did this she groaned deeply. " I started to fuck her harder, and her moaning grew in volume. "AAAAHHHH GOODDDDD" "You like that? I absolutely love this position because you cake take full control and the woman doesn’t have to do anything, can’t do anything.

My body was on fire, and I needed to be inside her. "Oh god yes I love it! I smacked her ass again. You like to be dominated? I began to fuck her in earnest, sliding my cock 75% of the way out, and then slamming it into her. " she yelled, moms cougar galleries breathy, pleading. I began to rock, in and out, slowly pushing and sliding my cock into her pussy, savoring the feeling of the walls of her vagina grabbing mine and pressing gently on my cock’s head, the shaft.

Kailey’s independent screams had become one long string of moans and yells. I pulled her hair harder, smacked her ass again, and drove into her again and again. I continued to pummel her, in and out, in and out, like a piston, relentlessly fucking her, my whole weight bearing down on her ass and legs, her head wrenched back with my fist in sexy mature women ladies her hair, my other hand smacking her ass, making distinct hand prints in elevated, red, patterns on her supple skin.

I wondered what her roommate must think, and the idea turned me on even more. I needed to dominate her in every possible way. " I could see handprints beginning to form on her ass. "You like being fucked like a dog? She was clearly confused, but I was in charge, and she didn’t say a word.

" My left hand went up to grab a fistful of her hair, as my right hand slapped her ass again. "Yesss oh god please fuck me Matt! With one hand I trapped her hands in this position, with the other I grabbed her hair and pulled.

" she was able to squeeze out between moans. I immediately stopped, her disappointed face looking back at me inquisitively, as I lifted her waist and slid a firm body pillow beneath her waist. And without hesitation I slid into her again. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGOOOOOODDDDDDD" she yelled, sounding surprised. I went as deep as her pussy would allow. I crawled onto her ass, and grabbed her hands, pushing them up into her back, trapping them and immobilizing her arms.

Her ass was propped even higher into the air, in all it’s magnificence. The benefit of propping her waist up was that it allowed me to go even deeper, plunge ever further. Her skin was flush everywhere, sweat beading on her skin, and I started to fuck her in earnest again.

I couldn’t go quite that long, but I can frequently go 30 minutes without coming. A buddy lived below me senior year of college in a rickety house and would always complain that I would be fucking my girlfriend for an hour above him. One thing I will always be thankful for is my sexual longevity.

I wanted to pummel her into the bed, take every part of her, leave her more exhausted and thoroughly fucked then she had ever been. I picked up the pace, slamming into her with everything I had, for a solid 2-3 straight minutes as she writhed beneath me, squirming, gasping. "God god god I’m cumming" she wailed.

And I never wanted to stop fucking Kailey. I wanted to make it last as long as humanly possible. I guess she didn’t know this trick. She didn’t seem to hear me. Her eyes were shut tightly so that crows feet formed at the corners, her mouth halfway open in a silent scream, and her left leg continued to shake. I was afraid that she hadn’t breathed in a while when finally - "AAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhh".

She wailed, and it almost sounded like she was crying, but it was clear that she was just out of control. And then all of her muscles loosened, and she sank into the bed with a sigh, gasping. " she said as she turned to me. And then she stopped, went completely quiet, and her left leg began to twitch.

"That was so fucking intense. I could tell she was done and rolled of her. Soon though, I was feeling the need again, as I hadn’t come the first time, and I looked at her intently. I expected her to be hesitant, but she looked at me with a mischievous smile and said "Am I ready to get fucked again? I stopped fucking her and pressed as deep as I could, and she emitted a soft wail that sounded desperate and pleading, and her leg shook harder.

" I whispered, softly but clearly. We chatted about the sex for a few minutes while she recovered, laughing at the intensity of it, the heat of it, and how great it was. As a man I can take complete control, move her legs wherever I want, go slow, go fast, and see everything. This is another of my favorite positions because - you guessed it - control.

" and then she giggled uncontrollably. " "How are you soaking wet already? " There was true wonder in her eye, like she had just awakened something inside of her that she didn’t know was there. I pushed myself on top of her and assumed a missionary position, widening her legs and putting them over my shoulders.

"It builds for me" she responded. I slid the tip of my cock up and down the lips of her pussy and she moaned "Stop teasing me. "I’m just as turned on as I was before, if not more so. And now I need you to fuck me please.

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This is my first post, I just actually started reading this sub yesterday… needless to say my entire sunday ended up being derailed. So some scene setting: this happened this summer right after my junior year at college (turned in may). Even when I gain a bit of weight my waist stays pretty tiny and it generally mature female just goes to by boobs/butt. Anyway I thought I’d take the opportunity to try my hand at it.

Although I get a good amount of compliments on my butt, particularly from "ass men", my best body feature is definitely my boobs. I’m a DD, and they are pretty perky given their size. I try to be athletic and I workout frequently and dance a lot, but still am just naturally quite soft/curvy. So I get home from college for the summer and I have had it with boys.

It kinda sucks, but I personally think I’m awesome so I’ve accepted it. My mother, however, had run into her old naked woman senior year prom date while she was doing habitat for humanity and they got to talking. Although, I have no problem with casual sex, I had had a string of or boys who had convinced me that they had genuine feelings for me, only to never talk to me again once we had sex or just even made out.

I am tall (’"), golden/honey blonde haired, fair skinned with some freckles, and have heterochromia (right eye is green, left is blue). Generally boys either see me as only a sexual being or their bro (I live with boys and am definitely "one of the guys".

She quickly noticed his tall, strong and good-looking son and asked his father if he was single. Despite my apathy, I put a good deal of effort into my appearance, I put on one of my cutest wrap coral dresses that is a bit low cut, showing off a good deal of cleavage and accentuating my tiny waist. I honestly was dreading the date, I lamented to my best friend that "I hate everybody and don’t wanna talk to anyone ever… why am I doing this" but then I remembered I would get free food.

I generally get a lot of attention from guys, although I have trouble actually keeping said attention. His profile pictures had been cute, but he was making silly faces in most of them. We met up at the restaurant and I was incredibly pleasantly surprised.

He was older than me (… actually maybe ) with a real job and everything (probably not a big deal for most people but I generally go after younger guys). We introduced ourselves and had a pretty normal first date conversation at dinner. I know this isn’t food porn but we had this awesome like arugula and duck confit pizza with a sunny side up duck egg on top.

After dinner we get ice cream and walk and talk more, before it eventually begins to rain. It honestly took him the longest time to make a move. So we get into his pick up truck (sploosh) so we can continue the conversation without getting soaked. In real life, Patrick honestly was more attractive than the type of guys I generally go for: very fit, about ’", tan with thick brown hair and a well groomed beard, a fantastic smile and a slightly prominent nose which for some reason is a turn on for me.

He actually had just recently broken up with his girlfriend, so his father and my mother decided to try to set us up. I was slightly mortified, but I generally am pretty open minded, so when I received a facebook message from Patrick a week or so later I decided to give him a shot.

Do you secretly not think I’m attractive and mature women female nudes are just being polite? " You know just normal crazy female thoughts. We were listening to music and chatting, and while that’s cool and all I couldn’t help but thinking "Okay you’ve been acting like you’re into me so why aren’t you doing anything? Have you ever had one of those kisses that just completely tingles, makes you warm even after you break away and leaves you in an almost high euphoric state?

That’s how Patrick always kissed. He moves in for an incredibly delicate kiss that quickly turns more intense. Essentially like a mouth orgasm? He kissed down my neck, burying his face in my cleavage before coming back up to lick my ear.

It’s : and I’m starting to think I should probably get back to my parents’ house when our eyes lock. I stroked one hand down his torso, noticing his set of rock hard abs. Tracing a line down his neck, I reached my hand down the color of his shirt, gently playing with the bit of chest hair that peeked out. I grabbed his thick smooth hair, pulling his mouth deeper into mine.

We made out in his car, while it continued to storm outside for what seemed like forever. I started off with the intention that we would just make out, but as my hand neared his jeans, I considered stroking the thick concealed bulge. He was a contractor and so even though he wasn’t a gym rat he was incredibly strong and muscley.

He began grabbing my ass that was barely covered in a tiny pink thong. In the passenger seat, my legs slowly parted as he stroked up my thigh, deciding that if hereally wanted to finger me, I suppose it would be only be fair to let him. Way to cock block, Mom! Instead, I teased him, reaching my hand up under his shirt and feeling his strong torso.

Just then, however, I got a call from my mother. I drove home with my lips still tingling and my panties entirely soaked. I’m not going to lie, I may have gotten a bit too distracted just feeling his new and unfamiliar muscles. I wasn’t sure how far we were going to go, seeing as it was a first date. So after a o’clock showing of Inside Out (definitely the sexiest movie choice ever) and a casual dinner we went back to his apartment to watch a Marx brothers movie (actually never mind that’s sexier than Inside Out).

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the good part. In fairness, I had left for my date at : and it was now a bit past midnight. Hungrily, our lips meet, as he begins grabbing my tits. We actually make it through minutes of the movie before our eyes meet and we can’t help it anymore. He buries his face in my chest as he reaches around my back, unclasping my bra.

I climb on top of him, straddling him against the back of the couch as he lifts off my shirt. He takes a moment once my bra slips off my shoulders, admiring my full double Ds, before taking one of my nipple in my mouth and squeezing and teasing the other one with his hand. Patrick almost immediately asked me if I wanted to go see a movie that Saturday.

At that point, I blurt out "I don’t know if we should have sex right now! But it was only our second date and I try not to sleep withevery guy I’m attracted to who wants to fuck me. " I know, I know, I’m the worst. "But we can obviously doother things" I giggle a bit breathlessly. He smiled and said it was totally alright as he begins kissing down mature women woman pics my neck.

He’s down by my tits now and looks me directly in the eye and whispers good. He mutters you have the most fantastic ass before burying his face in my pussy. Before going to bed I texted him goodnight, and came quickly with the help of my trusty vibrator. He spins me over and he’s on top of me removing his shirt, revealing his tan stomach and perfectly hairy chest (like manly, not werewolfy level).

He continues to lick his way down my stomach unfastening my jean shorts and pulling them off me, grabbing my ass as I help wiggle my underwear off. Boys at my college are generally terrible at giving head, if they are willing to give it at all, so I was shocked by the pleasure when he deftly licked my clit. He had incredibly strong hands, and I was already basically wet enough for him to add a second finger.

He occasionally would switch from his mouth to his other hand and watch me as he made me squirm, clearly getting off on how much pleasure he was giving me. Finally I came, and I pantingly told him he could stop cause I already orgasmed.

"One time is not enough". " I said, as he buried his face back down into my pussy. He inserted a finger inside of me, and I squirmed, grabbing his hair to pull his face closer into me. He had moved into his friend’s apartment after his breakup and was sleeping on a pull out couch, which was actually kind of ideal when you wanted to lay out and watch a movie.

I flipped him over, sucked on his ear and whispered, "now I can return the favor". He murmured "god you are so wet" and I moaned back. I unbutton his pants and he moans as i begin to flick my tongue over his nipple. I needed a moment the second time he made me cum, before grabbing him and pulling him up to my mouth. I run my hand down his stomach as I begin licking and gently biting his neck.

I tasted myself on his lips as I began grinding my still wet pussy on his hard cock through his pants. I stroke it’s shape through his brief while I lick down his pelvis, pausing at the belly button. At this point I think he, understandably, was fed up with my teasing and pulled briefs off almost instantly.

Damn this boy is good looking. Whenever I came close to climaxing, he’d pause and blow cold air, which was cruelly fucking fantastic. inches (I don’t like dealing with ridiculously large penises, as I haven’t had all that much sex) and quite thick. I was almost taken aback by how fucking beautiful his cock was.

With one long lick, I slowly traced around the shape of his head before flicking my tongue at the tip catching some precum that came out as he groaned. I then moved my head down, attempting to take him all inside of me. We quickly remove his pants and I can see the outline of his dick through his tight boxer briefs.

I kept eye contact with him while I stroked my hand up his shaft bringing my lips to the head. I slowly sucked back up his shaft, looking up to see an amazed euphoric look on his face. I normally am pretty good at deep throating, but his dick was so thick it was a bit hard to get my throat to take him all in. With one hand I began to slowly jerk him off, as the other found his balls.

I licked around them, feeling their shape with my tongue before taking one and then the other into my mouth. I could already tell it would feel amazing inside of me. I giggled as i began licking down the sides, lightly massaging his nob.

I took the head in my mouth and gently sucked circling my tongue around the rim of the head, meanwhile my other hand was gently stroking up and down his shaft, slowly growing intensity. I also began softly rubbing his taint, looking up at him to see if he was enjoying himself.

I persevered, however, feeling his hard cock slide down my throat as I buried my face in his stomach. It was the perfect length, about maybe . So I begin bobbing my head up and down in time with the tugs he’s giving my hair. He put one hand on my head and I moved it to my ponytail, looking up at him to indicate he could grab it to set the pace.

One of my hands is wrapped around his cock (only one finger though, as my lips are almost hitting the base. The hand that’s not pulling my hair reaches down to massage my breast, increasing the intensity as he moves my head faster and faster. I think he’s about to cum when he pulls me off at looking me dead in the eye, commands, "turn over.

He begins grabbing my ass, rolling my cheeks around. This was a bit of a shock to me, as my only experience with ass play was when a guy stuck his pinky in my butt during sex once, briefly. "Goddamn" he says, spanking me once, "your ass is so perfect" spanking me again, this time harder, "I just want to bury my face on it" slapping one last time so older mature women pictures perfectly hard that I whimper.

But the idea that someone found my butt sexy enough that they’d want to lick the place where poop comes out of was kind of insanely enticing. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t immediately blown away by it, it honestly felt kind of odd. Once he started fingering me, I started to enjoy the ass play.

And true to his word he begins to give me a rim job. He stayed inside of me, trying to go for number four when I moaned "I want your cock in my mouth right now". That finally caused him to pause. Although I’m on my stomach, I turn my head around and watch him stare at my round full butt.

I want to taste it go down my throat". Eventually, he was rubbing my clit, while fingering me, while licking my ass. I moved back up to the head, cupping his balls and continuing to massage him with one hand. I turned around and told him "I want you to make you cum.

Pretty soon I came for the third time, squeaking loud enough that I’m sure his roommate probably heard me. I swallow and slowly remove my lips from his cock, going back to gently lick off any cum that I had missed. He grabs my head and pull me down for the last few strokes and his warm cum rushes inside my mouth.

We cuddled for a while, he actually fell asleep and I may have dozed off a bit myself. I turned to the side and began going full speed with my mouth and hand as he spanks my ass and feels my still soaking pussy. We woke up and immediately began kissing again.

He kissed down my leg. That was all the convincing he needed. He even sucked on my toes, which I had also never experience (that, unlike the ass play, immediately felt good). He moved back up my leg and started licking me again occasionally nibbling at my upper thigh. We sucked on each others fingers. " I think and then smirking, say "mhmmm", "what? He eventually makes me cum again and I moan "God, Patrick, I want you inside of me".

He looked hopeful and asked "are you sure you don’t wanna have sex? He suddenly started kissing me more intimately. He starts by rubbing his cock just up and down the edge, pausing to circle around my clit. " he asks coming back up to kiss my neck. Whereas before he was driven by making me cum, this time he took his time kissing basically every part of me. " "I want you to fuck me with your huge cock!

" "I want your cock inside of me" "Hmm? " I say probably a bit too loudly given the fact his roommate was home. I gasp at the feeling of all of him inside of me. I whimpered at feeling it so close to entering. He has me at the edge of the couch, one of my legs up all the way in the air (I dance so I’m pretty flexible).

He keeps thrusting inside of me filling me up. "I want you to fuck me" I whisper to him. He catches one of nipples with his mouth and sucks hard on it, stretching out my boob so that even I can appreciate how damn big they are. Still, he happily obliged, slowly filling me up all the way. I cry at him to keep going.

I had never experience a more perfect dick. He smacks my ass and grunts as I arch my back and turn my neck to look in his eyes. I bounce against them so that my clit rubs against his stomach, eventually getting me off once again. He turns me around and has me lean over the couch and begins fucking me from behind.

We shift positions and now he’s sitting up with me on top, my tits bouncing in his face. He tells me to stand up. We eventually end up on the bed again with me on my back but my legs straight up and together and him holding my ankles for leverage, thrusting through my thighs and ass into my pussy.

"I’m going to cum" he tells me, "where do you want to cum? " I ask him, "you can wherever you want". I lick off whatever fell near my mouth, and just rubbed it into my tits. His pace quickens and then he pulls out a squirts a long string of cum on my face and then my tits. He then drove me home to my parents house haha and I had to make sure my little sister let me in, so that neither of my parents caught me smelling like cum with sex hair.

I’m back at school now but he has been texting me every once in a while asking about how I’m doing. He yanks me upright by my ponytail and grabs my tits with both hands, all while still thrusting. I saw Patrick a few times a week for the rest of the summer. At this point he’s fucking me steadily but quickly, each time going almost exiting before reentering so hard that his balls slap against my ass.

I kind of wanted to try my hand at writing, I’ve never really written a full story before at all and I figure might as well write it about my favorite subject! Me and Patrick got a bit more into slightly kinky stuff over the summer (nothing too scandalous haha).

Going out to dinner and movies and things like that and then always having incredibly amazing sex. Hopefully, we will resume our "relationship" when I’m home on breaks. Let me know if you like this story because I actually have a lot more juicy ones.

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mature women gallerySeconds tick by, and your eyes drift out of focus as you stare at your message, waiting for him to read it. I hope you’re not too busy after work, because I have plans for you You read through the cryptic message several times before you commit to a response.

Simultaneously, the little "D" next to your response switches to an "R" and ellipses pop up to indicate his incoming answer. Your hand flies to your phone, which was sitting surreptitiously next to your keyboard, and your heart jumps when you see the sender and the first line of text. Thumbing it in, you hesitate for the briefest moment before hitting send.

You’ll have to wait. You’re certain he won’t elaborate with any specificity, but you can’t resist an attempt. In an instant, two more messages appear, one right after another . With a resigned sigh, you send a brief "ok" and set your phone back down on your desk. You weren’t too worried, because everyone else described them as the standard HR shift-type of meetings, but you know now, looking back, that your’s was definitely not the norm.

The first thing you noticed upon entering his office was his piercing blue eyes. Hastily, you key in your passcode and open the app to read the message in its entirety. His first week in the office he conducted one-on-one meetings with every employee.

Patience is a virtue, hun. "It’s nice to finally meet you," he said in a surprisingly soothing tone. "I’ve been hearing good things about your work. He rose from his plush leather chair and offered you a seat in front of his desk but, when you sat down, he didn’t resume his place behind his massive, dark cherry desk.

" "Oh," you start "thank you, I just do what I’m supposed to do. " You can’t help but notice the subtle scent of aftershave or cologne when he leans forward and it’s somewhat intoxicating. The ding of a notification jolts you from the dreary monotony of your daily work. " "I think you’re being far too modest," he says with a small chuckle before leaning in and lowering his voice conspiratorially, "everyone I’ve spoken to claims you’re one of the best assets within the company.

The kind of eyes that seem to look right through you. "Well, um, th-thank you" you stammer. You find yourself leaning in, emulating his posture, and the aroma fills your nostrils. "My question, is why you aren’t getting through more work?

" He questions with a raised eyebrow. Instead, he perched himself on the corner of the clutter-free desk and, crossing one leg over the other, his rested his entwined fingers over one knee. "I mean, if you’re the best," he say stressing the last word," you should either be done much quicker than the others or getting more work done in the same amount of time. The new HR director, has only been with the company for about a month, but it didn’t take even that long for him to take an interest in you.

The only question I have whether it’s intentional? This time the light stubble forming his beard brushes against your left cheek as his whispers softly, but sternly in your ear. " You’re taken aback by his accusations and are momentarily speechless. Excitement surges through you as you let your mind wander to the possibilities waiting for you.

"I just wanted you to be aware that I’m going to be keeping a close watch one you. Don’t answer now," he says, cutting you off and dismissing your answer with a wave of his hand while leaning forward once more. " And keep a close watch he did. " He says with a sudden, sharp change of tone as he straightens up a little. Sometimes, he got so close you swore you could feel strands of your hair getting caught in his stubble.

It was in the second week, after he’d requested you stay late to go over yet another project review, that he first made an explicit advancement. Once it was an imaginary - or at least you suspected - speck in your hair, another time it was the back of his fingers brushing the top of your thigh as he lifted a file off your lap. "Wellllll," he says, drawing out the monosyllabic word for several heartbeats, "if you’re the best at what you do, why do you only get through the same amount of work as those who aren’t the best?

He also had this habit of standing behind you and reading over your shoulder as you worked. " "I don’t understand what you’re asking" you respond. Each meeting he found some reason to get close to you.

For the next week you were required to bring him detailed records of the projects you were working on and provide on the spot explanations for the timing allotted to each minute aspect. "I," you start with a slight furrow forming in your brown - why is this any of his business - "I don’t have a boyfriend, and my kids are with their father this week.

"Well, I saw from your personnel file you’re not married, but doesn’t your boyfriend get upset with how late you stay at work? The clock showed nearly eleven, and he was once more hovering over your shoulder as you explained the nuances of the project and why they merited so many man-hours to complete, when he said in his warm voice, "why is it that you’re able to stay so late like this?

" "Ohhhh" he purrs in your ear, "so there’s nobody waiting up at home for this? Almost at once you felt anger welling up, but it was quickly replaced by the realization that you panties had moistened just the slighted bit. " He whispers, his mouth so close to your ear now you can feel his warm breath. "So lonely" And, as if to punctuate those two final words, he leans in and wraps his lips around your earlobe.

This was all the consent he needed and, in a flash, he was devouring you. Either way, you should be getting through more work. His lips and tongue begin to work their way from lobe to lips, and your breath catches in your throat. His left hand slides up your back and his fingers encircle the base of your neck.

Almost involuntarily, you let out a barely audible moan. " as he spoke, his hands silently moved from the back of your chair to your shoulders and gave a small squeeze. You knew this was wrong, but it felt so good.

You want to be ravished, consumed by him in that moment, and he seemed all too willing to oblige. "No, nobody waiting at home for me. When he took your lower lip into his mouth, you barely register his right hand creeping up your thigh, but your pussy certainly takes note. At the same time, your mind and body fight for control over the situation.

Each dart of his tongue was met by yours and returned with equal gusto. The journey of his hand up your thigh seems to simultaneously take an instant and a lifetime, and you moan into his open mouth as his thumb hooks under the elastic of your panties. You can feel yourself swelling as the blood courses to that most intimate region and, in this moment, your mind relinquishes control to your body.

As soon as you have this thought the air is rent with the sound of ripping fabric. Thank god I have good panties on today, you think to yourself as his digit brushes over your bare crease. You didn’t even notice the absence of his hand on your neck, but when you break the kiss and look down you see both of his forearms protruding from your dress as the cool air explodes onto your exposed pussy.

Before you can protest, a finger is buried up to the last knuckle in your now-drenched gash, and you bite your lip to suppress a moan. You acutely remember the shiver you felt as his fingertips pressed into your soft flesh. "Such a shame…" His movements cause a flurry of reactions within you. Your breathing becomes ragged, and you sense your mouth hanging open as you struggle to hold back the tide.

He expertly works his long, smooth finger in and out, turning his hand with each stroke causing the back of his knuckles mature women to rub against your clit. You can feel the tension building within your core as he pumps faster and faster. You try to swallow, but your mouth is completely dry from your rapid breathing. His hand holding your neck gently but firmly in place, your tongues danced in the harsh fluorescence of the overhead lighting.

"You better not cum," he growls as he adds a second finger to the first, stretching the delicate muscles wider and redoubling his force and tempo. Your eyes drift out of focus as you try to concentrate on anything but the assault on your drenched nethers; a task made all the more difficult by the wet squelching and sucking noises emanating from under your pushed up dress.

"I’m going to cum," you protest, his only response is to tighten his grip around your neck as the pummeling continues unabated. " you pant, as you begin to squirm in the chair to escape his clutches, but he’s got you pinned with his strong hand around your throat. You close your eyes and lean back in the hard, leather chair, opening your legs wider in welcome. "Hoooold it," he warns, the growl still lingering on the edge of his breath.

" "Thirty seconds" he whispers in your ear. Out of sheer desperation you begin to plead, "please. Your eyes fly open as his unoccupied hand appears out of nowhere and captures your neck once more, this time embracing the front and holding with firm insistence. It felt like a lifetime had passed in that intervening ten seconds.

You’re winning the fight, but only just. The warm tone of his voice a stark change from the sharp orders earlier and it almost causes the dam to burst. "Twenty seconds" he announces, but time seems to have stalled. Determined, you bite down on your lower lip, hoping against hope the rush of pain with help sate your body’s uncontrollable reaction.

Wave upon wave of pleasure crash over you as you buck and writhe beneath his hands. "It must get awfully lonely on weeks when there’s nobody there. Through all of your spasms, his fingers continue plumbing your depth even as your muscles clench and contract around them and the tidal wave of cum soaks into the cuffs of mature women his shirt.

"Ten seconds," "Nine" "Eight" "Seven" "Six" "Five" "Four" "Three" "Two" "One" "Cum for me," he orders into your ear as he sucks your lobe back into his mouth once more, bringing this strange and erotic encounter full circle. You can feel the crescendo rapidly approaching, and you’re sure there’s no stopping it. The guttural noises from your throat are almost drowned out by the sound of a torrent gushing from under your dress and spilling across the floor.

"Good girl," he whispers, as he brings his saturated fingers to his mouth and obscenely sucks them clean in front of you. There is an edge of warning to his voice, but even as he says this you can’t help but think, who could I possibly tell anyway. "Ohhhhhh god" you cry out as your body unleashes.

"Let’s just keep this between us, hun," he says and he unbuttons the starched blue dress shirt and shrugs it into the trash can next to his desk. He pulls a fresh shirt from a nearby wardrobe that matches his desk, and begins pulls it onto his frame. Suddenly, feel his hand rotate, his fingers with it, and you feel the pressure build intensely as his fingertips begin to knead and massage on that small, spongy patch - the center of pleasure - causing you to cry out.

Eventually, they subside, and he stands up and kisses you sweetly on the forehead. " He chids, "just keep in nearby in your desk. " Thinking of this now, your eyes fall on the bottom right desk drawer where you have been amassing his gifts. , you think to yourself, how does he do that?

"Wait, don’t open it here. you’re the HR director. Stay out of the drawer! Resigned to the worst, you settle in and resume working. "Here," he says as he hands you a footlong wooden box. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you peek out the door, but the hallway is barren. Slowly and predictably, the office begins to empty until you notice your keystrokes are the only sound breaking the otherwise silent room.

Standing up, you stretch and glance forlornly at the stack of files yet to be done. Quietly - for no apparent reason - you open your cube door and step into the main room. The mountain of files is dwindling, but your eyes still flit to the clock, and dread of the inevitable long night sets in. Under the guise of using the restroom, you walk up and down the aisles checking that you are indeed alone.

After checking the last cube, you quickly make your way back to your own and close the door behind you. Curious, you begin to open it, but he closes the distance in three quick strides and snaps it shut before you can glimpse what’s inside. So, is the office empty?

Every end of quarter means extra hours for everyone, but you’ve been so preoccupied lately you’ve inadvertently intensified the usual crunch. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the flashing light on you phone which you’d forgotten to bring with you on your sweep of the office. Almost immediately another message sends the phone into a spasm of vibrations.

With a slight pout, you push the drawer closed with the inside of your knee and rotate back in front of your keyboard. Your eyes slide off the desk and fall on the drawer once more. At your average pace you figure there’s at least another two hours, and you tell him as nude old woman much. Unlocking it, you see another waiting message from him.

I think it’s going to take a little longer than that, hun… The ellipses at the end of his sentence sends a thousand questions coursing through your head and a slight dampening between your thighs. What sort of panties are you wearing today? Biting your lip, you ease open the drawer a crack, but you’re startled when your phone alerts another message received.

You describe in detail the silky, black, boy shorts with the rippled back. Your favorite pair because they are the perfect combination of form and function. You stare at this message for several seconds as a thrill runs down your spine before responding that you think it is.

Looking over at the remaining stack, your heart sinks as you calculate the hours required to finish them all before tomorrow morning. How much longer do you have to complete your files tonight? You can remove them now. Fold them up and put them in your purse for later. Standing, you hike up the dress and slide your panties down your legs and over your strappy, multicolored shoes perfectly showcasing your freshly pedicured toes.

The softness of the fabric is supremely comfortable and they have the benefit of showing off all of your beautiful curves. Quickly and quietly you fold them neatly and place them in your purse, before messaging that you’ve done as requested. I trust you’re not wear a bra with that dress.

Your body gives a little shudder as your eyes scan his words. Good girl Now insert your balls and get to work. The hinges open smoothly revealing the red velvet interior and the two gleaming silver balls resting side by side. Sitting down again, you scoot down in your chair, lifting one leg, and drawing your dress up your thighs. The cool air washes over your bare pussy and you’re reminded of the dampening effect of his earlier message.

You raise one of the weighted balls and place it in your mouth, thoroughly coating it in saliva before withdrawing it again. Another shiver runs through you as your sex is exposed to the conditioned office air. A mere three inches by three inches, and covered in a thin black silk, it was one of the first gifts he gave you. You said two hours and the timer starter ten minutes ago… Oh shit!

A shimmering bead of saliva extends from one side to your lips before it breaks and it trails lightly down your chin. Your slit expands to take in the new guest and you sigh as it snaps shut, encasing it within you. An hour and forty-five minutes to get through all this?

With a deep breath that triggers another coursing vibration, you dig in. As you settle in, you look at the clock and note with despair another five minutes has passed. The minutes pass quickly as the clock on your computer edges closer and closer to the self-imposed deadline. Holding the slickened orb between thumb and forefinger, you position it at the base of your cleft and gently guide it into your soft folds.

Out of habit, you glance over at the clock and have a moments panic when you see only ten minutes remaining. It’s taken everything you had at times to not take a five minute break, hell a one minute break, to get some relief, but you know the penalty for playing without asking, and there is no way in hell you’re asking until you’re finished. The remaining file is thick, and you’re sure - even on your best day - there’s no chance of getting that finished in ten minutes.

You’re down to the last couple documents when a distinctly male voice clears his throat behind you causing you to jump. With a groan, your eyes drop to the crotch of his pants - conveniently level with your eyes - before quickly looking back up at him. Repeating the process with the second ball, you quickly sit upright and are rewarded with a pleasant vibration in your bowels.

The constant shifting and squirming isn’t helping your concentration, nor is the steady stream of juices making way down your inner thigh which began midway through this contest. He saunters in your cube and quickly flips through the remaining documents. " he asks rhetorically as he closes the file. You pull the drawer open and quickly locate the inconspicuous box.

As you walk, you can feel the balls rolling around inside you, and you clench your muscles as much as possible to hold them in place. Regardless, you pull it forward, flip it open and do your best to ignore the beads of sweat forming on your brow.

"Time’s up," He says, as he looks at you from the doorway. There’s something about that simple act, despite the vacated office, that makes you tingle. The thought of being completely alone with him, private and secluded. " Your heart leaps into your throat and you’re barely able to squeak out a response, so you simply stand and follow him out and down the all too familiar path to his office.

The increased tension amplifies the sensations, forcing you to focus on your breathing to prevent a premature eruption. " With that, he extends his hands and closes it around your wrist. He releases his hold on you as he leads you across the threshold and then commands you to close the door. "Uh uh," he says not even looking at you, "over the desk, hun. You squirm a bit in your seat as you ask why, the hem of your dress tickling the back of your calves.

Your breasts press into the cool surface, the thin fabric doing nothing to insulate them. As you walk forward, he holds up a hand and points to the desk instead, "There, hun. Almost immediately you can feel your areolas begin to pucker and your nipples jut out. " You can feel the blood rush into your face as you slowly dismount, turn around, and lean your upper body over the smooth polished wood.

When he catches you watching he motions for you to come closer, and you obey. "I think that can wait until tomorrow morning, hun. In this position, you can feel the wet spot on the back of your dress from the last two hours of sitting with the balls embedded within you causing your blushing cheeks to deepen to an even darker crimson, and you sense it spreading to your neck and upper chest.

He places the tie over top of both wrists and quickly begins to manipulate it until your wrists are bound tightly together. " He inquires, the familiar growl returning to his voice. He walks around in front of you and begins to carefully begins to undo the knot of his tie, slipping the silky fabric through one side with a quiet sssssssp.

"Are you going to be able to keep them on the desk, or will I need to secure you further? " You change course and lean against the corner of his desk. "Don’t want anymore ruined shirts, do we? "Good girl’ and with that he unbuttons the top button of his shirt exposes a flash of his dark, curly chest hair.

You can feel your dress being lifted but, without being able to see anything, you are forced to rely on your other senses. Next, he undoes the clasps on his cufflinks, and sets them on the desk, before rolling his sleeves up to the elbow. His fingers begin to caress the material as he looks down at you. After several moments, he reaches out and grasps your wrist again, this time pulling your arm out straight before positioning the other arm alongside it.

With the fabric lifted, and your panties still neatly folded in your purse, you can feel the gentle kiss of cool air on your exposed ass. When you turn back around, he’s standing by the wardrobe removing his sport coat. You feel his smooth palm make slow circles from the crease where your thigh transitions into your butt, up to your lower back, and back down again.

" As he walks around the desk out of sight behind you, his fingers trail across your hips and buttocks sending a ripple of goosebumps erupting across your thighs. His hand stops mid-circle. Instead, you try to just nod your head, but in this position all you can manage is a miniscule sideways jerk.

The tension slowly melts away until you hear him say, "Three documents remaining, huh? " He asks quizzically. " he asks "I couldn’t quite hear that," he says with a laugh. Oh no, the reasoning for this posture becomes clear as you answer softly, "I’d be punished.

"I-I can keep them on the desk" you reply with a quiet stammer. His hand caresses one cheek, causing you to involuntarily clench and the balls pulse once more. " he breathes dangerously. You strain your ears from any sign of what’s coming, but all you can detect is the soft thum of something heavy closing. "Yes, I meant yes" you choke out, your throat now burning as all your saliva seems to have evaporated.

" "That’s right, hun. He sets down what looks to be a rolled up blanket and unties the string holding it together. His footsteps grow louder, and suddenly he’s visible - just barely - out of the corner of your eye. One by one, he pulls the implements out and lays them on top of the splayed blanket. Approximately two feet in length, it has what looks like a handle on one end.

"And what did we agree would happen when you didn’t finish work in the timeframe you’re expected? " His hand disappears from your rear and you can hear his shoes fading as he clearing walks away from the desk. Slowly, he unrolls the bundle and throws the top half of it open, revealing a series of hard to make out objects.

Third is a wide, flat wooden paddle which looks like an oversized ping pong paddle. He turns it slowly with his fingers and you can just make out the words "bad" and "girl" embossed on opposite sides, the lettering appears to be subtly raised, and you can’t stop yourself from thinking about how it would feel to have that come crashing down on your exposed posterior.

Fuck me you groan a little as he lays that next to the cane. Next is a thin curved piece of metal, with a solid ball on one end and a eyelet on the other. First is a thin wooden rod which looks something like a long wand.

It looks smaller than you imagined, but that ball has you second guessing your curiosity. "The question then, my dear, is how? The rope, neatly coiled and wrapped around itself appears to be several feet long, and you can’t help but wonder what he’s got in store. Next, he pulls out an enormous flogger with a tail of what looks like brown suede and a thick wooden handle.

" There’s something in the mock questioning tone which causes your throat to constrict, making it difficult to swallow. If I hadn’t wasted so much time looking around the office, I could have been done when he got here. You’ve fantasized about one, but never seen one in person before.

Once everything is neatly arranged - purposely just within view you suspect - he reaches out and caresses your upturned cheek. Oh god, is that a cane? "I think one spank for each document is fair, don’t you" You flinch slightly at this proposition, but respond with a meek "yes. His hand lingers even as you can feel the capillaries filling with blood.

" "Good girl," he says as he pats your cheek twice. SLAP You grunt quietly as his hand makes contact with your right cheek, erasing any doubt as to his location. There is no question that first spank was hard enough to leave a mark.

The movement causes your cheek to pull away from the left one, and you shiver as the wetness coating your lips is exposed. It sounds heavy as he sets it down beside the others, despite its diminutive appearance. You jerk marginally as his other hand makes contact with your left cheek, even though it was soft and clearly not the second spank. Finally, he pulls a length of rough-looking brown cord from the last pocket.

His fingers dig into your rear and hold you fast as his tongue begins to work in slow, soft circles around your bud. You suspect naked old woman he’s behind you once more but, without any stimulus, you can’t be sure. Without warning, his warm tongue presses to your puckered hole and you instinctively lurch forward onto your toes.

Minutes fade as his tongue circles around, presses into your tight hole, and then returns to make another lap. When he finally pulls back, removing both his hands and warm mouth, your ass constricts as the residual moisture from his mouth chills your pucker. You close your eyes, part your lips, and groan as he works his magic, and you can sense your pussy swelling even more in response to his attention.

Why would that make a metallic sound? He rubs the stinging area, pressing in slightly, but the pressure is soothing rather than painful. you wonder to yourself. Finally, they fall on the blanket, and you notice the rope is missing. He mirrors the motions of the right on the left and, as the rubbing intensifies, you’re forced to clench again to prevent the balls from escaping your clutching muscles.

Hearing your stifled moan, his hand stops, and he delivers a light spank to your clit. "That was a free one, babe" he laughs, but his fingers linger over the sensitive button and you have to restrain yourself from pushing down against them. The clink of metal causes you to open your eyes, but all you catch is a flash of him walking back out of your view.

His fingers return, but this time they are running up the length of your slit, eliciting a moan as they reach perilously close to your clit. And then he’s gone again. Your eyes search frantically, but they are useless. His finger probes inside you, pressing against your walls, as he searches for the pair of metallic orbs.

Finally, he locates one and, curling his finger over it, he manages to pry it from your grasp. You shiver as you notice the difference in sensations and realize the source of the metallic clink must have been the hook. Your opening stretches to accommodate both his finger and the sphere, but it eventually pops free into his palm.

It’s bulbous end easily slides inside you and, because of the angle of the curve and your positioning, rests squarely over your g-spot. "Time for you to return my balls," he says, and you can tell he’s still smiling by the tone of his voice. Just when you think you’ll be forced to beg, he withdraws the hook too, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

The second falls into place and, in a second, your sex is empty leaving you longing for it to be filled again soon. You try to control your breathing, but the increasing pressure is making it difficult to concentrate. He begins to guide it in and out of you, applying a steady pulse of pressure to your pleasure center. The relief is short lived and you feel the old mature women naked warmed metal ball pressed firmly against your dark star.

The fullness is alien, but oddly satisfying. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, your muscles stretch to accommodate the solid, metal ball. His hand returns to your lips and, with two fingers, he begins massaging your clit as he stretches your tight pucker. The pressure creates a tightness in your core, and you exhale to slow your racing heart.

The cool metal of the protruding end rests between your cheeks as you feel his hands working mysteriously beneath your belly. His hand turns over, and a finger parts your cleft as it plunges inside you. Mimicking his motions from minutes earlier, the hook repeatedly stretches your hole as he pulls it to expand your hole to the widest point before plunging it back inside again.

Your wish is almost immediately granted as cold metal is pressed into you once more. Without warning, he thrusts the hook entirely inside you, and you are overwhelmed with the immense fullness. He’s doing something with the protruding end, and you suspect you know what.

Something tickles your exposed underside and you understand he’s wrapping the rope around your waist. There’s a quiet movement as he sounds to be shifting about before THWACK The wooden padden makes hard contact with your left cheek and, with another merciless tug on the rope-belt THWACK There is a corresponding impact on your right cheek.

He’s tying that hook inside me Your makeshift belt completed, he tugs on the rope twice, and you feel a corresponding jolt reverberate through the hook and into your bowels. " you cry out and the hook pressing into the thin wall has compressed your vagina and the suddenness of his fullness takes you by surprise.

Slowly now, he saws in and out of your cunt, and you feel the first wave building again. One hand slides up your back, and finds your shoulder-length mane. With a twirl of his hand, he captures a hank of your hair, jerking your head back sharply. Your ass is on fire and you barely have time to process the rush of sensation than you feel something hard pressing past your sopping lips.

Your body starts shaking under this combined assault and you can sense the point of no turning back quickly approaching. His thighs press into yours as he buries his hard cock up to the hilt in your drenched sex. "I’m going to cum" you announce with a sense of urgency in your voice. " He grunts as he slams his full length inside you. He makes several adjustments then, suddenly, the hook moves strangely within you.

Due to the prolonged arousal caused by the balls, you almost immediately have to suppress the urge to cum. "Not yet you’re not. His hands find your hips as he plunges deeper and harder with each thrust. Next, you try to just focus on your breathing.

Finally, you exhale and it slips entirely within your ass. His other hand grasps your flesh just above your hip and your thighs bounce off his desk as he assails your pussy. Unfortunately, the incessant pounding is forcing the air out of your lungs, disturbing any sense of rhythm you might have. How much longer can he last?

"Please…I can’t hold it any longer" You try again, and this time the answer comes in the form of a ringing SLAP You groan into the air, your neck craned back by his grip in your hair, and you can hear his breathing becoming more labored. This simultaneously gives you hope, and a rapid return of your consciousness to your aching pussy. "Please…" you try to plead, but his silence - and the tug on your belt - is the only answer.

"You didn’t finish on time, so you won’t finish until I tell you to. " Gritting your teeth, you try to think of anything and everything which might serve to distract you. Slow breath in through your nose, slow breath out your mouth.

You become acutely aware of his change in tempo and, more concerning, the fleshy head of his hard member steadily massaging your g-spot. " he cries out, and you take this as confirmation of the merits of your maneuver. His sounds of pleasure push you past the tipping point and your cry out "PLEASE GOD PLEASE! In an act of desperation, you clench down hard, hoping the increased pressure will speed his release.

"Jesus, your pussy feels amazing! " Your whole body goes rigid as you explode around his turgid shaft. You start by trying to work through the procedure for the filing you’ll be working on in the morning, but the constant pressure in both your holes quickly renders that ineffective.

Through the combined efforts of his unceasing thrusting and added pressure of the hook, you writhe as your orgasms cycle again and again. You focus all your energy on clenching and relaxing those overworked muscles, milking his cock as he continues to massage your g-spot. You feel him loosen his grip on your hair as he begins to moan.

It seems like a lifetime, but eventually his pulsing slows, and he withdraws his still-engorged cock from your sopping pussy. He opens the top drawer of his desk and pulls out a soft, white hand towel. Your body tingles from the aftershocks, and you rest your flushed face on the cool desk. Looking up, you notice his hard member is shiny and slick from a combination of your and his cum.

You see his cock through your partially open eyes as he makes his way around to the back of his desk and deftly unties your wrists. As the first pulse of juices gush forth from your cunt, he cries out and you can feel his cock pulsing and the jets of warm cum shoot into your womb. " He says softly but firmly.

He massages your wrists, soothing the circulation which you didn’t even notice was slightly constricted from his binding. His other hand finds your hair again, but this time it’s to run his fingers through your hair. Your legs are unsteady and you almost collapse, but he naked old woman catches you under your arms and ushers you to his couch.

"You will keep the belt on until the morning, hun, understand? "I understand," you reply sleepily. When he turns you around to face the plush, leather monstrosity, he places a smooth hand on your shoulder, and you lie down on the soft, cool cushions. The past half-hour has exhausted you, and you feel like you can drift off even in this absurd position He moves around the desk again and, sliding his hand under your chest, you understand he’s allowing your to stand upright.

He kneels down and, using the towel he’d retrieved earlier, he gently dries your legs and groin. " As if awakened by your cries, he yanks up hard on the belt, stretching your ass beyond endurance as he yells out, "cum with me! Embracing you in a tight hug, he carefully unzips the back of your dress, letting it fall to the floor. Carefully, he cleans himself off, before bending down and placing his signature kiss on your forehead which must be tattooed with sweat.

He’s just full of surprises, you think as he tucks the ends of the soft throw around you and you drift off to sleep. He places the palm of his hand on your upturned cheek and brushes his thumb along your cheekbone. He quickly strides back to his wardrobe before returning to the couch with a warm looking throw.

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She fell into a rhythm, mentally surrendering herself. In Part II, I described older nude ladies my second meeting with babygirl during which we had our first real session (http://ift. Something happened after the second meeting with Sara. The first is bringing them women mature women from the realm of fantasy to reality. Once they get past the initial fear of meeting face to face, and realize that a Dom isn't something threatening or scary, they tend to open up.

So many women will text, email, or swap pics all day long while discussing intimate sexual desires. But those are the most exquisite of all, teaching a young woman the art of sexual submission. Of course most of this applies to a new sub without experience. I have trained my share of subs and they all go through phases. And so it was with Sara as she moved into the next phase.

This was a bit surprising to me considering the mishap we had; however, she had apologized several time afraid she had displeased me. However, there is still a time usually between the first and second meeting where the sub is wrestling mature women gallery with her inner fears. to go over our contract and to consummate our relationship was my only reply.

Over the next several days, Sara was a dutiful little girl. Where before there had been an element of mental conflict, a hesitance, all that appeared to have evaporated after the second meeting. So I set a date for about a week after our first meeting. I started her on her Kegels and she delightfully described performing them in class, mature women black women porn thinking of me as she did.

Doing her submissive exercises in math class, in the midst of all the other college students. She is so playful at times. Of course Sara wanted to know what the agenda would be some rope, zipties, a knife, papers, pens, a small vibrator, and paddle. For the first time I detect fear and it enters the room palpably. What do you think a proper punishment is for a young lady who sasses her daddy, I ask?

Instantly my cock hardens. At the same time, I stand by my black bag for effect. It is time to discuss a few things. After we are done with signing the contract, I put it away. I smack her panty covered ass a few times, letting it sting. Its time you learn your lesson.

During the week, Sara has had a some minor infractions including a few smart aleck remarks in her responses to me. She has not indicated any hard limits, I put a few in for reassurance - no scat, mature women blood, or permanent marks. I approach babygirl, and twist her on the bed, yanking her skirt up. I yank her panties down and get them around her ankles, so she is exposed to me. How many licks does a sassy babygirl deserve, I tease?

I continue spanking her, the flesh turning red. I can see her pussy lips, glistening from moisture. She yelps, which is surprising considering her pain tolerance. Babygirl obviously likes her punishment a bit too much. I dont let up, and she is feeling it now. Smack - I begin spanking her exposed pussy from behind. I know this is agonizing to her, both increasing the sexual tension while being painful.

Sara doesnt cry, but whimpers just a little, and I know she isnt as strong as she portrayed during our first punishment session. Smack - I begin the punishment again, on her lower butt and upper thighs. I can stand it no longer, and release my cock. A few more strokes, and I drop the paddle.

Yes, she breathes heavily. So I begin smacking the tender regions around her pussy with my open hand. With one quick stoke, I slide all the way into her. But sliding into Sara for the first time is extremely erotic, knowing that she is finally surrendering her body to me.

She is so wet, there is practically no resistance. Babygirl grunts and becomes more vocal. "Will you be a good girl, and obey your Daddy now", I ask? I ask her is she is now my naughty girl, and she gets into the dirty talk.

I want to crush this little girl, make her mine. It is very hard, and I have waited weeks for this moment. She obviously enjoys being deep dicked by Daddy. I pull her hair back and begin fucking her deep and hard. I ask if she wants to cumm - "yes daddy, please&.

She starts a low wail from my assault and I feel her pussy clenching me, rhythmically. I position myself against her from behind, and she makes no move to get away this time. This sends her off a cliff, and she is so loud, I know the hotel clerk can hear. I don't care at this point and continue fucking her, reveling in my new conquest. She has evoked a lust deep within, as I flip her over, and push her knees back towards her ears.

What a lovely full ass. I retrieve the paddle, and then continue. "Then cumm for Daddy" I offer, as I continue my assault, picking up the pace. I pull my cock out and begin to shoot all over babygirls abdomen and stomach. After she cools down a bit, I am not quitefinished and can feel the tightening in my balls approaching.

I havent cumm this hard in months as jet after jet coats her skin, and we both breathe hard before lying back on the bed. Fucking my little girl hard, so there is an audible smacking in the room. Stroking her hair, I tell Sara she has pleased me, and now I own her mind, body, and soul. I pull babygirl to me, and sense her heart racing.

Rarely has my attraction to a new sub been so strong, and I am careful not to reveal too much. I force her head up, tilted and demand she look at Daddys cock invading her little pussy. I know my patience, and investment in this babygirl is beginning to pay-off. The sight is so erotic, it brings on my own orgasm.

My shaft is engorged, slick and shiny as it disappears and reappears again and again inside her body.

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I knew this day would come, but I didn’t think it would be so soon! "But, I’m not ready yet," I whispered, my voice trembling. " The voice stated from the shadows. I just figured they were stories told to keep adults in line. In the middle of the night, I awoke to see a large shadowy figure in my doorway.

"I’ve come to collect on your debt," he whispered, his voice low and deep. I was just exasperated looking in the mirror day in, day out at my homely reflection. So when I said, "My god, I would sell my soul to be beautiful! But to tell you the truth I never really believed in all that Heaven and Hell stuff anyway. Having been raised Catholic, I knew shouldn’t have said what I did.

The figure walked closer toward me, and with every step I could feel more goose bumps dotting my skin. But as I stared in the mirror, something strange began to happen. My limp, mousy brown hair, and my flat A-cup chest never garnered much attention from men, and I was starting to think that I would never get a boyfriend.

I had never felt so aroused before and the hot mature women feeling took me by surprise. The feeling continued mature women to build, all on its own, and finally it became too much. The feeling quickly migrated to between my legs and I began to throb, and ache, in a delicious kind of way. " I thought nothing of it.

I started to feel a warm tingling sensation in my chest, causing my nipples to perk up and become stiff. The moment my fingers parted my wet lips, I gasped, I had never been so sensitive in my life! Dazed with uncontrollable arousal, I rubbed myself faster and faster until finally I exploded in spasms of pleasure.

Something had to give. My fingers moved, back and forth, around and around. So I threw off my clothes and laid down on my bed, quickly slipping my hand between my slim thighs. " As I writhed in pleasure, my back arching reflexively. His yellow eyes seemed to pierce my soul. the tingling feeling building older mature women naked photos of mature women naked and spreading throughout my entire body!

"Don’t thank God, thank me" a voice interrupted my pleasure and I bolted up out of surprise. Muscular, and erect, he stood naked on his hooved legs, watching me from across the room. Looking down, I suddenly realized that I didn’t recognize myself- I was no longer the unattractive flat chested girl I was just moments before. A hint of a smirk on his plump lips.

I cried out "Oh thank God! In the mirror staring back at me was someone I had never met. " I whispered, astonished. "Don’t look so surprised, you’re the one that called me here," he commented, nonchalant, while looking through pictures and trinkets I had laid out on my dresser beside him. She was beautiful- big, round breasts, thin waist, full round hips…even my mousy brown mop transformed into beautiful, shiny raven black locks.

"Yes, that’s really you," I heard from behind me, as if reading my mind. He was still staring at me, rubbing one of his horns with his hand, seemingly very pleased with himself. "Don’t you like what I gave you? I stared back, mouth agape, both terrified yet still completely aroused.

He settled his massive hands on my thin shoulders. He walked toward me, his hooves clicking on my wood floor with every step. He was so close to me I could have reached out and touched his meaty cock. " And with that he was gone with a puff of smoke. " I spun around, suddenly remembering my guest.

Now, months later, he stood before me again. "Now, you enjoy your gift. I jumped up from my bed to look into the mirror. " I pleaded, "There must be something else I can do! " "I suppose I could wait a little longer. "…But there would be a price. The moonlight from my window was just enough to make out his massive, erect cock. " I sat up slowly, and let my blankets fall down, exposing my perky breasts.

He loomed above me and I had to crane my neck to meet his gaze. I could barely breathe, I was so terrified…but my fear was quickly becoming eclipsed by the same strong tingling sensation I felt when I first made my deal with the devil.

" He trailed off as he sat down on my bed. He took that as an invitation, and cupped my breasts with his massive hands. I’ll be back to collect your debt sometime in the future, but you needn’t worry about that. I could feel his hot breath on my cheeks. Staring intently into my eyes, he brought his face close to mine. "Please…I’m not ready to give this up!

Arousal was taking over my senses, leaving me in a lust-filled daze. He ever so gently ran his hands up my chest, my neck, to my face. This seemed to please him and he pressed down firmly on my shoulders, laying me down roughly. He cradled my head and studied me for a moment. The devil was damn mature sexy older women after all, and though I knew he could end my life at any moment, I had a strange feeling that he didn’t want to hurt me.

Studying me, he could tell how much he was arousing me, and smiled a slow, sick smile. Heat rushed down, between my legs, and suddenly I felt a desperate hunger emanating from deep inside of me. " He asked, his voice a whisper.

The tension was becoming too much, and finally my arousal got the better of me. I nodded, my eyes transfixed, staring into his unblinking yellow eyes. His sharp teeth gleaming in the moonlight. His hands were very warm, and a shiver ran down my spine.

Letting go of my shoulders the devil threw off the rest of my blanket and exposed my pulsing, wet pussy. A small moan escaped my lips. The night air over my hot mound felt cool, and I shivered, but not in fear this time. I thrust my hips upward, my clit pressing into his throbbing cock from under my blanket.

His hot breath teasing my aching slit. I trembled, afraid that he might use them on me…but my fear was only adding to the pressure building up between my legs. He pushed me back, and got up from between my thighs, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Lust taking over me, I picked myself back up and crawled towards him, eager for more.

He was right on top of me now and I could feel the weight of his dick laying on me above the covers. He grabbed my hips and thrust his face between my thighs. His hot tongue circled my most tender spot and I moaned, pressing my hips into his face. The sensation was incredible, so intense.

At this point my arousal had so overtaken me that I would do anything he wanted. I parted my lips as much as I could and he thrust into my willing mouth. He moaned and moved forward so I could have a better reach, gasping as I brushed the tip with my fingers.

I explored the head of his cock with my tongue, unable to get much more of his massive cock into my small mouth. I sucked his cock with feverish desire, never having felt so turned on from a blowjob. He groaned and grabbed the back of my head and firmly drew me closer. Desperate to get more and more of his huge meat sword down my throat, I grasped his firm muscular ass and pulled him into me, my throat opening to him all at once.

I reached my hand out bravely and finally grasped his cock, barely able to wrap my hand around it. I could feel a little wetness, and I rubbed it all down his shaft. He began to explore my folds with his long, pointed tongue. I was only becoming more dazed with arousal with every thrust down my throat.

I still craved more and I began bobbing my head up and down the length of his shaft, flicking my tongue along the underside as I did so. My hands scrambled and grabbed for his throbbing cock. He could feel my desperation and once again threw me back down on the bed.

This time, he laid down on me and I took his weight. I reached my arms around his muscular back and dug my fingernails deep in his flesh, his hot throbbing member filling me up completely. "More," I begged, consumed with need. The pressure of him filling me up with his hot load was enough to send me over the edge and I shuddered ecstatically underneath him.

He pinned me down with his forearm against my throat, lightly choking me, the long length of his cock rubbing up against me, his hot breath becoming more laboured against my neck. He thrust in me, deeper and faster, pounding me until he gave a great sudden roar. He stood in the moonlight and grinned a big toothy grin, whispering that he would be back before disappearing into a puff of smoke.

Finally, he shifted his hips and pressed hard, entering me. The devil groaned and I felt his member swell even larger in my hand. " I cried out in delight. I stared at him blankly, dazed from pleasure. Breathless, I whispered, "Hail Satan," before laying myself back down to sleep, a huge smile on my face. He pulled himself off and I felt his huge load spill out of me.

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I was happy to marry and only have sex with my husband for the rest of my life. One person immediately caught my attention. Ive never been one to sleep around, especially with no emotional attatchment. I never thought Id have such strong second thoughts.

And besides, I was married! I couldnt imagine him being interested in me. Why was I even thinking that way? But then we started flirting. I started working with him more and more and I was able to push any fantasies to the back of my head. Im very quiet at first and I was trying to get a feel for all of the people; who I could trust, who to avoid, and who would work hard.

So work continued on normally. I was having some confidence issues at the time, so I never thought anything would actually happen between us. I didnt see it as anything too significant at first. I had to start working at a new location a while back.

Until he and another coworker invited me out for drinks after work. My confidence was growing. After a while though, I started improving myself. I thought maybe he was interested in me. But things still stayed the same.

Everything was moving so slowly I really didnt think anything would come of it. I thought I just had someone Milfs 30 – Free Pictures Of Nude Older Women - to flirt with. I started thinking he wasnt interested in me after all. We got a little more flirty after that.

And out of nowhere he says, So I had a sex dream about you. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. It came naturally for me; I flirt with every one of my friends. He was tall, beyond gorgeous, had dark hair, and he seemed like a cool guy. I had no idea how to respond! Then one night at the bar, we were off by ourselves again.

I told him I had one of him as well. He knew I was having a shitty day so he hugged me, I thought, to make me feel better. Wed talk about work, random bullshit, and sex. I started going out with my coworkers more often after that night and he and I would always end up talking to each other.

I tried to play it cool but I probably did a terrible job at it. I instantly got wet, I wanted to rip his clothes off then and there. But instead I ran away. He continued milfs over 40 walking forward hugging me until he pushed me hard up against the wall. I couldnt believe what had just happened!

He had to know what I wanted. At work one day, we bumped into each other accidentally while no one was around. I didnt know how to process it. He started to rub my leg lightly, always a little higher up my thigh but never touching my pussy.

Hes probably like this with everyone. He just laughed at me, he knew exactly what he was doing to me! My husband had gone off with his friends and everyone else started to leave unti it was just me and my coworker sitting at the far end away from everyone else. Any time we got drinks together, our knees would accidentally touch.

No one ever saw, and when I got a little more ballsy, I did the same. He started grabbing me in between my thighs. I was wearing shorts and he kept telling me how smooth my legs were. He started rubbing my leg, as he always did when no one was looking. He told me that he needed me wet. My mind started racing. My heart was pounding.

His hands were so strong and I loved feeling them running up and down my legs. Another night at the bar with plenty of people. My pussy was begging to be touched. But he was with a bunch of other girls. He was squeezing so hard that I got bruises. He knew I liked feeling pain, so he started getting rougher.

I had soaked completely through my underwear. I hadnt been that wet since I was a horny teenager. My husband was right across the room! Feeling his hands running up my bare thigh had me wet instantly. I grabbed his arm and tried to stop him, realizing what was about to happen. He didnt care though, and he pushed his way into my dripping wet pussy.

He told me not to try to stop him I couldnt breathe. He knew exactly how to turn me on. Thats a good enough excuse, right? I didnt think I could get wetter until he said that to me. One, then two, then three. My heart was beating faster than I thought possible. He quickly found my clit and I tried so hard not to moan with pleasure.

He was slamming his fingers in my pussy as I opened my legs wide, eager to feel him. I had to cover my mouth so I wouldnt make any noise as there were people sitting maybe ten feet from us. He started choking me, just as the bartender looked down at us.

Then he did something I didnt expect at all. Luckily, I was wearing an oversized hoodie so it just looked like I was holding his hand there. He only choked me for a few seconds though; it wouldve been obvious if he did it for long.

It was just so hot to me, getting choked and fingered in a room full of people who had no idea. He stopped fucking me with his fingers and started rubbing my clit again. I want you to cum right at this fucking bar. All of these people can watch you cum.

He started to put his hand up my shorts. He stopped playing with my clit and put a finger inside of me. That was all I needed. I went to the bathroom mature women sexy mature women to clean up a bit. Lick your cum off my hand. My entire body tensed up as I tried my best to keep quiet and not to squirm too much so no one would know, but he knew.

I also love the taste of my pussy. I had to use toilet paper to dry my thong. This went on for weeks. I was mildly annoyed, but figured she just wanted to order a drink and move on. He got up, and a woman sat down next to me in his seat.

I did as I was told, I love being told what to do and I wasnt going to disappoint him after that. I took my seat back at the bar, smiling like an idiot because of what had just happened. But then she started talking to me, and I of course was way too polite not to have a conversation with her.

He started rubbing my leg under the bar again and instantly got wet again. It was completely soaked as if I had just gotten out of a pool. His hand went up my shorts and I tried to stop him, but as he pushed in I remembered that he wasnt going to listen to me.

I was getting fingered by a hot coworker at a bar while talking to a random woman and looking across the room at my husband. Talk to your friend while I make you cum. He sat down on the other side of me as I continued to talk to this random woman I had never met. Just hearing him say it got me so close, but I didnt think Id be able to with someone sitting right next to me.

I told him I couldnt, it was just so hard to focus. I dont even remember what we talked about. I dont know if the woman got up or just wasnt paying attention, but apparently she didnt notice a thing when he took his hand out of my shorts to spit on it. He told me to cum again for him.

I have never had a man do that before. He felt so damn good; he definitely knew what he was doing. He started finger fucking me again, harder and faster. He took his hand out photo gallery of mature women (mouse click the up coming article) my shorts and held it next to me, just under the bar so no one could see it.

It was so ridiculously sexy and I just wanted his saliva on my clit. He started rubbing my clit and I couldnt take it anymore. He saw this and moved closer. My entire body started to tremble with pleasure as I experienced another orgasm. I turned to him and told him that he had to stop, I couldnt talk to this woman while he was fingering me!

I had to cover my mouth again so I wouldnt make a sound. Every word he spoke, every sound he made was just so sexy. My eyes closed breifly as I let out one last moan. I enthusiastically agreed to. He put his hand right back up my shorts and rubbed my clit again. He pushed his fingers as far back in my throat as he could and when I didnt gag, he pushed down with his fingertips so I would.

I couldnt keep track of what we were talking about. We sat there for a little while after. I couldnt say no to him. Nothing, I can just smell your pussy on my hands. I was still trying to process what had just happened as he was watching one of the TVs. He slowed down until he stopped rubbing my clit, took his hand out of my shorts, and told me to suck my cum off of his fingers.

I asked him what was funny. I uncomfortably apologized. I opened them to look into his eyes as he smiled. I couldnt believe he said that! slutx [1 comment] He leaned his chin on his hands and laughed a little. No, it smells delicious. I licked his fingers clean.

My embarassment was gone, I was instantly horny again.

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After Id finished all my work, my friends and I went out to a fun bar for a girls night out. About halfway through the night I somehow ended up sandwiched between a couple, swaying my hips and ass against the guy behind me and my hands on the waist of the brunette in front of me.

My libido shot down that week, or rather was buried under my stress, and I didnt make myself cum or sleep with anyone for almost two weeks. About month ago I was totally swamped with tests and assignments to the point where I wasnt going out and was only meeting with friends to study. Drinking and dancing felt amazing after being stressed for so long, and as I started dancing I felt myself getting turned on.

Three things to set up the context of this story: first, Ive got a mature women black women porn naturally high libido; second, getting high makes me horny; and third, I crave rough, submissive sex when Im high. He had pale blue eyes and light brown hair and a nice body, although kind of a mean/arrogant looking face.

The guy behind me was pretty hot too. It was a Latin burlesque bar with an actual stripper on the counter (lol) and the dancing was just so sexy and sensual that I could feel my nipples beading and my old hairy pussy getting wet. Her lips naturally had the tiniest of a natural part in the middle that made me want to slide my tongue between them and she had the most gorgeous brown eyes.

I don’t often sleep with women because I have a pretty specific type, but she was so hot and she was pretty much singlehandedly the one making me horny. After a few songs the girl leaned in and mature women galleries asked if I wanted to go out for a smoke. Their names were Alex and Matt, theyd been dating for nine months, shed just begun realizing she liked sex with women, and they both wanted to try a threesome but had never done before.

We all went out the bar but she pulled me along past the patio and around the corner. Normally Im a really social person, but I was honestly so stressed. She pulled a joint out of her purse and we smoked and got to know each other a bit after grinding for several songs as total strangers.

She had full, perky tits and a tiny waist with a firm, round ass. They were also into mature women gallery BDSM. As the high kicked in it felt like the sensation in my body (and especially my pussy) had been scaled up. "Im so wet," I admitted, and Alex started giggling while Matt smiled and stepped closer to me. I was super happy that he was almost a head taller than me, though, because Im 58" but still love the feeling of being towered over.

But the cab came before long so we got in and went back to their place. It was a small but nice apartment and we shared another joint on their balcony before we started anything. They’d been playfully suggesting having a threesome and I was getting more and more excited about the idea.

I could tell Alex was nervous but Matt was excited, and the way he kept putting his hand on my lower back while he talked was turning me on too. "So thats a yes to the threesome? I was so fucking horny. Every inch sexy older woman of my skin felt more sensitive than normal, my nipples were tight and aching and my pussy was actually throbbing. I was in a thin sweater and a tight skirt and I could feel Matts eyes on my nipples poking through the material, but at this point I was the only one aware that I was so damn wet that even my inner thighs and ass cheeks were covered in juices.

As we kept talked I realized that I was subtly and subconsciously squeezing my thighs together trying to put pressure on my clit. At this point I was still tipsy from the bar and fairly toasty from the weed, so all bets on my self restraint were off. She was a great kisser, though a little shy at first. Oh well, Id just tell them after they guessed.

Alex giggled as she took a puff and declared that the third one had to be a lie because, as she said, "Youve already given away the other two! While were on descriptions: Im asian with a pretty cute face, big tits and a great hourglass shape if Im allowed to brag a little, and am ridiculously pale, although Im learning to embrace that more since I learned lots of people actually prefer creamy skin to tan.

"Ive got a really high sex drive, being high makes me crazy horny, and I love submissive sex when Im high. " "Yeah," I said, and as Matt started trying to hail a cab, Alex and I started getting even more flirty and eventually ended up making out against the wall. It had been weeks since Id cum and my nerve endings were literally tingling.

" I realized after I reeled them off that Id forgotten to tell a lie. He stepped around me and maneuvered me against the balcony rail, trapped by his arms on either side. " I looked at Matt, and then glanced down because at that moment I could see him getting harder through his pants. "Im allowed to do some experimenting to help me guess, right? I cant tell you what I was thinking because I honestly wasnt - all I could focus on was how much I wanted to wrap my legs around his waist and grind my pussy against his erection.

" he asked, now sliding a hand torturously slowly up my thigh. "Um, pretty normal stuff, I just like feeling like Im losing control," I said, except it came out kind of gaspy because hed cupped my pussy and now could definitely feel how wet I was and also I needed him to touch me. " I nodded, dumbstruck by the suddenness and my heart pounding.

"Yes sir," I said, but it came out as a desperate moan. I gasped and the words flew out of me involuntarily. "Answer me," he said, at the same time sliding a finger between my folds so he could rub my clit. We started playing two truths and a lie as we were finishing the joint, and when it got to my turn I said three truths by accident - the three statements I wrote at the very beginning.

"What kind of submission do you like? " Alex laughed and slid closer to me so our faces were an inch apart. "You like being obedient? I grabbed her face and kissed her and this time she wasnt shy at all. It was like my mind in its hazy state could only focus on one thing at a time, and now suddenly it was to get Alexs clothes off. "What a little slut," he said, and almost to prove his point I whimpered when he took his hand away.

Matt smiled wickedly and turned to Alex, who had been watching us with a hand cupped around her breast. I practically tore her shirt over her head and yanked her pants down. "She was telling the truth about all three. "Bed," she managed to gasp, and I quickly pulled my clothes and underwear off as she removed her bra and panties.

Her moans were muffled by Matts cock as he stroked her hair. "Lets fuck," I said when I pulled back, and I grabbed Alexs hand and she led the three of us inside to their bedroom. Matt was already on the bed and when I climbed on Alex was sucking his cock.

I couldnt even say anything because I was concentrating on not moaning as he slid his hand inside my thong and traced my lips. "God, youre so beautiful," he moaned, and from my view of her ass I had to agree too. I leaned in and began licking her pussy (holy shit she tasted amazing) and working her clit with my tongue. In less than two seconds I was kissing her and running my hands down her tiny waist and pulling her closer to me by the hips, cupping her ass as I moaned into her mouth.

I grabbed her ass from behind and began fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit in little circles and then pumping two fingers in and out. "Im cumming," groaned Matt, and half a minute later I heard him let out a long moan that signalled hed finished. I couldnt help moaning as I rubbed my clit frantically.

"Matt, fuck me," I begged. He pulled me by the hips, backwards to the end of the bed so I was folded over the edge with my ass pressed back against his cock. Shakily I pulled my hand away from my clit, which was now throbbing almost painfully. Her moans and Matts gasps were turning me on beyond belief and I reached my hand, already covered in Alexs juices, between my legs to rub my own pussy.

I pulled away from between Alexs asscheeks for a second. I was whimpering, involuntarily, because he was sliding the head of his dick back and forth between my pussy lips and my clit was so sensitive I was afraid Id cum just like that. My moan got stuck in my throat as I felt his hard cock stretch my pussy.

I was still eating Alex out and fingering myself but I could tell Matt had moved because the bed shifted and Alexs moans werent muffled anymore. Alex was pressing her pussy into my face a little, and all of our moans kept getting louder and more frequent. "I want to cum on your cock," I said, but it came out as a whine.

"Good girls dont cum without permission," his voice said behind me. Matts cock was stretching me in all the right places and I needed him to stop teasing and fuck me hard. He slid it back and pressed just the tip inside me and I moaned, my hips bucking backwards of their own accord. "Matt, make her cum," she breathed, her hips now rocking back and forth a little as I rubbed her clit with the flat part of my tongue in tiny fast circles.

He started rocking his hips gently, grinding his cock inside me. (protip: thats my failproof oral technique! ) "Ask nicely," he said, and slapped my ass. He slapped my ass again, harder. I moaned desperately into Alexs pussy, knowing it wasnt really following his order but I didnt want to pull myself away from Alex.

I looked up at Alex, who was now on her back watching us with two fingers inside her pussy. She must have known what I meant anyway, because she slid down the bed and I pulled her ankle over my shoulder and began licking her clit. "Alex," I gasped, wanting her to come closer but I was too delirious to form a real sentence.

"Harder," I begged, grinding my hips against him, trying to get him to go deeper. I slid two fingers inside Alex, curling them a little. I was horny practically to the point of orgasm but he wasnt letting me cum. " I lifted my head for a second and Alex whimpered. I let out a little squeal.

"Good girl," said Matt finally, and I practically screamed as he grabbed my thighs and started slamming his cock into me. " Alex let out a little groan and began rubbing her clit as I kept fingering her, though in my delirious state Im honestly not sure how good of a job I was doing. I leaned down to lick Alexs clit again, determined to make her cum too, but I could barely concentrate.

My toes curled in midair, my torso on the bed and Matt holding my legs in midair as he fucked me hard. "Please, please, I need to cum - please make me cum! I groaned into Alexs pussy, practically nonstop. She didnt seem to mind, though. " He began to thrust slowly in and out of my pussy and I groaned in pleasure and frustration.

I was only aware faintly of Alex under me and almost entirely of Matts cock stretching me open as he rammed in and out of me, hard. She grabbed her tits and moaned as she rolled her nipples between her fingers and bucked her hips into my face. "Im cumming," gasped Alex, which made me realize that I was about to too.

I pulled away from her, now teetering on the edge of orgasm. I want to cum on your cock! "Be a good little slut and ask properly," he said, and I whimpered again, practically crazy at this point. She clutched my head, sitting up a little and letting out a couple short cries until she slumped back, breathing heavily. "Not without my permission," he basically growled.

I let out some sort of unintelligible noise because I couldn’t take it. Matt did let out a groan this time, and he tightened his grip on my hips and picked up the pace. My free hand was clenched around a fistful of sheets. I was so wet and sensitive that I could barely take it, and as he bottomed out I felt myself writhing involuntarily, arching and clawing at the sheets while the sound finally escaped from my throat and I let out a long and loud half-cry, half whimper.

He was bottoming out with every thrust and I could feel every inch of his cock inside me. Behind me, Matt seemed to be trying to suppress his groans but he was making these sexy sort of growling noises as a result. "Cum for me you little whore," he groaned, slamming me even harder so he was also on the verge of cumming. My eyes rolled upwards as I tried to concentrate, sounds coming from my throat which escaped in time with his brutal thrusts.

I didnt even get a chance to recover from the first one when I felt the second one building. Matt moaned, fucking me frantically now. My pussy felt raw and my body was shaking but I wanted more, desperate for him to keep fucking me.

His cock felt so incredible and finally the most intense orgasm of my life washed over my body and I collapsed facedown on the bed, arching and clawing at the bed as I sobbed into the sheets. I couldnt think at all. " My eyes fluttered open for a second and I processed that Alex was leaned against the headboard, furiously working two fingers in and out of her cunt with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.

" I reflexively reached back and grabbed his leg as I teetered on the edge of my second orgasm. I gripped his leg, pulling him closer. Matt groaned again, bucking his hips into wildly, shoving me into the bed with the force of each thrust as he kept moaning. "Cum inside me, please! I needed it inside me. I moaned and brought my hand to my pussy, coating my fingers in the cum already leaking out and smearing it across my clit as I started rubbing it.

" I wanted him to fill me up inside with his hot, sticky cum. I was hot all over, my thighs and ass were completely dripping, and I thought I might pass out if I didn’t cum soon. Finally he pulled out and we both crawled onto the bed, collapsing under the sheets with Alex and falling asleep without even cleaning up.

" I was moaning again because Matt was gently grinding his cock inside me as he finally emptied himself out. Matts grip tightened painfully on my hips. Best sleep of my life (and of course we woke up a few hours later and . With a massive grown and several huge thrusts he finally came, shoving his cock as deep as possible and shooting what felt like a huge load inside me. The feeling of his cock moving and his hot, sticky cum leaking out of my aching sore pussy pushed me over the edge again and I had another orgasm.

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I know her mind must have been a mess of thoughts as well. PART We drove up to the resort in mostly silence, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. My mind was racing, because I could barely believe that we were actually going through with this. She just looked out the window, watching the growing thickness in the tree line along the highway.

mature older women"You scared me there for a second babe," I said to Jess. " Jessica looked over at me with a slight fire in her eyes. "I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous as hell. The playlist my wife and I had been listening to had run out and we hadn’t bothered to put anything else on.

However, I’d then catch a glimpse of her slowing running her fingers along her bare thigh, while wearing her pink shorts and then a slight, barely audible, moan. "You’re not getting cold feet are you? What if everyone thinks I’m the boring, ugly one? I actually preferred her with her natural, more-pale, skin tone … but I couldn’t argue that her darker skin just begged to be touched.

There were times that the silence freaked me out, made me think this was a bad idea. "Babe," she replied back playfully, "I’d be surprised if I got 00 views on my videos. You’re going to be the most gorgeous one there, I’m the one getting shortchanged on this whole thing," I replied with a smile. " I actually burst out laughing at that.

She had hit the tanning booth for a couple of weeks before this trip. "You’ve got to be freaking joking right? What started out as a normal get-together of all of our friends turned into the craziest night of our lives. This whole week came from a party that we had a couple of months ago.

We talked about what it would be like to swap partners, play erotic games, and even have somes or orgies. By the end of the night statements like "oh yeah, I’ll bet you’d like to see me naked," turned into "No seriously, I’d totally fuck all three of you at once.

Her long red hair was resting against her bare shoulder, contrasting nicely with her tanned skin. " We ended the night with a wild game of "I’ve Never" which ended with Jess and her best friend Jenni going down me while many of our friends watched and then joined in with each other on their own. " While comparing males to females is completely subjective, no one in their right mind would think that I, a little chubby and only 6’, could in any way compare to her ’", 0 lbs, lean and soft body.

I wasn’t lying either, my wife is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen in real life. You’re going to top the million mark. All that week after, Jess and I had the most amazing sex of our marriage, thinking about how hot it was to just let our inhibitions loose and do what felt good.

He set it all up and now we’re all headed to a private (but fully wired and stocked) resort up north to fuck each other’s brains out and hopefully get paid for it. "Do you really think that the tips given on this site are going to pay for this vacation? It was my friend Bob who suggested the swingers vacation and said we should stream the whole thing on the internet to make some money off of it.

Bob seems to think that this is going to make us millionaires for something. "Well, this whole thing is going to cost about 0 grand, and we’ll be broadcasting for a week, so I don’t know. I mean, who’s going to pay money to watch Fred and Dave have sex with Lilly? " "Gross," I coughed, as I almost let a little vomit into my mouth.

We all talked and said, "what the hell," and agreed. " Fred and Lilly were married, and they weren’t the ugliest couple of all time, but their brand of attractiveness wouldn’t do well on non-fetish sites. "I mean, everyone has their kink. " Jessica asked as she continued to run her fingertips along her long legs.

"I mean, half of our group is decent looking, but we’re not model-hot. "But I couldn’t not invite them, I mean, they were there the night of the party, even though they didn’t join in, I could tell they wanted to. " "Yeah right," Jess laughed. Before the trip, we agreed that once everyone arrived, we’d each choose a number - … and that would be the bungalow we’d sleep in (no spouses allowed with each other) There were going to be 6 of us, which I honestly couldn’t believe when we pitched the idea to all of our trusted friends.

I parked next to the bright blue one and got out only to be hit like a linebacker with a hug from Jenni. " The resort we booked was on the shore of Lake Michigan and had bungalows and a common area with kitchen, living room, ect. "Holy shit is good to see you two! There had always been some sexual tension amongst our friends, but for some reason, maybe the tequila and full moon, it all came out that night.

We pulled up into the lot of the place and there were already other cars there, I recognized both of them. " "Hopefully that we can all have a little bit a fun before we go back to our normal lives," Jess said. "Can you believe we’re doing this? " Jenni said with extreme exuberance. I know he’s had his eye on you for awhile, but he’s mine.

After the normal ten seconds or so of being squeezed to death by a ’" brunette, she turned her attention to my wife and did in fact knock her down with the force of her hug. I had wanted to fuck Jenni from the moment I saw her. " I laughed as Jenni actually blushed a little.

"But if you get old naked woman paired up with Will, don’t you dare make any plans to run off together. Each sleeping area had two bedrooms, each with a king-size bed. Bob, who masterminded this whole trip, had a coffee tin in his hand. Jess was mostly joking, but she had no idea how close to the mark she had come. His wife was also extremely gorgeous, all be in a little skinny for my taste.

We were then joined by our friends Bob and Tracy, who were down by the water when we pulled up. Both were going to get a lot of viewers whenever they took off their clothes. I’ve never cheated on her in my life, but I came the closest one night with Jenni while we were both working late on the weekend.

Like seriously, what in the hell were we thinking? " Bob said as he shook up the coffee can. That lust only grew the more I got to know her, as she was one of the coolest chicks I have ever known. I hired a dude to moderate and send us viewer requests through the iPads that are in each bungalow.

"I ordered custom coins with the numbers - on them to determine which house we get sorted into. Bob was an A+ when it came to male attractiveness, he was tall, handsome, and could charm the scales off a snake. "Not Slitherin, Not Slytherin. " asked Jess sheepishly. He’s hopefully earning his $0 a day. "I’ve been here for about an hour and have already made sure everything is up and running.

" "Isn’t there a whole hat for that? Fred and Lily got out of their van looking a little grumpy. It made a distinct rattling noise, like the sound of change clinking together. It looks like Gary, Chyanne, Fred and Lily are here. It was obvious that Lily wanted a crack at something different and Fred was a little nervous about the whole situation.

Neither one was that easy on the eyes, and Lily wasn’t easy on the ears or brain either, but they were mostly good people. He was 6’", a respectable lbs even though he’s never worked out in his life. His wife wanted it so bad that he eventually caved in. Lily came out and hugged me as Fred embraced his best friend Bob.

His new girlfriend Chyanne got out next, with long blonde hair and a slender build on her ’7" frame. When I found out that he was dating her, I was shocked, because she had a thing for Bob originally. He had let his hair grow out since I’d last seen him. In fact, her and Tracy were best friends before we started hanging out with them.

Gary got out of his car next. She and Gary must have fallen for each other while they were both nursing broken hearts. A long, tanned leg popped out of the backseat of the car, followed by the rest of my ex-girlfriend … Nicole. Out of everyone, Fred was the nay-sayer in this trip. " I laughed at the unexpected Hogwarts reference as another two cars pulled up. Chyanne then became Friends with benefits with Bob while she secretly wanted to marry him and he secretly wanted Tracy.

Jess grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from the rest before furiously whispering in my ear, "What in the world is she doing here? I hadn’t seen her in nearly years since I was and she was . Did you know about this! As shocking as that was, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. ," Jess said with a devilish smile.

She was still a knockout, standing ’9’, with down to her butt blonde hair with brown lowlights, flat tummy and perfectly shaped triple D tits. The look on my face must have been convincing because her grip and tone instantly relaxed. We all stood there in silence as everyone (with the exception of Jenni, who just looked bewildered) looked from Nicole to me and over again.

"So, Barbie here must either be Will’s sister or ex-girlfriend. And I sure hope it’s the later because as weird as that is, it’s not as bad as the first. " I thanked Jenni later on for easing the tension. She mature women knew Nicole and I’s history, but in that moment … I had no idea what she could have mature women possibly meant by that statement. We work together at the hair salon. Chyanne spoke up, "Nicole is my best friend.

I invited her, she had no idea that Will would be here. " I shot a look at Gary … who would have been well aware of my past with Nicole. Her smile instantly faltered when she spotted me and my wife staring at her getting out of the car. " Gary said without remorse. "Well then, interesting.

Yes, I obviously knew. Luckily, Jenni broke the silence. In fact, I had no idea that you guys even dated until the trip up here. "I should go," Nicole said as she looked down. For god’s sake … we’re about to have a week-long swingers party and we’re worried about who’s fucked who years ago?

"This doesn’t change anything. We rejoined the others as they noticed our obvious absence. " Everyone thought about that and then realized how silly this tension was. ) Most of our oldest friends knew this, and I knew they were just wondering what was going to happen if her and I actually found ourselves alone for a few minutes.

We had a lot of fun, but because we had agreed to wait until marriage to have sex, we technically broke up as virgins (even though our naughty bits were always in each other’s mouths. "Good luck with that sweetheart," Chyanne said, not unkindly. I wondered myself… "Well, we have enough people here to get started anyway," Bob said as he held out his coffee can.

"There are going to be 6 of us, so we’re still missing six, but I can stay out here until everyone else gets here. " Fred went first and picked out # while his wife selected #. We just have to make sure that at least every house has at least one dude or chick. Let’s do some picking! They both picked up their stuff and headed away.

She happily bounced toward the house closest to the lake. I had dated Nicole off and on for 7 years, since she was a sophomore in high school. Nicole went next and picked # but didn’t leave because she wanted to see which house Chyanne got.

Jess and I looked at each other and then at Bob and Tracy. He and Nicole walked over to the house right next to us while Chyanne, kind of sulkily walked toward her house. Chyanne selected # while Gary pulled a # out of the can. "I’d rather give this two more chances to not get a # before I pick.

In fact, it just means that we all know each other a little better than we thought we did. I’m not sure, but I think she was hoping to room with Nicole, not have Nicole room with her boyfriend. Bob reached in and grabbed # out of his can. She kissed Bob on the lips and walked toward the lake.

"Can you guys pick first," I asked. Jenni went next and picked out #. " He reached in again and this time came out with #. That sucks, Jenni looked like she’d be a lot of fun. " "Just pick already," Jess whined. Now I’ll know who you’re with but you won’t have any idea who I’m with. " I was about to reach my hand in when another car pulled up.

"Hey man, there’s no rule that says you have to have sex only with the people in your house," I reminded him as mature women Jess elbowed me in the side. " Jess sighed and put her hand in and pulled out the first # and laughed. "For fuck’s sake dude," Bob laughed. "Actually, I’m going to wait until after Tori and Sarah pick," I said.

" Tracy looked like she completely understood and reached in and grabbed a #. " He exclaimed, "I can’t do because Tracy is in there. Now I get Fred and my old fuck-buddy," Bob said sarcastically. Sarah was ’6", average looking in just about every way, but the woman oozed sexuality. Sarah had just broken up with her boyfriend of years and Tori was thinking about leaving her husband who hasn’t been interested in milf sex xxx in just about as long.

She was really cute and had always been a great friend to me at work. If fact, within the first months of working there, I developed crushes on Sarah, Tori, and Jess. She was always making inappropriate comments at work and she was the first person I’d developed a crush on after getting hired, mostly because we had instant flirting chemistry.

Sarah and Tori were best friends who worked with Jess, Jenni and I. "So Will won’t chose until we do so he better knows the odds of getting stuck with his Ex? " "Just pick you slut," Tori said as she slapped her best friend’s ass. The two girls came over and we made small talk for a few before Bob explained the situation. " "Just me so far," Jess said.

"What do I get in return? I sometimes hate to admit it, but I chose Jess to pursue simply because she was the only one at the time who wasn’t spoken for. What’s the unlucky number? "Well, we’re waiting. Jenni had suggested the outing to them as a way to get over recent funks.

Tori reached in and grabbed a #, and looked at me. " Sarah did as she was told and picked out a #. I sighed with exasperation and then stuck my hand in the coffee can and came up with my coin. " I had wound up in a bungalow with three females, all of which were cute as hell, so it most definitely could have been worse.

"I’ll see you in a little while. Tori was MAYBE ’ even and weighed under 00lbs, she had the smallest ass I’d ever seen on an older nude woman adult female before. "I love you babe," I said as I kissed her. "Thank god, #" "Fantastic," Tori said … "looks like you and I are bunk buddies.

I looked over at Jess and she seemed happy that I wasn’t in a cabin with Nicole, so I look that as contentment with my current sleeping arrangement. I looked and then sighed with relief. I looked back just in time to see the other couples, Tom and Yuki and Dave and Kelly arrive in the same car. And it’s going to start the minute we get inside because I’m going to fuck your brains out Will.

" I grabbed mine and Tori’s bags as we walked down by the lake as Jess and Sarah walked over to the closest place. "This is going to be a fucking awesome week," Tori said unexpectedly. " I just stared at her, as I had no idea she felt this way. I’ve been waiting to get on top of you since you started working at the station, and now I can finally do it guilt-free.

PART OpenMarriageTales "Seriously, you’ve got five minutes to get ready or you’re in fucking trouble. My ex showing up out of nowhere freaked us all out a bit, but I think we’re still going to be able to have a little fun," I said. " How do you say no to that?

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