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This is my first post, I just actually started reading this sub yesterday… needless to say my entire sunday ended up being derailed. So some scene setting: this happened this summer right after my junior year at college (turned in may). Even when I gain a bit of weight my waist stays pretty tiny and it generally mature female just goes to by boobs/butt. Anyway I thought I’d take the opportunity to try my hand at it.

Although I get a good amount of compliments on my butt, particularly from "ass men", my best body feature is definitely my boobs. I’m a DD, and they are pretty perky given their size. I try to be athletic and I workout frequently and dance a lot, but still am just naturally quite soft/curvy. So I get home from college for the summer and I have had it with boys.

It kinda sucks, but I personally think I’m awesome so I’ve accepted it. My mother, however, had run into her old naked woman senior year prom date while she was doing habitat for humanity and they got to talking. Although, I have no problem with casual sex, I had had a string of or boys who had convinced me that they had genuine feelings for me, only to never talk to me again once we had sex or just even made out.

I am tall (’"), golden/honey blonde haired, fair skinned with some freckles, and have heterochromia (right eye is green, left is blue). Generally boys either see me as only a sexual being or their bro (I live with boys and am definitely "one of the guys".

She quickly noticed his tall, strong and good-looking son and asked his father if he was single. Despite my apathy, I put a good deal of effort into my appearance, I put on one of my cutest wrap coral dresses that is a bit low cut, showing off a good deal of cleavage and accentuating my tiny waist. I honestly was dreading the date, I lamented to my best friend that "I hate everybody and don’t wanna talk to anyone ever… why am I doing this" but then I remembered I would get free food.

I generally get a lot of attention from guys, although I have trouble actually keeping said attention. His profile pictures had been cute, but he was making silly faces in most of them. We met up at the restaurant and I was incredibly pleasantly surprised.

He was older than me (… actually maybe ) with a real job and everything (probably not a big deal for most people but I generally go after younger guys). We introduced ourselves and had a pretty normal first date conversation at dinner. I know this isn’t food porn but we had this awesome like arugula and duck confit pizza with a sunny side up duck egg on top.

After dinner we get ice cream and walk and talk more, before it eventually begins to rain. It honestly took him the longest time to make a move. So we get into his pick up truck (sploosh) so we can continue the conversation without getting soaked. In real life, Patrick honestly was more attractive than the type of guys I generally go for: very fit, about ’", tan with thick brown hair and a well groomed beard, a fantastic smile and a slightly prominent nose which for some reason is a turn on for me.

He actually had just recently broken up with his girlfriend, so his father and my mother decided to try to set us up. I was slightly mortified, but I generally am pretty open minded, so when I received a facebook message from Patrick a week or so later I decided to give him a shot.

Do you secretly not think I’m attractive and mature women female nudes are just being polite? " You know just normal crazy female thoughts. We were listening to music and chatting, and while that’s cool and all I couldn’t help but thinking "Okay you’ve been acting like you’re into me so why aren’t you doing anything? Have you ever had one of those kisses that just completely tingles, makes you warm even after you break away and leaves you in an almost high euphoric state?

That’s how Patrick always kissed. He moves in for an incredibly delicate kiss that quickly turns more intense. Essentially like a mouth orgasm? He kissed down my neck, burying his face in my cleavage before coming back up to lick my ear.

It’s : and I’m starting to think I should probably get back to my parents’ house when our eyes lock. I stroked one hand down his torso, noticing his set of rock hard abs. Tracing a line down his neck, I reached my hand down the color of his shirt, gently playing with the bit of chest hair that peeked out. I grabbed his thick smooth hair, pulling his mouth deeper into mine.

We made out in his car, while it continued to storm outside for what seemed like forever. I started off with the intention that we would just make out, but as my hand neared his jeans, I considered stroking the thick concealed bulge. He was a contractor and so even though he wasn’t a gym rat he was incredibly strong and muscley.

He began grabbing my ass that was barely covered in a tiny pink thong. In the passenger seat, my legs slowly parted as he stroked up my thigh, deciding that if hereally wanted to finger me, I suppose it would be only be fair to let him. Way to cock block, Mom! Instead, I teased him, reaching my hand up under his shirt and feeling his strong torso.

Just then, however, I got a call from my mother. I drove home with my lips still tingling and my panties entirely soaked. I’m not going to lie, I may have gotten a bit too distracted just feeling his new and unfamiliar muscles. I wasn’t sure how far we were going to go, seeing as it was a first date. So after a o’clock showing of Inside Out (definitely the sexiest movie choice ever) and a casual dinner we went back to his apartment to watch a Marx brothers movie (actually never mind that’s sexier than Inside Out).

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the good part. In fairness, I had left for my date at : and it was now a bit past midnight. Hungrily, our lips meet, as he begins grabbing my tits. We actually make it through minutes of the movie before our eyes meet and we can’t help it anymore. He buries his face in my chest as he reaches around my back, unclasping my bra.

I climb on top of him, straddling him against the back of the couch as he lifts off my shirt. He takes a moment once my bra slips off my shoulders, admiring my full double Ds, before taking one of my nipple in my mouth and squeezing and teasing the other one with his hand. Patrick almost immediately asked me if I wanted to go see a movie that Saturday.

At that point, I blurt out "I don’t know if we should have sex right now! But it was only our second date and I try not to sleep withevery guy I’m attracted to who wants to fuck me. " I know, I know, I’m the worst. "But we can obviously doother things" I giggle a bit breathlessly. He smiled and said it was totally alright as he begins kissing down mature women woman pics my neck.

He’s down by my tits now and looks me directly in the eye and whispers good. He mutters you have the most fantastic ass before burying his face in my pussy. Before going to bed I texted him goodnight, and came quickly with the help of my trusty vibrator. He spins me over and he’s on top of me removing his shirt, revealing his tan stomach and perfectly hairy chest (like manly, not werewolfy level).

He continues to lick his way down my stomach unfastening my jean shorts and pulling them off me, grabbing my ass as I help wiggle my underwear off. Boys at my college are generally terrible at giving head, if they are willing to give it at all, so I was shocked by the pleasure when he deftly licked my clit. He had incredibly strong hands, and I was already basically wet enough for him to add a second finger.

He occasionally would switch from his mouth to his other hand and watch me as he made me squirm, clearly getting off on how much pleasure he was giving me. Finally I came, and I pantingly told him he could stop cause I already orgasmed.

"One time is not enough". " I said, as he buried his face back down into my pussy. He inserted a finger inside of me, and I squirmed, grabbing his hair to pull his face closer into me. He had moved into his friend’s apartment after his breakup and was sleeping on a pull out couch, which was actually kind of ideal when you wanted to lay out and watch a movie.

I flipped him over, sucked on his ear and whispered, "now I can return the favor". He murmured "god you are so wet" and I moaned back. I unbutton his pants and he moans as i begin to flick my tongue over his nipple. I needed a moment the second time he made me cum, before grabbing him and pulling him up to my mouth. I run my hand down his stomach as I begin licking and gently biting his neck.

I tasted myself on his lips as I began grinding my still wet pussy on his hard cock through his pants. I stroke it’s shape through his brief while I lick down his pelvis, pausing at the belly button. At this point I think he, understandably, was fed up with my teasing and pulled briefs off almost instantly.

Damn this boy is good looking. Whenever I came close to climaxing, he’d pause and blow cold air, which was cruelly fucking fantastic. inches (I don’t like dealing with ridiculously large penises, as I haven’t had all that much sex) and quite thick. I was almost taken aback by how fucking beautiful his cock was.

With one long lick, I slowly traced around the shape of his head before flicking my tongue at the tip catching some precum that came out as he groaned. I then moved my head down, attempting to take him all inside of me. We quickly remove his pants and I can see the outline of his dick through his tight boxer briefs.

I kept eye contact with him while I stroked my hand up his shaft bringing my lips to the head. I slowly sucked back up his shaft, looking up to see an amazed euphoric look on his face. I normally am pretty good at deep throating, but his dick was so thick it was a bit hard to get my throat to take him all in. With one hand I began to slowly jerk him off, as the other found his balls.

I licked around them, feeling their shape with my tongue before taking one and then the other into my mouth. I could already tell it would feel amazing inside of me. I giggled as i began licking down the sides, lightly massaging his nob.

I took the head in my mouth and gently sucked circling my tongue around the rim of the head, meanwhile my other hand was gently stroking up and down his shaft, slowly growing intensity. I also began softly rubbing his taint, looking up at him to see if he was enjoying himself.

I persevered, however, feeling his hard cock slide down my throat as I buried my face in his stomach. It was the perfect length, about maybe . So I begin bobbing my head up and down in time with the tugs he’s giving my hair. He put one hand on my head and I moved it to my ponytail, looking up at him to indicate he could grab it to set the pace.

One of my hands is wrapped around his cock (only one finger though, as my lips are almost hitting the base. The hand that’s not pulling my hair reaches down to massage my breast, increasing the intensity as he moves my head faster and faster. I think he’s about to cum when he pulls me off at looking me dead in the eye, commands, "turn over.

He begins grabbing my ass, rolling my cheeks around. This was a bit of a shock to me, as my only experience with ass play was when a guy stuck his pinky in my butt during sex once, briefly. "Goddamn" he says, spanking me once, "your ass is so perfect" spanking me again, this time harder, "I just want to bury my face on it" slapping one last time so older mature women pictures perfectly hard that I whimper.

But the idea that someone found my butt sexy enough that they’d want to lick the place where poop comes out of was kind of insanely enticing. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t immediately blown away by it, it honestly felt kind of odd. Once he started fingering me, I started to enjoy the ass play.

And true to his word he begins to give me a rim job. He stayed inside of me, trying to go for number four when I moaned "I want your cock in my mouth right now". That finally caused him to pause. Although I’m on my stomach, I turn my head around and watch him stare at my round full butt.

I want to taste it go down my throat". Eventually, he was rubbing my clit, while fingering me, while licking my ass. I moved back up to the head, cupping his balls and continuing to massage him with one hand. I turned around and told him "I want you to make you cum.

Pretty soon I came for the third time, squeaking loud enough that I’m sure his roommate probably heard me. I swallow and slowly remove my lips from his cock, going back to gently lick off any cum that I had missed. He grabs my head and pull me down for the last few strokes and his warm cum rushes inside my mouth.

We cuddled for a while, he actually fell asleep and I may have dozed off a bit myself. I turned to the side and began going full speed with my mouth and hand as he spanks my ass and feels my still soaking pussy. We woke up and immediately began kissing again.

He kissed down my leg. That was all the convincing he needed. He even sucked on my toes, which I had also never experience (that, unlike the ass play, immediately felt good). He moved back up my leg and started licking me again occasionally nibbling at my upper thigh. We sucked on each others fingers. " I think and then smirking, say "mhmmm", "what? He eventually makes me cum again and I moan "God, Patrick, I want you inside of me".

He looked hopeful and asked "are you sure you don’t wanna have sex? He suddenly started kissing me more intimately. He starts by rubbing his cock just up and down the edge, pausing to circle around my clit. " he asks coming back up to kiss my neck. Whereas before he was driven by making me cum, this time he took his time kissing basically every part of me. " "I want you to fuck me with your huge cock!

" "I want your cock inside of me" "Hmm? " I say probably a bit too loudly given the fact his roommate was home. I gasp at the feeling of all of him inside of me. I whimpered at feeling it so close to entering. He has me at the edge of the couch, one of my legs up all the way in the air (I dance so I’m pretty flexible).

He keeps thrusting inside of me filling me up. "I want you to fuck me" I whisper to him. He catches one of nipples with his mouth and sucks hard on it, stretching out my boob so that even I can appreciate how damn big they are. Still, he happily obliged, slowly filling me up all the way. I cry at him to keep going.

I had never experience a more perfect dick. He smacks my ass and grunts as I arch my back and turn my neck to look in his eyes. I bounce against them so that my clit rubs against his stomach, eventually getting me off once again. He turns me around and has me lean over the couch and begins fucking me from behind.

We shift positions and now he’s sitting up with me on top, my tits bouncing in his face. He tells me to stand up. We eventually end up on the bed again with me on my back but my legs straight up and together and him holding my ankles for leverage, thrusting through my thighs and ass into my pussy.

"I’m going to cum" he tells me, "where do you want to cum? " I ask him, "you can wherever you want". I lick off whatever fell near my mouth, and just rubbed it into my tits. His pace quickens and then he pulls out a squirts a long string of cum on my face and then my tits. He then drove me home to my parents house haha and I had to make sure my little sister let me in, so that neither of my parents caught me smelling like cum with sex hair.

I’m back at school now but he has been texting me every once in a while asking about how I’m doing. He yanks me upright by my ponytail and grabs my tits with both hands, all while still thrusting. I saw Patrick a few times a week for the rest of the summer. At this point he’s fucking me steadily but quickly, each time going almost exiting before reentering so hard that his balls slap against my ass.

I kind of wanted to try my hand at writing, I’ve never really written a full story before at all and I figure might as well write it about my favorite subject! Me and Patrick got a bit more into slightly kinky stuff over the summer (nothing too scandalous haha).

Going out to dinner and movies and things like that and then always having incredibly amazing sex. Hopefully, we will resume our "relationship" when I’m home on breaks. Let me know if you like this story because I actually have a lot more juicy ones.

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