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This is a story of the hottest night of sex I’ve ever had. I think we all understand the appeal of one night stands. Or maybe you’re actually god’s gift to women. You meet someone out, probably at a bar, maybe have an awkward conversation before you realize that there’s some chemistry, or maybe your drunken state gives you that endless confidence to interact with her like you’re god’s gift to women.

mature women in pornAnd maybe she’s drunk enough, or gullible enough, to believe you. But before I reach the story, allow me to frame the situation a mature women bit. It’s my first time writing and posting here, so feedback is appreciated! That’s the thing about great sex - especially carnal, animalistic sex - when you’re in it, the rest of the world is on mute. Suffice it to say you wade through the formalities, the chase, the first awkward makeout, and then you get her home and the two of you fuck each other’s brains out like it is the only thing that has ever mattered.

It’s a perfect storm of circumstances that (for me at least) converges very rarely. I’ve had a few one night stands, and one of them was even good, but none of them actually ever end that way, with her and I relentlessly going at it, fucking each other for hours, covered in sweat and fluids and moaning and screaming until we literally can’t take it.

At least not without a very good reason. Part of the unicorn nature is that it takes a special type of chemistry, and a special type of girl, to accomplish such a feat and reach that level of erotic nirvana. That special type of chemistry, the connection, the pheromones, whatever creates that feeling inside of you where you just absolutely need to tear that person’s clothes off and fuck them into oblivion, for me this chemistry is most commonly found with mature women I spend a lot of time around and form a (first) platonic relationship with.

Let me take this moment to say that if you consistently have this type of sex with your SO, never (ever) let him or her go. And for that night, it truly is. And this leads to the ultimate irony and torture, that most women I feel this way about I never get the confidence (or the appropriate circumstances) to make a move.

Partially this is because I’m not that confident with women, and am so afraid of being creepy or pushy, that I probably miss a lot of opportunities. Thank the god I didn’t miss this one. Seattle was the first place I lived after college, and I worked a variety of odd jobs while racking my soul to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

I live in California now, but moved here from Seattle. This is the type of sexual encounter that I find frustratingly elusive. I actually loved the job - it’s shockingly uplifting to spend your days with 3 and 4 year olds that are endlessly optimistic, honest, and love you unconditionally.

Most of the teachers were younger middle aged women, but there was one assistant teach, Kailey, who was around my age at the time (22ish). She’s from Louisiana, and really carried the southern kindness through to her interactions with all of her coworkers, which was a refreshing change from the Pacific Northwest too-cool-for-school attitude that most people my age adopted (they called it the Seattle Freeze when I was there).

One of these odd jobs was an assistant teaching position in a preschool. Unsurprisingly, I was one of the only men that worked in the preschool. And then DM me with your secrets for how you found that person. Kailey was sweet but standoffish for the first couple of weeks that I knew her. She was on the short side, probably 5’3", a brunette with long, straight hair, and an adorable southern round face (but beautiful still).

Now I’m a kill em with kindness type of guy, so eventually she loosened up and got more comfortable around me. We frequently worked together in the same classroom, and she seemed to legitimately love working with the kids. She somehow thought it appropriate to wear yoga pants to work at a preschool most days, and god damn am I glad that invention exists.

I mean, she had a massive, tight, shapely ass. I was attracted to her immediately. I often found myself staring and couldn’t help it. The thing was, she had a boyfriend, so it seemed like a no-fly zone. But it took a while for us to become something beyond co workers.

But dear god the ass on that girl. She caught me a few times, but we laughed it off. Nevertheless, the more we time we spent teaching together, the closer we became. It wasn’t a skinny girl ass, even though she was pretty slim. She was picture-perfect nice at the preschool, but when we went to happy hour she let her hair down a bit and bitched about some of our coworkers and her boyfriend.

I didn’t mind it - I like who I am, and could tell that she never meant it offensively. I learned that she had a bit of an evil streak. We even hung out a few times after work together, but it was always just friendly.

Then, one day, everything changed. I don’t like being a homewrecker, and we’ve already established that I’m not great at making moves, so I just let it lie and admired her from afar. After a few months though, I realized that nothing would ever happen between us, and tried to friend-zone her. I still couldn’t help but check her out, and she was frequently in my thoughts when I jerked off, but I thought it would never be a reality.

" "Oh god, I’m so sorry. She walked in the door of our classroom all puffy eyed, and it was clear something was wrong. After we greeted the kids and sat them down for reading time with the lead teacher, she pulled me aside. "Jeremy and I broke up. She began to tease me about things, biking everywhere, going hiking all the time (it’s kind of my thing), being a man working in a preschool, and generally not being the sort of macho man that she was used to in the south.

Probably not the best response from me, I always struggle with how to console someone in a tough situation. " I went on with a lot of generic and unoriginal supportive words. "Oh man, I’m sorry, that’s so hard… is there anything I can do? I also couldn’t make beautiful nude mature women myself be sad about them being finished, for obvious reasons.

"I don’t know, I just couldn’t take it anymore. It isn’t that I didn’t feel bad for her, I just couldn’t think of better ways to build her up. We’re going to have drinks and then dance. " while trying to force a sad face. "It’s my friend’s birthday on Saturday, why don’t you come out with us?

He stopped putting in any energy, and I just decided he wasn’t worth it. All I wanted to do was grab it and press my cock up against her crack and bend her over the desk and fuck her until she passed out. She turned around to set up snack time and I noticed that she was wearing grey yoga pants today, tight as can be, perfectly outlining her incredible ass and upper legs.

I was realistic that it probably wouldn’t happen, but the way she flirted with me, shot sidelong glances my way, and stared when she thought I wasn’t looking, made me think that she felt the same way. Saturday rolled around and I was nervous-excited in the way you get when you’re going out with a girl you might have a chance with. I really can’t even express how nice this girl’s ass was.

" "Let me think about it" she said. "Hey, so yeah I’m in for tonight lol. The roommate thing was a little disappointing, but I didn’t blame her for wanting to bring someone when she hadn’t met any of my friends. Can I bring my roomie?

Around 2PM I got a text. I waited for her to reach out about Saturday since I had made the first play, and I wasn’t disappointed. She had on tight, black jeans, sleek black leather boots, a dark skintight top and leather jacket. It’s a fantastic spot. The drinks were flowing liberally.

Her and her roommate show up at Montana Bar to join us and damn, she was looking so fine. And they’re fiercely strong. It’s a small bar, so we were crowded into a corner table, and Kailey’s thigh pressed against mine harder and harder over the course of the night. The bar serves a whole bunch of mixed drinks on tap, and they come in pint glasses.

I told her to meet us at Montana Bar, a hipster bar on Capitol Hill that serves Moscow Mules on tap. At one point my hand was on her shoulder, and then her hand was on my thigh. At this point it seemed pretty clear where things were going. Either this was regular behavior for Kailey (which I doubted considering she just gotten out of a relationship), or they had discussed me at some point.

And now that I think about it, I just have a fetish for leather. The time came to go dance and Kailey turned to me with a smile "I think we’re going home". Her roommate didn’t seem fazed at all. "I was counting on it. " I had no witty response to that, but my cock got immediately hard and a shit eating grin appeared on my face. It was clear she was talking about her roommate, but the flush in her cheeks and the mischief in her eyes made the message all too clear.

Her hand slid my back and went up my shirt. Cake has a fetish for short hair and long jackets, I have a fetish for brunettes in leather jackets. We shared a cab home, and her roommate dominated the airspace from the front seat by complaining about one of her obnoxious friends. I would’ve been annoyed except that it meant I didn’t have to make up conversation to sound clever, and Kailey and I could enjoy each other in the back seat.

Her legs were across mine, and she kept biting her lip and looking into my eyes. We got to her apartment and went inside. My mind, and body, were on fire. My friends were disappointed when I told them I was calling it a night, but I just couldn’t make myself care. I have a soft spot for cockatiels because I had one growing up. I had never wanted anyone in my life as bad as I wanted Kailey in that moment.

As soon as the door closed I spun her around and kissed her fiercely. I’m very tall, about 6’5", so I had to bend down to meet her lips and put my arms around her back. "I’m going to bed" she said, grabbed my hand, and led me into her room. My hand was on her thigh and I was squeezing it while resisting the temptation to move it up higher.

She yelped as I picked her up and pressed her back against the wall, hands under her thighs and then grabbing her ass. She had a small yappy dog that met us at the door, and a cockatiel in a cage in the living room. I carried her to the bed and threw her roughly down onto it. "Oh god…" she gasped.

She grinned up at me, and I could tell she loved the aggression. She pulled her head back and moaned, and I took the opportunity kiss and gently bite her neck. Her roommate poured a glass of water and sat on the couch with an expectant look, but Kailey was having none of it. We hadn’t bothered with the lights when we came in, so we were both visible in all our splendor. She moaned against me as our tongues explored each other and our hands grasped desperately.

I personally like hooking up with the lights on because I like to appreciate what the girl I’m with, and that seemed just fine with Kailey. My cock was rock hard and standing straight up at attention. I’m about average in every way - 6" long and maybe a little thicker than average. Her hands went to my belt, and mine to her shirt.

She immediately reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me toward her. Oh god, I was in trouble. "I need you naked" as I stripped off her pants and underwear. Her pussy was shaved perfectly, with a single short strip down the middle, and her breasts were medium sized but firm and attentive.

"Not so fast", I said. I crawled on top of her and was instantly met with that satiny and sensual warmth of rubbing your naked body on someone else’s. I turned around to finish undressing myself, and when my gaze found her again she was splayed out across the four corners of her bed, gazing at me intently.

I couldn’t get enough of this girl. My tongue was halfway down her throat, my hands covered her breasts, my legs were forcing hers apart, and all I wanted to do was bore into her, dominate her, take her completely and use her. Her breath was short and raspy, her hair was splayed out underneath her, and she had a pleading look in her eyes.

"I’m so turned on" she said, biting her lip. Without a word, I took her and flipped her over, and got my first glance at her magnificent ass. We made out heavily, my hands on her breasts, her hands on my butt, then on my back, then back to butt and upper thigh. "Your ass is indescribable" I said.

And I could tell she was on the same page. " I said incredulously. "Well, you check it out enough" she said. " she said, exasperated. Before my alcohol riddled brain knew what was happening, I was standing naked from the waist down and her from the waist up. I stopped "You’ve seen that?

"How in the hell could I not notice? "Well, can you blame me? In the classroom, in the janitor’s closet, in my car, I’ve literally fantasized about it so many times. "I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. I slid up her body, rubbing mine against hers, sure to let her feel my cock against her thigh, and then her butt, and then in the small space between her lower cheeks, just below her pussy, and I let the length of my shift slide into her pussy lips.

Painfully hard, actually. " And then she started giggling uncontrollably, her face against the pillow, her ass pointed slightly upward as I explored its every contour. " My hands went immediately to it, and I lowered my head and began to kiss it, lick it, and knead it with my hands. " "Well" she said breathlessly, "It’s no longer a fantasy.

And without preamble, I slid into her. Every nerve ending in my body was telling me to fuck this girl like an animal, but I wanted her to enjoy it too. I slid my knees up next to her butt, lowered my hips, and lined up the mushroom of my cock with the entrance to her pussy. But at that moment, neither of us could hold back. Usually I would take the necessary precaution, use a condom, talk first about STDs, etc.

Although she was soaking wet, she was tight, and it seemed like it was edging on uncomfortable for her, so I took it slow. " My cock was the hardest it’s ever been. She grunted as I pushed, inch after inch, until I was all the way in. I pulled out a few times, granting myself the pleasure of sliding my cock all the way back into her. I say slid, but it really took quite a bit of pushing.

"Ahhh goooodddddddd…. I sat up a bit further and grabbed her ass with both hands as I slid in and out of her. You own them, own their pussy, own their ass, and there’s nothing they can do about it (that sounds rapey, but it’s only fun for me when it’s fun for the woman, and I could tell Kailey loved being submissive). I decided to take a liberty, and smacked her ass.

"AHH" she screamed "Oh god, I love that. This seemed to push her a bit farther, as each time I did this she groaned deeply. " I started to fuck her harder, and her moaning grew in volume. "AAAAHHHH GOODDDDD" "You like that? I absolutely love this position because you cake take full control and the woman doesn’t have to do anything, can’t do anything.

My body was on fire, and I needed to be inside her. "Oh god yes I love it! I smacked her ass again. You like to be dominated? I began to fuck her in earnest, sliding my cock 75% of the way out, and then slamming it into her. " she yelled, moms cougar galleries breathy, pleading. I began to rock, in and out, slowly pushing and sliding my cock into her pussy, savoring the feeling of the walls of her vagina grabbing mine and pressing gently on my cock’s head, the shaft.

Kailey’s independent screams had become one long string of moans and yells. I pulled her hair harder, smacked her ass again, and drove into her again and again. I continued to pummel her, in and out, in and out, like a piston, relentlessly fucking her, my whole weight bearing down on her ass and legs, her head wrenched back with my fist in sexy mature women ladies her hair, my other hand smacking her ass, making distinct hand prints in elevated, red, patterns on her supple skin.

I wondered what her roommate must think, and the idea turned me on even more. I needed to dominate her in every possible way. " I could see handprints beginning to form on her ass. "You like being fucked like a dog? She was clearly confused, but I was in charge, and she didn’t say a word.

" My left hand went up to grab a fistful of her hair, as my right hand slapped her ass again. "Yesss oh god please fuck me Matt! With one hand I trapped her hands in this position, with the other I grabbed her hair and pulled.

" she was able to squeeze out between moans. I immediately stopped, her disappointed face looking back at me inquisitively, as I lifted her waist and slid a firm body pillow beneath her waist. And without hesitation I slid into her again. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGOOOOOODDDDDDD" she yelled, sounding surprised. I went as deep as her pussy would allow. I crawled onto her ass, and grabbed her hands, pushing them up into her back, trapping them and immobilizing her arms.

Her ass was propped even higher into the air, in all it’s magnificence. The benefit of propping her waist up was that it allowed me to go even deeper, plunge ever further. Her skin was flush everywhere, sweat beading on her skin, and I started to fuck her in earnest again.

I couldn’t go quite that long, but I can frequently go 30 minutes without coming. A buddy lived below me senior year of college in a rickety house and would always complain that I would be fucking my girlfriend for an hour above him. One thing I will always be thankful for is my sexual longevity.

I wanted to pummel her into the bed, take every part of her, leave her more exhausted and thoroughly fucked then she had ever been. I picked up the pace, slamming into her with everything I had, for a solid 2-3 straight minutes as she writhed beneath me, squirming, gasping. "God god god I’m cumming" she wailed.

And I never wanted to stop fucking Kailey. I wanted to make it last as long as humanly possible. I guess she didn’t know this trick. She didn’t seem to hear me. Her eyes were shut tightly so that crows feet formed at the corners, her mouth halfway open in a silent scream, and her left leg continued to shake. I was afraid that she hadn’t breathed in a while when finally - "AAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhh".

She wailed, and it almost sounded like she was crying, but it was clear that she was just out of control. And then all of her muscles loosened, and she sank into the bed with a sigh, gasping. " she said as she turned to me. And then she stopped, went completely quiet, and her left leg began to twitch.

"That was so fucking intense. I could tell she was done and rolled of her. Soon though, I was feeling the need again, as I hadn’t come the first time, and I looked at her intently. I expected her to be hesitant, but she looked at me with a mischievous smile and said "Am I ready to get fucked again? I stopped fucking her and pressed as deep as I could, and she emitted a soft wail that sounded desperate and pleading, and her leg shook harder.

" I whispered, softly but clearly. We chatted about the sex for a few minutes while she recovered, laughing at the intensity of it, the heat of it, and how great it was. As a man I can take complete control, move her legs wherever I want, go slow, go fast, and see everything. This is another of my favorite positions because - you guessed it - control.

" and then she giggled uncontrollably. " "How are you soaking wet already? " There was true wonder in her eye, like she had just awakened something inside of her that she didn’t know was there. I pushed myself on top of her and assumed a missionary position, widening her legs and putting them over my shoulders.

"It builds for me" she responded. I slid the tip of my cock up and down the lips of her pussy and she moaned "Stop teasing me. "I’m just as turned on as I was before, if not more so. And now I need you to fuck me please.

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