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Senioritis was kicking in, and I was ready to leave this hellhole called high school. I laid on my bed, listening to music in my room as my sister and her friends chilled in the basement. It was mature women in porn a Friday night, and my twin sister was having a "slumber party". "Hey prune," she said distastefully. "Hi Ben," said her two friends. "Fine, but I don't know if I'll actually be able to fix it," I said as I followed her to the basement.

I don't know of any 17/18 year olds who call it that, but whatever. I was ready for a relaxed evening by myself when my sister barged in. "you forgot to plug it in, dumbass," I said. "Hey slut," I retorted, putting my ear buds back in. I could hear giggling behind me as I plugged it in. Holly and Josephine were my sister's best friends.

"Hold up, I need your help with something. I walked over to the Tv and noticed the plug laying 2 feet away from the socket. I didn't know them well, since I went to a sports school. Holly and Josephine were both wearing nothing but their bras and panties. " As I agreed, I noticed how scantily clad her and her friends were. "Okay so what's this game?

"Well," she said, looking at one of the overnight bags. " I followed her gaze. The two girls giggled, as my sister turned a little red. They had more on when I came down here, I thought. "Hey, as long as youre here, why don't you play a game with us? "Wow sorry I'm not a genius like you," my sister said with some sass.

"it's kind of an odd game. I felt myself getting hard. "I just thought that maybe. it would be more fun with the real thing," she said, blushing. All 3 girls gasped as they pulled my cock out. "Well, what are we waiting for? "Thanks brother," my sister said affectionately. " they all exclaimed at once.

She started to stroke my cock. Things that I didn't know the name for, but could probably shove up your cunt and have a good time. She started to lick the head of my cock. Josephine took the cue and started to lick my balls.

They all stared for a moment, before Holly went for it. Josephine and Holly started to lick and kiss my shaft. Before I knew it the bras and panties were all off and they were on their knees, unzipping my jeans. I could hear the satisfaction from all three girls as they worshipped my cock. Inside the bag were various sex toys.

My sister was still staring in shock. "Oh Allie," Holly exclaimed. Wait a minute, was it? If it was then by God, they were doing a fantastic job. I guided them over to the bed and sat down. Holly switched to kissing the area around my cock. "Your brother’s cock is so huge that we could all blow him at the same time! It was as if it was the first real cock they’ve ever tasted.

Holly and Josephine sat on either side of me, kissing me and guiding my hands across their supple tits. My cock tensed everytime she did that. My sister was in between my legs, sucking my cock. "Cmon Allie, you know you want it," I said. I felt my sister’s lips wrap around my cock head.

They both turned around and tilted their asses towards my face. They moaned loudly as my fingers pleasured their warm, wet pussies. I began to finger both of them at the same time. Holly went and started to rub Allie’s pussy, while Josephine fingered her ass.

She deepthroated it, choking on my cock. She bit lightly on my cock. "Wow, sis, didn’t know you were such an anal slut," I said to her. "I don’t believe you," I challenged. It was covered with the three girls’ saliva.

" They giggled as all 3 slobbered over my cock. I’ll show you," She said, getting up from her position between my legs. Holly and Josephine reached over and started to play with my sister too. Immediately, her back arched and she fell forward onto me. "You don’t think I can cum from mature women being fucked in the ass? I could feel her hard nipples in my chest as she pumped her hips.

The other girls moaned with joy as Allie straddled me. "It’s the only way I can cum, actually. "I fucking love proving you wrong. She started to moan my name. "Oh Benny," she said, out of breath. " She said, very matter of factly.

I could feel her whole body shake as I went faster. But you know what I love more? " Josephine straddled my face, forcing her pussy on my lips. The feeling of your rock hard cock as it slides in and out of my tight asshole. My sister grabbed her ass and started to lick Holly’s cunt, while still riding me. Watch this," she said as the pushed my cock into her ass.

"I want more," Josephine said, sucked the remaining cum off my cock. "Show me that pussy," I said to Holly and Josephine. I sucked on her clit and loved her with my tongue. I got up and roughly grabbed Josephine’s waist. "Why does your sister get special treatment?

Holly and Josephine eagerly licked up my cum that came out of my sister’s ass. I positioned Holly and Allie the same way, beside Josephine. Everyone’s moans became louder and louder. "I think you should cum for us too. " I got up and grabbed 3 butt plugs from the overnight bag in the corner. "Good girls," I cooed.

Cum came spurting out of Allie’s ass as she dismounted. I could hear her yip with joy as I pushed her face down to the sheets. I shoved them into each of their assholes. She propped her ass up like a good girl. All 3 girls were side by side, with their faces down and their asses up. Their pussy juices were making dark stains on the bedsheets. I came back over and gave each plug a lick, lubricating them.

I teased each girl’s clit. "Please Ben, my pussy needs your cock," Holly moaned. "Just to keep you occupied," I said. My pussy is tighter than hers. " Josephine said bubbly. I could hear all three moan as I forced them in.

I could hear them shouting my name as we all climaxed together. "Just give it to me, dummy" Allie moaned. I could hear her scream. And it can be all yours, just please please please, fuck me first. "In my mouth, sweetie. I smiled as I pushed my cock into Josephine’s pussy. She swallowed with joy and fell asleep from the orgasm shock.

" I could hear all 3 of them moan my name. Pussy was dripping by the time her turn came. She moaned and moaned until I got myself to the edge. " I grabbed her face as I pulled out and shot my cum into her mouth. I played with her pussy as I fucked her. I want to feel that hot mature women porn pics (click the next website page) cum.

"Where do you want it? Her moans turned to animalistic growls as we climaxed together. "Where do you want my sweet cum? I teased her pussy lips with my cock. She was out cold before I finished recovering. " I pushed her head down and filled her pussy with my cum. "You’ve made me cum already, now let me please you with my pussy. "Look, I can’t cum down there anyways.

" I pushed her head down as I went to town on her pussy. She fell forward after and cuddled sleepily with Josephine. I did the same with Holly. I yanked on her nipples as she rode me. " She lay on top of me, riding me until I came. "Sweet nude older mature women dreams, brother" she said as she fell asleep, cock still in her pussy.

"Oh Benny," she said with a sigh. I felt my eyelids droop as well. "You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this. " She said, sassy tone still in her voice. This is gonna be the best weekend of my life, I thought to myself as I passed out. " She pushed me onto the bed, in between the two sleeping girls. Holly and Josephine rolled over, cuddling with me.

"Who’s gonna be first? She pushed my cock into her wet pussy. I fell asleep, with three naked girls sleeping beside me.

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