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The small creature canted its beaked head curiously at the naked human soaking in the steamy water, unsure of what to make of the stranger. Its small, sleek feathers ranged in color from brownish black on its dorsal side to tan to nearly white on its stomach.

Two dark eyes peered out from the top of the rocky outcropping. Its forelimbs functioned like legs, but supported a folding membrane that stretched back along its sinuous body. Tobias of Winterbourne had never seen the cat-sized creature’s like. Some nobleman’s pet, apparently.

" The beast squawked guardedly. "Hello there, fellow," he said with an affable smile. As the animal crawled cautiously into view, Tobias could see that it possessed an angular avian head with piercing eyes. "Im not invading your territory, am I? " The human reached behind him for a handful of butter biscuits from his small pack. Any remnant of its earlier shyness completely evaporated as it bounded fearlessly over to the human, anxious for more treats.

He broke off a sizable piece and tossed it to his visitor. His feathered guest pounced on the morsel and swallowed it down in a single gulp. Tobias let the small creature enjoy its feast, glad for at least one acquaintance in this foreign land who was honest about what he wanted. "Or are you after some of this? The creature didnt appear hostile, and Tobias was put more at ease upon seeing a finely-wrought silver collar about its neck.

It buried its head in the sack of biscuits, its long, whip-like tail swaying back and forth in delight. The countries he had visited so far had mostly been indifferent, as they were already familiar with his homeland and were content with the trading status quo between them.

Tobias was the official advanced trade Envoy of the human kingdom of Raelen, over a thousand miles to the east. He was on an extended, years-long tour of many kingdoms and realms to prepare the way diplomatically for more extensive trade delegations to be sent in future years. He had even been invited to attend the prestigious, once-in-a-decade Conclave of the Northern Houses, a meeting of all the major political players in the region.

Lord Anzon, host of the Conclave and head of the prosperous House of the Crimson Hearth, had been intrigued by the prospect of increasing trade with a human nation like Raelen, whose influence had been on the rise for decades. It climbed over Tobias shoulders and chest above the waterline, sniffing at everything including the human’s half-empty carafe of wine.

But in the midst of the elven enclaves that occupied the northwest region of the continent, attitudes proved different. So Tobias found himself soaking naked in a secluded mountain hot spring known only to a few of Anzon’s friends, enjoying the peace of having the spot all to himself at this late hour.

It nestled down beside Tobias. Lord Anzon had not only invited Tobias to the Conclave, something humans rarely attended, but had also lavished Tobias with a number of perks to make a good impression. The animal churred contentedly. Except for his little visitor.

The Envoy very tentatively scritched it behind the horny crown on the back of its head. Financial ties between Raelen and the elven enclaves had always been limited, so Tobias was grateful for the chance to establish what could be a greater economic foothold in their territory for his king. " Two figures stirred in the shadows of the far side of the spring, immersed to their thighs in the water.

"Pokra, where are you? They were designed so a bather could shift from one pool to the other without ever leaving warm water. " A female voice called from nearby. Tobias’ new friend lifted its head. The pale hair was surprising. Only the ruling lords of an elven House and their immediate family were allowed to wear silver hair, a readily-recognizable mark of their station.

A convenient feature for an often chilly climate. Tobias realized that they must have come from one of the other nearby pools, as the heated bodies of water of the hot spring were all networked by open channels that had been carved into the towering mountain rock centuries ago. She possessed a tight, athletic physique and an almost boyish figure with a modest chest but large raspberry red nipples.

The others hair flowed down to the small of her back. One styled her hair short and curled inward at the shoulder. The feathery creature poked its head out of the sack, having eaten its fill. It was apparent from their similarly angled cheek bones, expressive lips, and intelligent violet eyes that they were related. She was much curvier than the other, with wide-sweeping hips and soft-looking breasts the size of plump apples.

With elves and their unaging bodies it could be very difficult to tell. But were they siblings, cousins, mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter? "I hope Pokra isnt bothering you. Both women bore sleek, smooth-skinned bodies that for a human would seem no sexy older women gallery than nineteen or twenty.

" Tobias made to stand to greet the two women, then thought better of it when he remembered his naked body. He sank back down to be safe and nodded to them politely. Not at all, we were just relaxing together. "Greetings," the long-haired one said brightly.

Tobias found himself more than a little jealous of the creature. Two nude elf women, bearing light tan skin and silver-white hair, emerged into the moonlight and waded casually toward him. He wasn’t sure how they would take that. "You mean this little guy? " The long-haired one picked up Pokra, nestled her pet to her bosom, and scratched him gently behind his head.

We are Ladies of the House of the Azure Heavens. "My name is Vevina, and old mature women this is my younger sister, Duana. I am…" "Tobias of Winterbourne, Royal Envoy of the human kingdom of Raelen," Vevina finished for him with a cool voice. "I am honored, and hope you are both enjoying the evening. " Tobias affected a polite, diplomatic smile.

" "Not so different from us humans, then. The skinnier one frowned slightly as she looked over the human male. We elves tend to be a gossipy lot. So what kind of animal is Pokra there? "It would be difficult for us not to know the only human at the Conclave. " The noble woman shook her silver head.

I don’t think I’ve seen his kind before. "Not the domesticated ones. A few Houses specialize in breeding them. " "Pokra is a cockatrice," Duana said. " "I didn’t know they could be tamed," Tobias admitted. " The bridge of Duana’s small nose crinkled when her smile broadened.

Tobias raised his brows in surprise. "Is it true that their gaze can turn men to stone? "Aren’t those dangerous? " "A handy skill for a small little predator. They are able to channel magical energy naturally, but their so-called gaze attack only locks up the muscles of their target for a short while. Duana contemplated Tobias for a moment with slitted eyes, then waded up and boldly sat down right next to him.

" She nuzzled the small animal on the beak playfully, and Pokra nuzzled back. Her hips bumped his under the water. Pokra is so small that his paralyzation would last barely a dozen heartbeats on a human as big as yourself. But my sweet little cockatrice would never do such a thing. Pokra settled down around her slim shoulders like a long-tailed feathery stole.

"Our House and Lord Anzon’s are close allies. "Our House is also very interested in trade with Raelen. " The short-haired Vevina sighed, leaning back against the rocks on the other side of the human a few feet away. Tobias blinked hard, trying not to openly stare at the wispy white triangle of her pubic hair.

"A new prosperous human trading power only comes along about once a century or so. We might want to take advantage of such an opportunity. Wild cockatrices can get as big as nude older mature women dogs and are known to paralyze larger animals just so they can tear out the eyes for a meal.

" "Thats good to hear. He had been a diplomat long enough to know that these two sisters were interested in something other than trade talk. He has told us much about you," she said. " Tobias tried to keep his voice even as he was acutely aware of Duana’s naked skin against his. "We are a relatively small House," Duana said.

His whole body stiffened milfs over 40 as he felt her hand settle on his muscular thigh under the water. "The fortunes of human kingdoms tend to ebb and flow like the tide," she said. "Only a few hundred reside in our enclave not too far north of here. But we are highly valued for our magic-users’ unique skills. I hope we can work something out with your people. Her hand slid up and down his thigh enticingly.

"I would like to show you," she whispered. "You know I have to make sure," Duana said to her in a sweet voice. " Duana pressed her soft body against his side, nibbling at his earlobe. Duana’s fingers caressed over the confused human’s chest. Vevina just harrumphed and crossed her arms tightly. "I wish this wasn’t necessary," Vevina grumbled.

nude mature women The older elf clucked in disapproval and looked away as her sibling explored the humans body with her hands. At first he’d thought their casual nudity might just be a custom of their House, but now it definitely seemed that at least Duana was deliberately displaying her charms to entice him. "Dont look so surprised, Tobias of Winterbourne. "I am 220 turns of the Seasons old. " "Just how old are you two?

My sister is 97 years older than me. The cockatrice chittered in irritation but settled down to nap some more. We may look young by human standards but we both have centuries of experience. "Oh, he feels so strong," she told her sister with delight.

Duana went back to exploring the humans muscular body. "Especially this part. He was completely uninterested in what his mistress may be doing with the naked human stranger. Both her hands suddenly slipped down to Tobias crotch, where one gently cradled his heavy sack and the other worked over his quickly-hardening shaft. " Duana unwrapped her pet from her shoulders and set him down on the rocks.

"I’ll, um, I’ll be on the look out so you two aren’t disturbed. The only direction in which she did not turn her head was back toward her sister and the human. "Ooohhh…" she moaned sensually. Our days of feeling shy around men are long behind us. " Vevina watched the proceedings for a moment, fascinated despite herself, before she scowled and tore her gaze away.

" She retreated to the far end of the pool, staying in the water, but making a show of peering about into the surrounding shadows. The younger siblings eyes grew big as she rubbed Tobias aching member gently with both hands, giving it an expert stroking. I have never been with a human. "Look, not that I’m complaining, but this is all rather sudden…" "Call it curiosity. This stout little fellow seems to like the idea.

" Every syllable of her cooing voice coincided with her fingers rubbing over the fat crown of his erection. You have a wonderful cock, Tobias. The elf smiled with a girlish giggle. May I indulge myself with you? " "I-I don’t see why not," he said between breaths heavy with pleasure. "That he does," Tobias conceded. She sucked in as much as she could until the spongy head hit the back of her throat, making Tobias cry out at the intense sensation.

Her eyes drank in every detail of his aroused form as it writhed in pleasure. Tobias leaned back and braced mature women sexy ladies his hands on the rocks behind him. She moved herself fully in front of him, sinking to her knees under the water. She plunged down an inch below the surface, immediately engulfing the bud of his shaft in her mouth. The elf never stopped deep-throating him the entire time, her silver-haired head surging above the surface along with the males hips and upper thighs.

He slowly pushed his groin up above the water line to make sure Duana could breathe. He gently called her name in encouragement. She repeated the motion every few seconds, causing Tobias much larger body to shudder in ecstasy. She moaned loudly around his fleshy rod and picked up the pace even more. She poked her naked tan rump up out of the water behind her, waving it wantonly in the air for him like a bitch in heat.

Tobias glanced up, and caught Vevina looking back over her shoulder at the couple. I can call you Tobias, cant I? She hastily looked away, acting outraged that he dared to look at her while she was spying on him. Duana drew back until he was almost out of her mouth, then plunging him back in fully until his cocktip knocked at the entrance of her throat once again.

Tobias was imminently distracted a moment later as Duana spared a hand to tickle at his balls as they lapped just above the surface of the water. His hips began bucking on their own, ramming harder into Duanas mouth a few times before his entire body went rigid.

" he gasped out in warning as his seed surged rapidly up his shaft. One of his hands settled gently onto the elfs silver hair. Suddenly she pulled him out of her mouth, and angled the tip of his purpling cock to her wet chest. Her arm working shallowly up and down at an angle that would line it up with her own silvery pubic mound.

Her eyes suddenly caught his own, and even in the pale moonlight it was plain to see that her face suddenly flushed bright red. Tobias growled in the height of his rapture, a long rope of his whitish semen splashing onto her right breast. He blasted his first load onto her tongue, then another great gob jetted forcefully down into her eager throat.

She crossed her arms haughtily again as if they had never left that position. Tobias was astonished as bright blue tattoos flashed to life visibly on Duanas chest, glowing most brightly where his cum lay on her skin.

He also noticed the same effect on her lips, with stray droplets of seed smeared over them. A fourth and fifth explosion covered over the rest of her glistening wet bosom before his torrent dwindled away to a mere trickle. They formed an intricate, interwoven pattern of lines the like he had never seen before. Tobias realized that she was having a long, intense orgasm as she swallowed down his cum.

Yet she hadnt even touched her sex. Duanas entire body suddenly went taut as she loosed a deep, strangled cry. When she began calming down, Duanas eyes sought his own. She conspicuously swiped her lips dry of his salty cum with her tongue and swallowed, making sure the human could see her sucking down every last drop as if it were the sweetest honey.

Was that from whatever magic she had used to make her chest and lips glow for those few seconds? Vevina slowly waded back to her sister and the human. He instinctively snaked his thick arms around her to cuddle her closer. "So what do you think? Her hand, still clutching the base of his softening cock, tightened slightly as her hips began convulsing back and forth before going rigidly still.

Her cry became shrill and broken. "From the sparks of life force in his seed I can tell that he has a good soul " she enthused, running her thin fingers playfully through the back of the human’s dark brown hair. "Do you want to have more sex with my sister, Tobias of Winterbourne?

The younger elf swished the human’s taste about in her mouth. Duana surged up out of the water and hugged her smaller body tightly against Tobias. " Tobias blinked, very confused again. "We definitely wont be able to find anyone better. Her pleading violet eyes and her very naked body pressed against him were making her words very persuasive. " She kissed him ardently before he could utter the inevitable "but.

"Well, um, of course Id love to have more sex with you. Something definitely did not seem quite right here. " Duana brought his right hand up between their chests and wove her fingers between his. "Well I… um…" "Please say yes! The words had a vague but definitive rhythm to them.

The older elf grasped both their shoulders, closed her eyes, and uttered a number of cryptic sentences in an ancient dialect of elvish Tobias didnt recognize. Before he could act, a warm yellow glow suffused both his body and Duanas. Tobias hesitated, not sure how to answer. "Then take her hand, human. " "Very well," Vevina said in cold resignation when her sister pulled back from the kiss.

He felt a strange electric warmth flush through him before the glow abruptly died away again. Duana snuggled into him tightly. "That was an enchantment called the Spell of Two Hearts Binding. "Done," Vevina announced. This time, he summoned enough self control to gently push her away.

Almost like a poem or chant. Welcome to the House of the Azure Heavens, Tobias! Vevina just married us both. " Duana giggled happily. You are now my husband and consort.

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