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The doors open and the three walk down the hall to their room, arm in arm, John in the middle of these two luscious ladies. He kisses each of them and guides them to the bed, kicking off their shoes as they go. Laying back on the bed, the ladies start kissing over top of John, running their hands up and down his chest, as his hands drift down their backs, feeling the material of their tight dresses.

While Chrissy makes out with John, Jane sits up and pulls her dress over her head, leaving her naked except for her tiny thong. Inside the room, both reach up to John’s face. Having made their way through all the guys on the dance floor, they had started dancing with each other, becoming increasingly heated and grinding against each other as the night went on.

John just leans back against the mirrored wall, enjoying their pleasure. In the hotel elevator, Chrissy and Jane are wrapped in each other, continuing their dancing and kissing from the club, even to crappy hotel music. Working down their backs, each of his hands ends up on a gorgeous ass cheek, which he caresses before running his hands up and down their backs again, then back to those fine mounds.

Turning their attention to John, still fully clothed, Jane works on his shirt buttons while Chrissy quickly undoes his belt and fly, pulling his pants and boxers off and tossing them to the floor. Jenny kisses down his chest, to his navel, and groin.

Pressing their bodies against him, the ladies start kissing each side of his face and neck, as they each reach down and start stroking his quickly hardening cock together. Kissing up her leg, John sinks his teeth into the soft flesh on the bottom of Chrissy’s right ass cheek, making her gasp, before flicking his tongue over her pussy lips. Jenny lifts her head off his mature women thick cock, quickly replaced by Chrissy’s eager mouth.

Where Jenny was working him slowly, Chrissy quickly bobs up and down, taking him to the back of her mouth with every stroke. She starts wiggling Chrissy’s dress from under her, before pulling her up from John and taking it the rest of the way, finding that she has nothing under the dress.

Enjoying the sight, John leans up and kisses each on the cheek before they turn to kissing him. As it crashes over her, she pulls off his cock and cries out, a death grip on the base of his shaft. Now laying between his legs, she gently kisses his inner things, lightly grazing his balls as she passes over to the other leg, then working her way inward to the base of his shaft.

As he feverishly kisses and licks her, she slowly strokes his cock with one hand, while supporting herself with the other. Recovered, Chrissy climbs on top of him, Jenny holding his cock straight up as Chrissy eases her wet pussy down onto it, taking a few strokes to take him all the way in.

Jenny sits mature women up on his face and the two mature women free porn lean in to kiss each other as they take their pleasure from John. Chrissy massages Jenny’s breasts, pinching her nipples as she kisses down her neck. She sits there for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of having him buried in her, then slowly lifts up and slides back down, over and over.

As she comes down, she rolls off onto the soft bed, relishing in the after effects of her orgasm, while Jenny slides off her thong and takes Chrissy’s place, her ass in John’s face. The sudden change of speed and the force of his thrusts quickly bring another orgasm crashing over her and she slumps forward onto him.

Moaning into Chrissy’s mouth as Jenny licks from base to tip, he interlaces his fingers in her hair and gently guides her head as she takes the tip of his cock in her mouth. Moaning into Chrissy’s pussy, he smacks her ass and quickly flicks her sensitive little clit, causing her to grind her pussy on his face, her orgasm quickly approaching.

Quickly building speed, he leans over her and kisses her deeply as he pistons into her, her legs wrapping around his waist. Her spasms push him over the edge and he cums old mature women hard inside of her, his body quaking. The sensations, mixed with John’s ministrations to her clit push her over the edge, her hips bucking as she throws her arms around Chrissy for support, as Chrissy’s ass continues to bounce on his hard cock.

Collapsed together, Chrissy slides over to join them and kisses each of them tenderly. Gently laying Chrissy on the bed and standing up, John rolls Jenny onto her back and pulls her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and sliding into her soaking pussy. Pulling the blankets over themselves, they settle in for a peaceful sleep in each other’s arms.

As Jenny begins to bob up and down, gradually taking in more and more of his hard shaft, Chrissy sits up and swings he leg over him, presenting her tight pussy and beautiful ass to him as she leans forward to kiss Jenny’s bulging cheek. While Jenny’s curls up next to them, John grabs Chrissy’s hips and starts mature women free porn pounding up into her.

/u/johnjanesmithington Feeling the pressure building in his balls, he looks deep into her eyes, seeing her pure lust, then pulls her head back and firmly sinks his teeth into her neck, causing her to cry out and her hips to buck up against him as her pleasure crescendos.

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