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I grew up in a very religious household, so I was kind of a late bloomer. But since then I’ve been doing my best to catch up. There was this high school girl that attended every club, as nude mature women well as our weekly bible studies. Her name was Rosie, and she had the greatest pair of tits I have ever seen. It took me until college to have my first kiss, and I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty-one.

mature women photosTo this day they’re still my favorite. In college, I was a member of a Christian outreach group for high school students called Young Life. So, like any good Christian I did the right thing and masturbated to thoughts of her constantly. But she was in high school and I was in college, and there was a very strict policy against doing anything romantic with the Young Life attendees.

It was always a lot of fun and while I don’t currently consider myself a Christian, it was a big part of my college life. This is the story of the second woman I ever slept with. Until the night of my twenty-first birthday. These dudes got me irrepressibly drunk. I’m sure that plenty of people are aware of it, but essentially it’s a weekly club event where high schoolers come and play games, watch skits, sing songs, and hear nude middle aged mature women a brief message about Jesus from one of the college-aged leaders.

That meant that on my birthday I went out with some of my friends who were seniors. While watching a show, I thought it was the height of brilliance to get on Facebook and see what the people were doing. One of the first pictures that popped up was of Rosie going through her freshman orientation at college. Rosie graduated high school and went to college far away from my school, so I never saw her much.

I came into my dorm room stumbling and decided to watch TV for a while so I didn’t get the spins. My birthday falls close to the beginning of the school year, so I was one of the first guys in my class to turn twenty-one.

Rosie responded almost immediately. Even at eighteen, this woman had more class than I will likely ever possess. She was very polite, assumed I was drunk, and told me that she was talking to this guy and didn’t want to mess it up. I grabbed my phone and shot Rosie a very apologetic text, asking her to forgive me and saying that I was so drunk I didn’t even know what was going on.

This set my drunken brain into motion, and I decided that the only logical course of action was to text Rosie apropos of nothing and ask if I could see her boobs. Y’know, like gentlemen do. It seemed so out-of-character for you so I assumed you were just having fun on your birthday. Rosie: Well, did you think that would work? We would occasionally chat on Facebook or something, but that was the extent of it.

I do have one question though? In the morning, I was overcome with that guilt Christians are famous for getting whenever we do something fun. Andy: Now that I’m sober it’s obvious that was a stupid idea. does Sober Andy want to see them? My heart dropped into my stomach.

I guess Drunk Andy just badly wanted to see your boobs. Andy: Yeah what is it? I beautiful mature women nudes have a ton of respect for you and I know you’re not the kind of woman who would do something like that. I probably spent twenty minutes trying to think of the best way to respond.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve had a crush on you since I first started leading Young Life. Like… what kind of girl do you think I am? It took so much effort for me to press ‘Send’ on that message. Sober Andy also wants to see your boobs.

So, to answer your question: yes. I was beginning to lose hope that she’d write back at all when my phone buzzed. Rosie: nude older ladies In that case, want to hang out while I’m home on Christmas Break? I obviously couldn’t do anything about it while you were in high school, but now that you’re in college I guess I figured I’d put it out there. Rosie and I spent the next few days talking about how we’d both been into the other for a while, what we thought was a smart way to handle being so far apart, and of course what we wanted to do to each other.

In that time, I lost my virginity (a story for another day), and Rosie started dating that guy she had mature women been talking to. She said she did want to see me, but since she had a boyfriend she thought it would be best for us to just grab coffee and hang out. I was crestfallen, but responded with something optimistic, encouraging, and full of shit.

I waited for a long time, desperate for her response. Below is a rough recollection of the way the conversation flowed from there: Rosie: Hey! We both agreed that having sex was something we both wanted to do, and we tried to talk ourselves into thinking that it wasn’t a big deal for a Christian to do that stuff.

Around Thanksgiving Break I shot Rosie a text asking if she was still interested in getting together over her extended Christmas Break. Christmas Break rolled around and with it my coffee with Rosie. "So, are you sure you just want coffee? Rosie was wearing a sweater with plenty of cleavage, chinos that seemed to be painted onto her ample hips, and a nice pair of leather boots.

There were more than a few pregnant pauses where we just stared into each other’s eyes. I met her at a local shop and we hugged awkwardly, both knowing very clearly what the other would rather be doing. We started talking and catching up, discussing her first semester in college, my current classes, and reminiscing about old Young Life times.

" I ask quietly, afraid to broach the subject. She then shut her mouth and looked away. Rosie stared at me, then opened her mouth to speak. I had hoped she would respond this way. But what I’d love to have happen is to come back and see the key to your car on the table. " I flashed Rosie what I hoped was a confident smile and stood, making my way to the bathroom.

I didn’t need to go, but I did need to splash water on my face and mentally prepare for either option. "You know I want more," she whispered, averting her gaze. "Okay, well the ball is in your court," I said soothingly. I quickly grabbed the key, resisted the temptation of holding it aloft like it was Excalibur, and bolted for the parking lot.

I saw Rosie standing outside her car door looking so adorably nervous. When I reached her, I pulled her into a kiss before any words were spoken. My hands went to her cheeks while one of hers went around my neck and the other to my back. Since it was towards the beginning of the semester, Rosie and I kind of fell off in terms of texting and talking for a couple of months.

When I exited the bathroom, Rosie was gone. I pulled away and smiled, then used the key to open the back seat of her SUV. "After you," I said with a wry smile. We climbed into empty trunk of Rosie’s SUV and I noticed there was a blanket laid out. "I… was kind of hoping this would happen…" Rosie said meekly before kissing me lightly on the lips.

I looked quizzically at her. If I come back and you’re totally gone, I’ll understand. We stayed locked in that embrace, making out for what felt like forever. " Rosie nodded, then proceeded to reach down and pull the sweater off, exposing her enormous tits in a very nice purple bra. "I assume that’s why you wore that sweater too? Sitting on the table next to my empty mug was her key, shining like the sun.

"I’m going to go to the bathroom. The making out became more passionate. Rosie and I began biting each other’s lips, sucking on each other’s tongues, and moaning deeply into each other’s mouths. Our hands began to roam and soon my shirt was off. "I’m not complaining," I laughed.

They were big, oddly perky for their size, with large areolae. I licked, sucked, and kissed one nipple while using my hand to roll her other between my thumb and forefinger. I found out later that she was an E cup, and that one cup of her bra fit completely over her face. She fished my hard cock out and began to gently stroke it while I gorged myself on her magnificent tits.

Rosie’s moans filled the car as she began unbuttoning my pants. I pulled her in for another kiss and laid her down on the blanket. " Rosie asked after a few minutes of stroking me. I reached behind Rosie and unclasped her bra, then slowly pulled it off to reveal what would become my favorite pair of boobs ever.

I stared in awe of Rosie for a few moments before taking one of her breasts into my mouth. Fortunately, I was a man with at least some college education so I could unlock the secrets of rolling the latex tube down onto my shaft. I reached into my pants pocket and pulled one out, then proceeded to put it on. I did not use a condom when I lost my virginity, so this was my first experience trying to figure out how it worked.

But we managed to get naked. I took Rosie into my arms and kissed her slowly, trying to force as much of my passion and desire for her into the kiss as possible. They sat so perfectly before me I felt like truly God was real and that he loved me. I laid her on her back and looked deep into her eyes as I entered her.

Rosie and I had each slept with only one other person before this, and in retrospect it showed. We were two horny, repressed Christian kids trying to figure out how sex worked in the back of her milf mom with boy’s Suburban. Rosie gasped and I felt her fingernails dig sharply into my back as I began to fill her. Slowly we developed a rhythm.

Rosie started rocking her body against mine, creating her own force that drove us closer and closer to orgasm. This task was not easy as we were both tall (she is roughly 6’ while I’m 6’4"). My thrusts became more pronounced as I tried to fill Rosie slowly but completely. " She panted back to me. We came at the same time, our bodies erupting in pleasure and filling the car with the sounds of our passion.

I came so powerfully that I almost collapsed on top of Rosie, whose body was shaking uncontrollably. My thrusts we irregular and her ability to match me wasn’t all there. I tried to catch my breath while watching her amazing breasts bounce as she came all over my cock. When we were finished, I rolled off Rosie and brought her into another kiss. We kissed each other’s necks and ears, made out, and even just stared at one another as our climaxes continued to build.

"I’m about to cum," I moaned into Rosie’s soft neck. Rosie then grabbed another condom from my jeans, put it on me, and climbed on top. Rosie ended up breaking things off with her boyfriend the next day, and we ‘got coffee’ a couple more times over her break.

We lay together for a long time, talking and tracing the other’s body with our fingertips. I continued to lead Young Life, and Rosie joined her college’s team of leaders as well. We laughed at how fogged up the windows of her SUV had become. I quickly pulled my pants the rest of the way off as Rosie did the same.

We hooked up a few times after that too, but when I graduated and entered the Army we decided to break things off. She rode me until we both came again, my hands massaging her tits the entire time. She moaned when I had fully penetrated her and bucked her hips up against me, trying to feel every part of me inside her.

I suppose it goes to show that even the ‘good kids’ enjoy a good fuck from time to time.

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