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I usually only lurk this sub but I thought this story was worth sharing. I agreed and we headed to a bar not far from where we were. This story mature women happened last week with my boyfriend, Jason. As we were sitting there enjoying our drinks, I got really turned on out of no where.

I couldn't sexy middle aged women stop staring at Jason and he noticed right away I was horny. He started giving me his signature smolder that attracted me to him in the first place. He started rubbing my thigh naked mature women ladies and mouthing things to me like, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard later".

Finally I had enough and told him I was ready to go home. Then he thought it would be fun to tease me. I was starting to get really wet and realized I was clenching my legs mature women together. I climb out of the car and turn to see he was climbing in the backseat.

At first I was hesitant, the first thought of 'what if someone sees? He told me he wanted me to suck his dick in the backseat. But by this time it was past midnight so I wasn't too worried plus I was really horny. ' popped into my head. So I climb in the backseat where my boyfriend is slowly stroking his dick waiting for me to start sucking on him.

He pulled his cock out and was already rock hard. He's waiting for me when I get there and asks if I want to go to a bar first before heading home. He made the sexiest sound which just made me want to take him in deeper and harder. So we go upstairs and we're standing in the hallway where my apartment is, and jason pulls his pants and boxers down and signals for me nude older ladies to come over. I'm really wet and lost in the moment with him when I hear a car driving behind us.

Last thursday night at around 11PM, Jason texted me to come get him from work (He works as a chef at a fancy smancy restaraunt). I look around once more just to be sure no one's there, then I grab his dick and slowly put it in my mouth. I kinda freaked out and asked him if we could finish inside, he agreed.

He smiled and said, "you said inside, we're inside. Once we pulled into the parking garage of our apartment complex, I had a nice buzz going and Jason knew it so I guess he thought he'd use that to his advantage. After sucking his dick for about 10 minutes he lifts me up and leans me over the railing in the hallway, yanks my pants down, and sinks into me in a matter of seconds.

It got to the point where I think I was making a little too much noise because Jason pulled me by the hair and covered my mouth and told me, "If you want me to keep fucking you, you need to be a good girl and be quiet. He just kept fucking me and I kept cumming until I felt like I was gonna collapse.

" Him saying that only turned me on more, and I could feel myself getting ready cum. I moaned pretty loud, it just felt too good. " was the first thing I said, but I already had an idea. I was more comfortable with this because only one other person lived on my floor and I knew she nude mature women ladies wasn't gonna be awake. we did fuck one more time that night though submitted by throwawaygirl8925 [link] [comment]

And then we went inside and that was that. " I just smiled at him a walked over and got down on my knees and started sucking his cock some more. Not too long after, Jason told me he was cumming and I could start to feel his hot cum fill up my pussy. I was practically screaming in his hand when I started to come. He pulled out of me and pulled my pants back up, my panties instantly filling up with his cum.

After we were finished, we stood there for a minute trying to catch our breath.

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