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A friend had been working as a bouncer at a local bar that was expanding to a second location and he recommended me to apply. The owner was bringing in a new concept for Sushi/Asian food combined with dancing and Karaoke. It was a bit of a risk because there was nothing like it in the area but his other bar was very successful so there was a big crossover crowd.

The place was a hit but the nightlife element of the bar never seemed to take hold, so after a month is was usually just 3 employees (bartender, manager, and doorman) servicing bout 20-30 customers each night (small compared to most other places in the area). This story comes from the beginning of my career as a bouncer. One night my manager asks me if I know anyone who can fill in as a DJ for next week.

The 4 of us became a pretty close group. Our regular DJ was going to be out of town and he had waited too long to book a replacement. " I let my manager know that I have plenty of friends who DJ and I know how to run the karaoke system. His first offer to my friend was a comp’ed dinner and a free bar-tab for the night and my friend, Adam, jumped on the deal.

I was able to convince my boss that it wasn’t right to expect Adam to drink alone, so he let me have a few drinks too as long as I "keep mature women it under control. "Do you have a phone we can use? The owner wanted it to be a 50-50 split, so once any DJ got the vibe going and people dancing it would get ruined by a drunk doing his best attempt at Sinatra’s "My Way.

The problem was the weird karaoke/dance music format. "I can call you a cab if that’s what you need. It was something in the way she said it that made me look up at her with a very quizzical look. They are both in their early 20’s. "No, I want to call her ex-boyfriend" says Amanda. Amanda is short in stature but huge on tits; her DD’s were a big contrast to her blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl next door look.

" Things were going as expected until at around Midnight when I met Amanda and Sara. Sarah was taller and built more athletically. " I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and handed it over to Amanda. Sarah didn’t want to play along at first, but after Amanda starts bringing up how he cheated she changes her mind and dials his number on my phone.

She had the muscle toned tan skin of a swimmer with long straight brown hair. "They just broke up and I want to make sure he knows he’s an asshole. " "Well you can use my phone for that. She starts to go into detail how they are out tonight to find Sarah a new man, any man, to get her mind off him the way only alcohol and sex can. ) I mature women erotica don’t think Amanda had any plan for her call.

(Keep in mind this story happened in 2001; people still remembered phone numbers then. " I was behind the bar helping out with cleaning glasses and didnt even lift my head as I replied. All 3 of us are filled with laughs as she hangs up the phone and hands it back to me. I ask them to join me for a drink on me there is no hesitation.

After a few minutes of chatting with them I get a tap on my shoulder and my manager reminds me it’s time to switch to karaoke, so I need to go handle the DJ booth. They sit at the bar and chatted with me for a little bit. She gets his voicemail and proceeds to go on a rat of how big of a loser, asshole, liar, and cheater he is but then her tone changes. The best way I can describe Adam is by saying he looks straight out of the cast of Jersey Shore.

It’s at that moment that I suggest the newly single Sarah meet my single friend, the DJ, Adam. As soon as I go up in the DJ booth I let him know the situation and set his sights on Sarah. I found out all the details of Sarah finding her ex of 3 years had been cheating on her the whole time.

The plan of finding her a new man tonight was their intention, although I was thinking that her wanting a 1 night stand was a bit of hyperbole. I’ve known for a long time that a guy of my size, 6’4" and 300 lbs plus, isn’t every girl’s cup of tea, so the thought of me hooking up with either of them was completely out of my head.

At this point I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m just happy for my friend and hoping he over 30 milf can seal the deal for himself. He is being charming and they are falling for all of it. Using his free bar tab wisely Adam never lets the girls go a moment without having a drink in their hand.

They absolutely love the attention of free drinks and being able to stand in the DJ booth and help pick songs. Gym and tanning were his religion and he never had a problem sealing the deal with older nude women. Adam and I are taking turns in the DJ booth and entertaining the ladies. Everyone agrees on this idea and nude old woman the 3 of them head off to the store all in Adam’s car. I’ll meet them after I’m off at Adam’s apartment.

It would usually take me about a half hour to clean and close up but since I didn’t want to leave my friend without a wingman, I was out the door in 15 minutes. It wasn’t too long after arriving at Adam’s apartment that the ex found Sarah’s car in the empty parking lot and now was constantly calling Sarah mature women and leaving her angry messages.

This changed the mood of the group greatly. When they were leaving the bar the girl’s spotted Sarah’s ex wandering around, presumably looking for her. Adam and I both offer to drive her home or to her car but now she is feeling guilty that she is spoiling the fun for Amanda. I have to stay and close up, so I ask if they want to go get more beers before the stores close. I get to Adam’s apartment and apparently a lot has happened in the 15 minutes since I last saw them.

After about a half hour of hanging out, the phone calls stop and Sarah asks for one of us for a ride back to her car. Closing time comes and I suggest the plan for an after party to Adam and the girls. It became pretty evident that Sarah wasn’t in the milf pussy pictures mood to party anymore.

Can you (Adam) take her back to her car so I can stay and drink with you guys? She then turned and asks me, "Can you take me home later? Amanda was on the couch next to me and Adam was in between the two girls. "Well I just live down the street from here. I wasn’t intentionally trying to seem uninterested but it perhaps seemed that way because I just thought she was out of my league.

Without saying anything she got off the couch, walked over to me, leaned in and started to kiss me. " With that Sarah and Adam headed out. " "Of course, just let me know when you want to go. Throughout the night I was making jokes with Amanda about being the wing-man.

My long arms are swallowing her up as my hands move down her back to her ass and down her thighs then back up but now in front of her. Amanda pulls her mouth away from me leans back to unsnap and remove her bra. In my memory it seems like it was just seconds after the door shut behind them that Amanda decided she wanted to be closer to me.

I pull her in towards me and she sits on my lap straddling my legs. Before me are the most perfect natural DD’s. The initial shock and excitement had my heart racing and I knew this was a moment I wanted to savor.

The walk to the bedroom was just what I need to get my mind focused. After laying her down on the bed I took a seat next to her. I grab her by the ass and start to stand up. Her hands slid up and down my arms as I used my finger tips to gently explore every inch of her body. I lift her shirt off with ease and it’s tossed to the floor.

I then slid off her jeans and thong and began to lightly touch all of her legs. I teased her pussy by taking 2 fingers and lightly sliding them along the top crease where her legs meet her hips, each time getting closer and closer to her pussy.

Once I thought they were hard enough I slid her nipple between my finger and thumb and gave a light squeeze and pull. She was already very wet and every time I got close to touching it her legs would twitch in anticipation. She grinded her hips into me but I would pull back.

I used one finger tip to trace circles around her areolas as if I was coaxing her nipples to get rock hard. She takes the cue and wraps her legs around my waist and holds onto my neck as I lift her up in front of me. I increased the pressure of my finger and her moaning started.

She reached to grab my hand but I pulled hers away. " I stood up off the bed and started to remove my clothes. Starting at the bottom of her pussy I took my finger and slid it up between her lips then I started to circle her clit staying very gentle. This had her moaning each time. I now knew I’ve done enough teasing but I was mesmerized by her craving my touch.

It was soaking wet and tight. It didn’t take long for her entire body to tense up as she let out moans of, "I’m cumming! Once my clothes were off I pushed her back onto the bed, spread her legs wide open and laid myself between them. Her tits bounced on top of her with every deep stroke. I lifted her legs up to my shoulders and I fucked her as deep as I could until I was about to cum.

As I lifted my shirt over my head she had already sat up and had my pants undone. I took a moment to kiss her and suck her nipples before sliding my cock into her. I put my pants and undershirt back on and walked to the kitchen for a fresh beer. I took the pillow case off and used it to clean up what did hit my intended target.

I took up the spot next to her and she laid there cuddled with my arm around her until a couple minutes later when Adam walked back in. Amanda had put on just my t-shirt and moved back onto the couch. It was pretty easy for him to figure out what had just gone on but he never brought up the fact that Amanda was no longer wearing her clothes.

I’ve always been more of a dribbler but perhaps because I was so turned on my cum came shooting out and right onto Adam’s pillow. Because of our size difference, my shirt fit her like a dress and came almost down to her knees. Apparently there was some drama with Sarah’s ex-boyfriend when he dropped her off, that’s why he was away for so long.

One the door closed we started to make out again. This time she wanted to have control so she quickly undid my pants, pulled out my cock and started to blow me. Her knees were up on the couch with her head in my lap. As Adam was telling us this my hands were still wandering all over Amanda’s body. I reached behind her and was squeezing her ass and teasing her pussy.

I pulled out slid her legs down and stoked my cock as I tried to shoot my cum onto her perfect tits. I then noticed Adam looking in through the window. From where he was at he could see a perfect rear view of her ass. The ex was still waiting for her at her car, but the manager and the bartender happened to be there as Adam arrived so the ex behaved as he watched Adam get her phone number and hug her good night.

Adam walked back in the room and everyone was all giggles. She started to wiggle from my touch and Adam took this as his cue to go have a cigarette. I then pulled up and kissed her as a put my cock away telling her we’ll finish that later. He made a comment to the effect that we’ve really hit it off and decided it was time for him to head to bed.

I pulled the t-shirt up giving him a perfect bent over view of her ass and pussy that was met with a thumb up from my friend outside. I knew that I couldn’t leave my host outside and that it would take me a while to finish from her sucking my cock. After a few minutes of kissing and wandering hands I pulled off my clothes and she climbed on top of me.

She placed her feet up on the cushions and pulled the back of my head to balance her as she bounced up and down on my cock. " We went right back to making out on the couch. As Adam walks away I let him know, "Sorry man, but I owe you a pillow.

Amanda and I decide to we’re going to crash for a couple hours then I’ll take her home. When I told her I was close to cumming she got off me and onto her knees on the floor between my legs. My hands moved back and forth from caressing her perfect tits to squeezing her ass and hips. She had dozed off to sleep on my lap but I’m too big to sleep on a couch, especially sharing it with someone so I didnt get much rest.

We spent the next couple hours cuddling together on the couch until the sun started to rise. She sucked and stroked my cock until I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

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