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I know her mind must have been a mess of thoughts as well. PART We drove up to the resort in mostly silence, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. My mind was racing, because I could barely believe that we were actually going through with this. She just looked out the window, watching the growing thickness in the tree line along the highway.

mature older women"You scared me there for a second babe," I said to Jess. " Jessica looked over at me with a slight fire in her eyes. "I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous as hell. The playlist my wife and I had been listening to had run out and we hadn’t bothered to put anything else on.

However, I’d then catch a glimpse of her slowing running her fingers along her bare thigh, while wearing her pink shorts and then a slight, barely audible, moan. "You’re not getting cold feet are you? What if everyone thinks I’m the boring, ugly one? I actually preferred her with her natural, more-pale, skin tone … but I couldn’t argue that her darker skin just begged to be touched.

There were times that the silence freaked me out, made me think this was a bad idea. "Babe," she replied back playfully, "I’d be surprised if I got 00 views on my videos. You’re going to be the most gorgeous one there, I’m the one getting shortchanged on this whole thing," I replied with a smile. " I actually burst out laughing at that.

She had hit the tanning booth for a couple of weeks before this trip. "You’ve got to be freaking joking right? What started out as a normal get-together of all of our friends turned into the craziest night of our lives. This whole week came from a party that we had a couple of months ago.

We talked about what it would be like to swap partners, play erotic games, and even have somes or orgies. By the end of the night statements like "oh yeah, I’ll bet you’d like to see me naked," turned into "No seriously, I’d totally fuck all three of you at once.

Her long red hair was resting against her bare shoulder, contrasting nicely with her tanned skin. " We ended the night with a wild game of "I’ve Never" which ended with Jess and her best friend Jenni going down me while many of our friends watched and then joined in with each other on their own. " While comparing males to females is completely subjective, no one in their right mind would think that I, a little chubby and only 6’, could in any way compare to her ’", 0 lbs, lean and soft body.

I wasn’t lying either, my wife is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen in real life. You’re going to top the million mark. All that week after, Jess and I had the most amazing sex of our marriage, thinking about how hot it was to just let our inhibitions loose and do what felt good.

He set it all up and now we’re all headed to a private (but fully wired and stocked) resort up north to fuck each other’s brains out and hopefully get paid for it. "Do you really think that the tips given on this site are going to pay for this vacation? It was my friend Bob who suggested the swingers vacation and said we should stream the whole thing on the internet to make some money off of it.

Bob seems to think that this is going to make us millionaires for something. "Well, this whole thing is going to cost about 0 grand, and we’ll be broadcasting for a week, so I don’t know. I mean, who’s going to pay money to watch Fred and Dave have sex with Lilly? " "Gross," I coughed, as I almost let a little vomit into my mouth.

We all talked and said, "what the hell," and agreed. " Fred and Lilly were married, and they weren’t the ugliest couple of all time, but their brand of attractiveness wouldn’t do well on non-fetish sites. "I mean, everyone has their kink. " Jessica asked as she continued to run her fingertips along her long legs.

"I mean, half of our group is decent looking, but we’re not model-hot. "But I couldn’t not invite them, I mean, they were there the night of the party, even though they didn’t join in, I could tell they wanted to. " "Yeah right," Jess laughed. Before the trip, we agreed that once everyone arrived, we’d each choose a number - … and that would be the bungalow we’d sleep in (no spouses allowed with each other) There were going to be 6 of us, which I honestly couldn’t believe when we pitched the idea to all of our trusted friends.

I parked next to the bright blue one and got out only to be hit like a linebacker with a hug from Jenni. " The resort we booked was on the shore of Lake Michigan and had bungalows and a common area with kitchen, living room, ect. "Holy shit is good to see you two! There had always been some sexual tension amongst our friends, but for some reason, maybe the tequila and full moon, it all came out that night.

We pulled up into the lot of the place and there were already other cars there, I recognized both of them. " "Hopefully that we can all have a little bit a fun before we go back to our normal lives," Jess said. "Can you believe we’re doing this? " Jenni said with extreme exuberance. I know he’s had his eye on you for awhile, but he’s mine.

After the normal ten seconds or so of being squeezed to death by a ’" brunette, she turned her attention to my wife and did in fact knock her down with the force of her hug. I had wanted to fuck Jenni from the moment I saw her. " I laughed as Jenni actually blushed a little.

"But if you get old naked woman paired up with Will, don’t you dare make any plans to run off together. Each sleeping area had two bedrooms, each with a king-size bed. Bob, who masterminded this whole trip, had a coffee tin in his hand. Jess was mostly joking, but she had no idea how close to the mark she had come. His wife was also extremely gorgeous, all be in a little skinny for my taste.

We were then joined by our friends Bob and Tracy, who were down by the water when we pulled up. Both were going to get a lot of viewers whenever they took off their clothes. I’ve never cheated on her in my life, but I came the closest one night with Jenni while we were both working late on the weekend.

Like seriously, what in the hell were we thinking? " Bob said as he shook up the coffee can. That lust only grew the more I got to know her, as she was one of the coolest chicks I have ever known. I hired a dude to moderate and send us viewer requests through the iPads that are in each bungalow.

"I ordered custom coins with the numbers - on them to determine which house we get sorted into. Bob was an A+ when it came to male attractiveness, he was tall, handsome, and could charm the scales off a snake. "Not Slitherin, Not Slytherin. " asked Jess sheepishly. He’s hopefully earning his $0 a day. "I’ve been here for about an hour and have already made sure everything is up and running.

" "Isn’t there a whole hat for that? Fred and Lily got out of their van looking a little grumpy. It made a distinct rattling noise, like the sound of change clinking together. It looks like Gary, Chyanne, Fred and Lily are here. It was obvious that Lily wanted a crack at something different and Fred was a little nervous about the whole situation.

Neither one was that easy on the eyes, and Lily wasn’t easy on the ears or brain either, but they were mostly good people. He was 6’", a respectable lbs even though he’s never worked out in his life. His wife wanted it so bad that he eventually caved in. Lily came out and hugged me as Fred embraced his best friend Bob.

His new girlfriend Chyanne got out next, with long blonde hair and a slender build on her ’7" frame. When I found out that he was dating her, I was shocked, because she had a thing for Bob originally. He had let his hair grow out since I’d last seen him. In fact, her and Tracy were best friends before we started hanging out with them.

Gary got out of his car next. She and Gary must have fallen for each other while they were both nursing broken hearts. A long, tanned leg popped out of the backseat of the car, followed by the rest of my ex-girlfriend … Nicole. Out of everyone, Fred was the nay-sayer in this trip. " I laughed at the unexpected Hogwarts reference as another two cars pulled up. Chyanne then became Friends with benefits with Bob while she secretly wanted to marry him and he secretly wanted Tracy.

Jess grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from the rest before furiously whispering in my ear, "What in the world is she doing here? I hadn’t seen her in nearly years since I was and she was . Did you know about this! As shocking as that was, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. ," Jess said with a devilish smile.

She was still a knockout, standing ’9’, with down to her butt blonde hair with brown lowlights, flat tummy and perfectly shaped triple D tits. The look on my face must have been convincing because her grip and tone instantly relaxed. We all stood there in silence as everyone (with the exception of Jenni, who just looked bewildered) looked from Nicole to me and over again.

"So, Barbie here must either be Will’s sister or ex-girlfriend. And I sure hope it’s the later because as weird as that is, it’s not as bad as the first. " I thanked Jenni later on for easing the tension. She mature women knew Nicole and I’s history, but in that moment … I had no idea what she could have mature women possibly meant by that statement. We work together at the hair salon. Chyanne spoke up, "Nicole is my best friend.

I invited her, she had no idea that Will would be here. " I shot a look at Gary … who would have been well aware of my past with Nicole. Her smile instantly faltered when she spotted me and my wife staring at her getting out of the car. " Gary said without remorse. "Well then, interesting.

Yes, I obviously knew. Luckily, Jenni broke the silence. In fact, I had no idea that you guys even dated until the trip up here. "I should go," Nicole said as she looked down. For god’s sake … we’re about to have a week-long swingers party and we’re worried about who’s fucked who years ago?

"This doesn’t change anything. We rejoined the others as they noticed our obvious absence. " Everyone thought about that and then realized how silly this tension was. ) Most of our oldest friends knew this, and I knew they were just wondering what was going to happen if her and I actually found ourselves alone for a few minutes.

We had a lot of fun, but because we had agreed to wait until marriage to have sex, we technically broke up as virgins (even though our naughty bits were always in each other’s mouths. "Good luck with that sweetheart," Chyanne said, not unkindly. I wondered myself… "Well, we have enough people here to get started anyway," Bob said as he held out his coffee can.

"There are going to be 6 of us, so we’re still missing six, but I can stay out here until everyone else gets here. " Fred went first and picked out # while his wife selected #. We just have to make sure that at least every house has at least one dude or chick. Let’s do some picking! They both picked up their stuff and headed away.

She happily bounced toward the house closest to the lake. I had dated Nicole off and on for 7 years, since she was a sophomore in high school. Nicole went next and picked # but didn’t leave because she wanted to see which house Chyanne got.

Jess and I looked at each other and then at Bob and Tracy. He and Nicole walked over to the house right next to us while Chyanne, kind of sulkily walked toward her house. Chyanne selected # while Gary pulled a # out of the can. "I’d rather give this two more chances to not get a # before I pick.

In fact, it just means that we all know each other a little better than we thought we did. I’m not sure, but I think she was hoping to room with Nicole, not have Nicole room with her boyfriend. Bob reached in and grabbed # out of his can. She kissed Bob on the lips and walked toward the lake.

"Can you guys pick first," I asked. Jenni went next and picked out #. " He reached in again and this time came out with #. That sucks, Jenni looked like she’d be a lot of fun. " "Just pick already," Jess whined. Now I’ll know who you’re with but you won’t have any idea who I’m with. " I was about to reach my hand in when another car pulled up.

"Hey man, there’s no rule that says you have to have sex only with the people in your house," I reminded him as mature women Jess elbowed me in the side. " Jess sighed and put her hand in and pulled out the first # and laughed. "For fuck’s sake dude," Bob laughed. "Actually, I’m going to wait until after Tori and Sarah pick," I said.

" Tracy looked like she completely understood and reached in and grabbed a #. " He exclaimed, "I can’t do because Tracy is in there. Now I get Fred and my old fuck-buddy," Bob said sarcastically. Sarah was ’6", average looking in just about every way, but the woman oozed sexuality. Sarah had just broken up with her boyfriend of years and Tori was thinking about leaving her husband who hasn’t been interested in milf sex xxx in just about as long.

She was really cute and had always been a great friend to me at work. If fact, within the first months of working there, I developed crushes on Sarah, Tori, and Jess. She was always making inappropriate comments at work and she was the first person I’d developed a crush on after getting hired, mostly because we had instant flirting chemistry.

Sarah and Tori were best friends who worked with Jess, Jenni and I. "So Will won’t chose until we do so he better knows the odds of getting stuck with his Ex? " "Just pick you slut," Tori said as she slapped her best friend’s ass. The two girls came over and we made small talk for a few before Bob explained the situation. " "Just me so far," Jess said.

"What do I get in return? I sometimes hate to admit it, but I chose Jess to pursue simply because she was the only one at the time who wasn’t spoken for. What’s the unlucky number? "Well, we’re waiting. Jenni had suggested the outing to them as a way to get over recent funks.

Tori reached in and grabbed a #, and looked at me. " Sarah did as she was told and picked out a #. I sighed with exasperation and then stuck my hand in the coffee can and came up with my coin. " I had wound up in a bungalow with three females, all of which were cute as hell, so it most definitely could have been worse.

"I’ll see you in a little while. Tori was MAYBE ’ even and weighed under 00lbs, she had the smallest ass I’d ever seen on an older nude woman adult female before. "I love you babe," I said as I kissed her. "Thank god, #" "Fantastic," Tori said … "looks like you and I are bunk buddies.

I looked over at Jess and she seemed happy that I wasn’t in a cabin with Nicole, so I look that as contentment with my current sleeping arrangement. I looked and then sighed with relief. I looked back just in time to see the other couples, Tom and Yuki and Dave and Kelly arrive in the same car. And it’s going to start the minute we get inside because I’m going to fuck your brains out Will.

" I grabbed mine and Tori’s bags as we walked down by the lake as Jess and Sarah walked over to the closest place. "This is going to be a fucking awesome week," Tori said unexpectedly. " I just stared at her, as I had no idea she felt this way. I’ve been waiting to get on top of you since you started working at the station, and now I can finally do it guilt-free.

PART OpenMarriageTales "Seriously, you’ve got five minutes to get ready or you’re in fucking trouble. My ex showing up out of nowhere freaked us all out a bit, but I think we’re still going to be able to have a little fun," I said. " How do you say no to that?

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