older gals - The Mature Nude Woman Mystery

After Id finished all my work, my friends and I went out to a fun bar for a girls night out. About halfway through the night I somehow ended up sandwiched between a couple, swaying my hips and ass against the guy behind me and my hands on the waist of the brunette in front of me.

My libido shot down that week, or rather was buried under my stress, and I didnt make myself cum or sleep with anyone for almost two weeks. About month ago I was totally swamped with tests and assignments to the point where I wasnt going out and was only meeting with friends to study. Drinking and dancing felt amazing after being stressed for so long, and as I started dancing I felt myself getting turned on.

Three things to set up the context of this story: first, Ive got a mature women black women porn naturally high libido; second, getting high makes me horny; and third, I crave rough, submissive sex when Im high. He had pale blue eyes and light brown hair and a nice body, although kind of a mean/arrogant looking face.

The guy behind me was pretty hot too. It was a Latin burlesque bar with an actual stripper on the counter (lol) and the dancing was just so sexy and sensual that I could feel my nipples beading and my old hairy pussy getting wet. Her lips naturally had the tiniest of a natural part in the middle that made me want to slide my tongue between them and she had the most gorgeous brown eyes.

I don’t often sleep with women because I have a pretty specific type, but she was so hot and she was pretty much singlehandedly the one making me horny. After a few songs the girl leaned in and mature women galleries asked if I wanted to go out for a smoke. Their names were Alex and Matt, theyd been dating for nine months, shed just begun realizing she liked sex with women, and they both wanted to try a threesome but had never done before.

We all went out the bar but she pulled me along past the patio and around the corner. Normally Im a really social person, but I was honestly so stressed. She pulled a joint out of her purse and we smoked and got to know each other a bit after grinding for several songs as total strangers.

She had full, perky tits and a tiny waist with a firm, round ass. They were also into mature women gallery BDSM. As the high kicked in it felt like the sensation in my body (and especially my pussy) had been scaled up. "Im so wet," I admitted, and Alex started giggling while Matt smiled and stepped closer to me. I was super happy that he was almost a head taller than me, though, because Im 58" but still love the feeling of being towered over.

But the cab came before long so we got in and went back to their place. It was a small but nice apartment and we shared another joint on their balcony before we started anything. They’d been playfully suggesting having a threesome and I was getting more and more excited about the idea.

I could tell Alex was nervous but Matt was excited, and the way he kept putting his hand on my lower back while he talked was turning me on too. "So thats a yes to the threesome? I was so fucking horny. Every inch sexy older woman of my skin felt more sensitive than normal, my nipples were tight and aching and my pussy was actually throbbing. I was in a thin sweater and a tight skirt and I could feel Matts eyes on my nipples poking through the material, but at this point I was the only one aware that I was so damn wet that even my inner thighs and ass cheeks were covered in juices.

As we kept talked I realized that I was subtly and subconsciously squeezing my thighs together trying to put pressure on my clit. At this point I was still tipsy from the bar and fairly toasty from the weed, so all bets on my self restraint were off. She was a great kisser, though a little shy at first. Oh well, Id just tell them after they guessed.

Alex giggled as she took a puff and declared that the third one had to be a lie because, as she said, "Youve already given away the other two! While were on descriptions: Im asian with a pretty cute face, big tits and a great hourglass shape if Im allowed to brag a little, and am ridiculously pale, although Im learning to embrace that more since I learned lots of people actually prefer creamy skin to tan.

"Ive got a really high sex drive, being high makes me crazy horny, and I love submissive sex when Im high. " "Yeah," I said, and as Matt started trying to hail a cab, Alex and I started getting even more flirty and eventually ended up making out against the wall. It had been weeks since Id cum and my nerve endings were literally tingling.

" I realized after I reeled them off that Id forgotten to tell a lie. He stepped around me and maneuvered me against the balcony rail, trapped by his arms on either side. " I looked at Matt, and then glanced down because at that moment I could see him getting harder through his pants. "Im allowed to do some experimenting to help me guess, right? I cant tell you what I was thinking because I honestly wasnt - all I could focus on was how much I wanted to wrap my legs around his waist and grind my pussy against his erection.

" he asked, now sliding a hand torturously slowly up my thigh. "Um, pretty normal stuff, I just like feeling like Im losing control," I said, except it came out kind of gaspy because hed cupped my pussy and now could definitely feel how wet I was and also I needed him to touch me. " I nodded, dumbstruck by the suddenness and my heart pounding.

"Yes sir," I said, but it came out as a desperate moan. I gasped and the words flew out of me involuntarily. "Answer me," he said, at the same time sliding a finger between my folds so he could rub my clit. We started playing two truths and a lie as we were finishing the joint, and when it got to my turn I said three truths by accident - the three statements I wrote at the very beginning.

"What kind of submission do you like? " Alex laughed and slid closer to me so our faces were an inch apart. "You like being obedient? I grabbed her face and kissed her and this time she wasnt shy at all. It was like my mind in its hazy state could only focus on one thing at a time, and now suddenly it was to get Alexs clothes off. "What a little slut," he said, and almost to prove his point I whimpered when he took his hand away.

Matt smiled wickedly and turned to Alex, who had been watching us with a hand cupped around her breast. I practically tore her shirt over her head and yanked her pants down. "She was telling the truth about all three. "Bed," she managed to gasp, and I quickly pulled my clothes and underwear off as she removed her bra and panties.

Her moans were muffled by Matts cock as he stroked her hair. "Lets fuck," I said when I pulled back, and I grabbed Alexs hand and she led the three of us inside to their bedroom. Matt was already on the bed and when I climbed on Alex was sucking his cock.

I couldnt even say anything because I was concentrating on not moaning as he slid his hand inside my thong and traced my lips. "God, youre so beautiful," he moaned, and from my view of her ass I had to agree too. I leaned in and began licking her pussy (holy shit she tasted amazing) and working her clit with my tongue. In less than two seconds I was kissing her and running my hands down her tiny waist and pulling her closer to me by the hips, cupping her ass as I moaned into her mouth.

I grabbed her ass from behind and began fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit in little circles and then pumping two fingers in and out. "Im cumming," groaned Matt, and half a minute later I heard him let out a long moan that signalled hed finished. I couldnt help moaning as I rubbed my clit frantically.

"Matt, fuck me," I begged. He pulled me by the hips, backwards to the end of the bed so I was folded over the edge with my ass pressed back against his cock. Shakily I pulled my hand away from my clit, which was now throbbing almost painfully. Her moans and Matts gasps were turning me on beyond belief and I reached my hand, already covered in Alexs juices, between my legs to rub my own pussy.

I pulled away from between Alexs asscheeks for a second. I was whimpering, involuntarily, because he was sliding the head of his dick back and forth between my pussy lips and my clit was so sensitive I was afraid Id cum just like that. My moan got stuck in my throat as I felt his hard cock stretch my pussy.

I was still eating Alex out and fingering myself but I could tell Matt had moved because the bed shifted and Alexs moans werent muffled anymore. Alex was pressing her pussy into my slashdot.org face a little, and all of our moans kept getting louder and more frequent. "I want to cum on your cock," I said, but it came out as a whine.

"Good girls dont cum without permission," his voice said behind me. Matts cock was stretching me in all the right places and I needed him to stop teasing and fuck me hard. He slid it back and pressed just the tip inside me and I moaned, my hips bucking backwards of their own accord. "Matt, make her cum," she breathed, her hips now rocking back and forth a little as I rubbed her clit with the flat part of my tongue in tiny fast circles.

He started rocking his hips gently, grinding his cock inside me. (protip: thats my failproof oral technique! ) "Ask nicely," he said, and slapped my ass. He slapped my ass again, harder. I moaned desperately into Alexs pussy, knowing it wasnt really following his order but I didnt want to pull myself away from Alex.

I looked up at Alex, who was now on her back watching us with two fingers inside her pussy. She must have known what I meant anyway, because she slid down the bed and I pulled her ankle over my shoulder and began licking her clit. "Alex," I gasped, wanting her to come closer but I was too delirious to form a real sentence.

"Harder," I begged, grinding my hips against him, trying to get him to go deeper. I slid two fingers inside Alex, curling them a little. I was horny practically to the point of orgasm but he wasnt letting me cum. " I lifted my head for a second and Alex whimpered. I let out a little squeal.

"Good girl," said Matt finally, and I practically screamed as he grabbed my thighs and started slamming his cock into me. " Alex let out a little groan and began rubbing her clit as I kept fingering her, though in my delirious state Im honestly not sure how good of a job I was doing. I leaned down to lick Alexs clit again, determined to make her cum too, but I could barely concentrate.

My toes curled in midair, my torso on the bed and Matt holding my legs in midair as he fucked me hard. "Please, please, I need to cum - please make me cum! I groaned into Alexs pussy, practically nonstop. She didnt seem to mind, though. " He began to thrust slowly in and out of my pussy and I groaned in pleasure and frustration.

I was only aware faintly of Alex under me and almost entirely of Matts cock stretching me open as he rammed in and out of me, hard. She grabbed her tits and moaned as she rolled her nipples between her fingers and bucked her hips into my face. "Im cumming," gasped Alex, which made me realize that I was about to too.

I pulled away from her, now teetering on the edge of orgasm. I want to cum on your cock! "Be a good little slut and ask properly," he said, and I whimpered again, practically crazy at this point. She clutched my head, sitting up a little and letting out a couple short cries until she slumped back, breathing heavily. "Not without my permission," he basically growled.

I let out some sort of unintelligible noise because I couldn’t take it. Matt did let out a groan this time, and he tightened his grip on my hips and picked up the pace. My free hand was clenched around a fistful of sheets. I was so wet and sensitive that I could barely take it, and as he bottomed out I felt myself writhing involuntarily, arching and clawing at the sheets while the sound finally escaped from my throat and I let out a long and loud half-cry, half whimper.

He was bottoming out with every thrust and I could feel every inch of his cock inside me. Behind me, Matt seemed to be trying to suppress his groans but he was making these sexy sort of growling noises as a result. "Cum for me you little whore," he groaned, slamming me even harder so he was also on the verge of cumming. My eyes rolled upwards as I tried to concentrate, sounds coming from my throat which escaped in time with his brutal thrusts.

I didnt even get a chance to recover from the first one when I felt the second one building. Matt moaned, fucking me frantically now. My pussy felt raw and my body was shaking but I wanted more, desperate for him to keep fucking me.

His cock felt so incredible and finally the most intense orgasm of my life washed over my body and I collapsed facedown on the bed, arching and clawing at the bed as I sobbed into the sheets. I couldnt think at all. " My eyes fluttered open for a second and I processed that Alex was leaned against the headboard, furiously working two fingers in and out of her cunt with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.

" I reflexively reached back and grabbed his leg as I teetered on the edge of my second orgasm. I gripped his leg, pulling him closer. Matt groaned again, bucking his hips into wildly, shoving me into the bed with the force of each thrust as he kept moaning. "Cum inside me, please! I needed it inside me. I moaned and brought my hand to my pussy, coating my fingers in the cum already leaking out and smearing it across my clit as I started rubbing it.

" I wanted him to fill me up inside with his hot, sticky cum. I was hot all over, my thighs and ass were completely dripping, and I thought I might pass out if I didn’t cum soon. Finally he pulled out and we both crawled onto the bed, collapsing under the sheets with Alex and falling asleep without even cleaning up.

" I was moaning again because Matt was gently grinding his cock inside me as he finally emptied himself out. Matts grip tightened painfully on my hips. Best sleep of my life (and of course we woke up a few hours later and . With a massive grown and several huge thrusts he finally came, shoving his cock as deep as possible and shooting what felt like a huge load inside me. The feeling of his cock moving and his hot, sticky cum leaking out of my aching sore pussy pushed me over the edge again and I had another orgasm.

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