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I was happy to marry and only have sex with my husband for the rest of my life. One person immediately caught my attention. Ive never been one to sleep around, especially with no emotional attatchment. I never thought Id have such strong second thoughts.

And besides, I was married! I couldnt imagine him being interested in me. Why was I even thinking that way? But then we started flirting. I started working with him more and more and I was able to push any fantasies to the back of my head. Im very quiet at first and I was trying to get a feel for all of the people; who I could trust, who to avoid, and who would work hard.

So work continued on normally. I was having some confidence issues at the time, so I never thought anything would actually happen between us. I didnt see it as anything too significant at first. I had to start working at a new location a while back.

Until he and another coworker invited me out for drinks after work. My confidence was growing. After a while though, I started improving myself. I thought maybe he was interested in me. But things still stayed the same.

Everything was moving so slowly I really didnt think anything would come of it. I thought I just had someone Milfs 30 – Free Pictures Of Nude Older Women - to flirt with. I started thinking he wasnt interested in me after all. We got a little more flirty after that.

And out of nowhere he says, So I had a sex dream about you. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. It came naturally for me; I flirt with every one of my friends. He was tall, beyond gorgeous, had dark hair, and he seemed like a cool guy. I had no idea how to respond! Then one night at the bar, we were off by ourselves again.

I told him I had one of him as well. He knew I was having a shitty day so he hugged me, I thought, to make me feel better. Wed talk about work, random bullshit, and sex. I started going out with my coworkers more often after that night and he and I would always end up talking to each other.

I tried to play it cool but I probably did a terrible job at it. I instantly got wet, I wanted to rip his clothes off then and there. But instead I ran away. He continued milfs over 40 walking forward hugging me until he pushed me hard up against the wall. I couldnt believe what had just happened!

He had to know what I wanted. At work one day, we bumped into each other accidentally while no one was around. I didnt know how to process it. He started to rub my leg lightly, always a little higher up my thigh but never touching my pussy.

Hes probably like this with everyone. He just laughed at me, he knew exactly what he was doing to me! My husband had gone off with his friends and everyone else started to leave unti it was just me and my coworker sitting at the far end away from everyone else. Any time we got drinks together, our knees would accidentally touch.

No one ever saw, and when I got a little more ballsy, I did the same. He started grabbing me in between my thighs. I was wearing shorts and he kept telling me how smooth my legs were. He started rubbing my leg, as he always did when no one was looking. He told me that he needed me wet. My mind started racing. My heart was pounding.

His hands were so strong and I loved feeling them running up and down my legs. Another night at the bar with plenty of people. My pussy was begging to be touched. But he was with a bunch of other girls. He was squeezing so hard that I got bruises. He knew I liked feeling pain, so he started getting rougher.

I had soaked completely through my underwear. I hadnt been that wet since I was a horny teenager. My husband was right across the room! Feeling his hands running up my bare thigh had me wet instantly. I grabbed his arm and tried to stop him, realizing what was about to happen. He didnt care though, and he pushed his way into my dripping wet pussy.

He told me not to try to stop him I couldnt breathe. He knew exactly how to turn me on. Thats a good enough excuse, right? I didnt think I could get wetter until he said that to me. One, then two, then three. My heart was beating faster than I thought possible. He quickly found my clit and I tried so hard not to moan with pleasure.

He was slamming his fingers in my pussy as I opened my legs wide, eager to feel him. I had to cover my mouth so I wouldnt make any noise as there were people sitting maybe ten feet from us. He started choking me, just as the bartender looked down at us.

Then he did something I didnt expect at all. Luckily, I was wearing an oversized hoodie so it just looked like I was holding his hand there. He only choked me for a few seconds though; it wouldve been obvious if he did it for long.

It was just so hot to me, getting choked and fingered in a room full of people who had no idea. He stopped fucking me with his fingers and started rubbing my clit again. I want you to cum right at this fucking bar. All of these people can watch you cum.

He started to put his hand up my shorts. He stopped playing with my clit and put a finger inside of me. That was all I needed. I went to the bathroom mature women sexy mature women to clean up a bit. Lick your cum off my hand. My entire body tensed up as I tried my best to keep quiet and not to squirm too much so no one would know, but he knew.

I also love the taste of my pussy. I had to use toilet paper to dry my thong. This went on for weeks. I was mildly annoyed, but figured she just wanted to order a drink and move on. He got up, and a woman sat down next to me in his seat.

I did as I was told, I love being told what to do and I wasnt going to disappoint him after that. I took my seat back at the bar, smiling like an idiot because of what had just happened. But then she started talking to me, and I of course was way too polite not to have a conversation with her.

He started rubbing my leg under the bar again and instantly got wet again. It was completely soaked as if I had just gotten out of a pool. His hand went up my shorts and I tried to stop him, but as he pushed in I remembered that he wasnt going to listen to me.

I was getting fingered by a hot coworker at a bar while talking to a random woman and looking across the room at my husband. Talk to your friend while I make you cum. He sat down on the other side of me as I continued to talk to this random woman I had never met. Just hearing him say it got me so close, but I didnt think Id be able to with someone sitting right next to me.

I told him I couldnt, it was just so hard to focus. I dont even remember what we talked about. I dont know if the woman got up or just wasnt paying attention, but apparently she didnt notice a thing when he took his hand out of my shorts to spit on it. He told me to cum again for him.

I have never had a man do that before. He felt so damn good; he definitely knew what he was doing. He started finger fucking me again, harder and faster. He took his hand out photo gallery of mature women (mouse click the up coming article) my shorts and held it next to me, just under the bar so no one could see it.

It was so ridiculously sexy and I just wanted his saliva on my clit. He started rubbing my clit and I couldnt take it anymore. He saw this and moved closer. My entire body started to tremble with pleasure as I experienced another orgasm. I turned to him and told him that he had to stop, I couldnt talk to this woman while he was fingering me!

I had to cover my mouth again so I wouldnt make a sound. Every word he spoke, every sound he made was just so sexy. My eyes closed breifly as I let out one last moan. I enthusiastically agreed to. He put his hand right back up my shorts and rubbed my clit again. He pushed his fingers as far back in my throat as he could and when I didnt gag, he pushed down with his fingertips so I would.

I couldnt keep track of what we were talking about. We sat there for a little while after. I couldnt say no to him. Nothing, I can just smell your pussy on my hands. I was still trying to process what had just happened as he was watching one of the TVs. He slowed down until he stopped rubbing my clit, took his hand out of my shorts, and told me to suck my cum off of his fingers.

I asked him what was funny. I uncomfortably apologized. I opened them to look into his eyes as he smiled. I couldnt believe he said that! slutx [1 comment] He leaned his chin on his hands and laughed a little. No, it smells delicious. I licked his fingers clean.

My embarassment was gone, I was instantly horny again.

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