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She fell into a rhythm, mentally surrendering herself. In Part II, I described older nude ladies my second meeting with babygirl during which we had our first real session (http://ift. Something happened after the second meeting with Sara. The first is bringing them women mature women from the realm of fantasy to reality. Once they get past the initial fear of meeting face to face, and realize that a Dom isn't something threatening or scary, they tend to open up.

So many women will text, email, or swap pics all day long while discussing intimate sexual desires. But those are the most exquisite of all, teaching a young woman the art of sexual submission. Of course most of this applies to a new sub without experience. I have trained my share of subs and they all go through phases. And so it was with Sara as she moved into the next phase.

This was a bit surprising to me considering the mishap we had; however, she had apologized several time afraid she had displeased me. However, there is still a time usually between the first and second meeting where the sub is wrestling mature women gallery with her inner fears. to go over our contract and to consummate our relationship was my only reply.

Over the next several days, Sara was a dutiful little girl. Where before there had been an element of mental conflict, a hesitance, all that appeared to have evaporated after the second meeting. So I set a date for about a week after our first meeting. I started her on her Kegels and she delightfully described performing them in class, mature women black women porn thinking of me as she did.

Doing her submissive exercises in math class, in the midst of all the other college students. She is so playful at times. Of course Sara wanted to know what the agenda would be some rope, zipties, a knife, papers, pens, a small vibrator, and paddle. For the first time I detect fear and it enters the room palpably. What do you think a proper punishment is for a young lady who sasses her daddy, I ask?

Instantly my cock hardens. At the same time, I stand by my black bag for effect. It is time to discuss a few things. After we are done with signing the contract, I put it away. I smack her panty covered ass a few times, letting it sting. Its time you learn your lesson.

During the week, Sara has had a some minor infractions including a few smart aleck remarks in her responses to me. She has not indicated any hard limits, I put a few in for reassurance - no scat, mature women blood, or permanent marks. I approach babygirl, and twist her on the bed, yanking her skirt up. I yank her panties down and get them around her ankles, so she is exposed to me. How many licks does a sassy babygirl deserve, I tease?

I continue spanking her, the flesh turning red. I can see her pussy lips, glistening from moisture. She yelps, which is surprising considering her pain tolerance. Babygirl obviously likes her punishment a bit too much. I dont let up, and she is feeling it now. Smack - I begin spanking her exposed pussy from behind. I know this is agonizing to her, both increasing the sexual tension while being painful.

Sara doesnt cry, but whimpers just a little, and I know she isnt as strong as she portrayed during our first punishment session. Smack - I begin the punishment again, on her lower butt and upper thighs. I can stand it no longer, and release my cock. A few more strokes, and I drop the paddle.

Yes, she breathes heavily. So I begin smacking the tender regions around her pussy with my open hand. With one quick stoke, I slide all the way into her. But sliding into Sara for the first time is extremely erotic, knowing that she is finally surrendering her body to me.

She is so wet, there is practically no resistance. Babygirl grunts and becomes more vocal. "Will you be a good girl, and obey your Daddy now", I ask? I ask her is she is now my naughty girl, and she gets into the dirty talk.

I want to crush this little girl, make her mine. It is very hard, and I have waited weeks for this moment. She obviously enjoys being deep dicked by Daddy. I pull her hair back and begin fucking her deep and hard. I ask if she wants to cumm - "yes daddy, please&.

She starts a low wail from my assault and I feel her pussy clenching me, rhythmically. I position myself against her from behind, and she makes no move to get away this time. This sends her off a cliff, and she is so loud, I know the hotel clerk can hear. I don't care at this point and continue fucking her, reveling in my new conquest. She has evoked a lust deep within, as I flip her over, and push her knees back towards her ears.

What a lovely full ass. I retrieve the paddle, and then continue. "Then cumm for Daddy" I offer, as I continue my assault, picking up the pace. I pull my cock out and begin to shoot all over babygirls abdomen and stomach. After she cools down a bit, I am not quitefinished and can feel the tightening in my balls approaching.

I havent cumm this hard in months as jet after jet coats her skin, and we both breathe hard before lying back on the bed. Fucking my little girl hard, so there is an audible smacking in the room. Stroking her hair, I tell Sara she has pleased me, and now I own her mind, body, and soul. I pull babygirl to me, and sense her heart racing.

Rarely has my attraction to a new sub been so strong, and I am careful not to reveal too much. I force her head up, tilted and demand she look at Daddys cock invading her little pussy. I know my patience, and investment in this babygirl is beginning to pay-off. The sight is so erotic, it brings on my own orgasm.

My shaft is engorged, slick and shiny as it disappears and reappears again and again inside her body.

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